Rick Ross - Fire Hazard (Video)

Another official video off that Albert Anastasia EP.

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  • Big Ass Meat Cuhh

    Love King in stores NOW .

  • Boyfrdr2518

    Rick Ross is Gonna Own 2010 Especially After Teflon Drops On July 20th. Still Have This EP On Rotation And Listen To It On Its Entirely At least Once A day And Dis Video Is Dope.

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    ^ you jam the whole thing once a day Really ??
    Teflon Don > pilot talk, rest of the summer shit and all Cds that come out (except K rino) untill Kanye

  • RockyLockridge

    surprised a film aint come out yet

  • @Boyfrdr2518 He ain't gon be named "Rick ross" no more, The real rick ross is suing him haha lmao.

  • to those who bump this b.s.... must be nerds... btw... didn't know the correctional officer was coming down on fire hazards...

  • Justice Face

    If you completely suspend your natural belief system.. you can really enjoy listening to Rick Ross,
    & thats exactly what I do.

  • RockyLockridge

    to those who bump this b.s…. must be nerds… btw… didn’t know the correctional officer was coming down on fire hazards…<< LOOOL

  • e2e2e

    Gunplay - Cigar Fare & Hardware

  • Thechampishere


    I'm far from a nerd homie...and that whole C.O. shit is old as fuck....try again faggot.

  • e2e2e

    the new cd gonna be hot regardless

  • @tdubble

    damn it hard to suspend my beliefs. These niggas will make you you live the shit you bee talking bout. His trap work sound mad crazy but its all a lie. these are like hood fairy tails. We just want to believe.

  • RockyLockridge

    Thechampishere< if only you wud bother to read the comment above that actually wrote it. adress them , u NERD. lol.

  • ATL LION Burr





    ya'll niggas aren't out here fact checking every single person you run across anyways. shut the fuck up and enjoy the music. bitchmade internet commenters.

    most of the people that are REALLY about it probably aren't even online or even have access to this website for the most part.

    Ross haters are fucking lames. Do me a favor and just stop enjoying life.

  • Dj Drama

    ^I know some real niggas that get they some of they music from here lol... fuck you talkin bout?

  • dashboard

    THE 2000 GUSTO

  • RockyLockridge

    ATL LION Burr<most of the people that are REALLY about it probably aren’t even online or even have access to this website for the most part. < ...y wudnt u have access to the internet..cos u "bout" it?? lol. fanboys. i guess u think gangsters dont own ipods too huh?

  • Fuck does the guy release new shit every day?
    I need to see a lot less of his face.

  • hiphopzpop

    ppl just wont get the concept of the difference between entertainment & real live, smdh...hiphoop aint what it used to be... regardless rick ross is the shit! (music wise)


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