Rosa Acosta x SHOW x Konsole Kingz x T.I.T.S.

Just some pictures of Ms. Acosta to help get you through the day.

The above are for SHOW's Web Gem Girl of the Week feature; while the rest are behind-the-scenes shots of a photoshoot with Konsole Kingz.

And while were on the TOPic of Rosa Acosta. Check out her collab with T.I.T.S. and Estevan Oriol; which is available now.

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  • CCW

    overrated as I think she is, she STILL could get it w/ no questions asked...

  • J.S.

    Everytime I see Rosa, the words "Pie" and "Cream" come to mind. I don't give a fuck. *plays 2 Live Crew*

  • Robbie Maynard The III

    anyone who thinks this is sexy is a fool. This is trash. Women should not be portrayed this way. Disgusting.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    She cute & all that but am i'm the only one that her head huge as shit!

  • Dj Drama


  • JD

    meh ive seen better at the mall

  • CCW

    @Robbie - well, you're entitled to your opinion...

  • gbreeze

    Rob, u obviously like dudes and harry nut sacks. This chick has a banging ass body. I know souljs boy IS NOT hittin that right!!!!

  • kingdarius

    man i need to get me a gymnast chick

  • http://BananaStrings That_Josh

    how could she be someones girlfriend?

  • D’troit

    @My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall her head ain't huge, it's that big ass Patti LaBelle wig on her hear...

  • lonestar_playa

    her sex appeal is just outta dis planet. i would fuck her guts clean out

  • mistertwol

    Overrated as a mug.
    Meagan Good > her

  • Rio$

    damn it's too bad she's a ho

  • enrico

    like CCW said.. overrated but she can get it

  • T.C. The Prince

    eh I still think she bad fuck wut yall say

  • Clint Chudyk

    she's no Stacey Dash


    I wouldn't turn down an offer, of a sexual nature. from her, but she fell off. She used to be drop dead gorgeous, now she's on the verge of being average. I'd still tear the pussy up thou.

  • ck47

    she's fine

  • VL

    :Yawn: The dream trilogy girls (All 3 of them) > This overrated chick.

  • And Won

    she's supa hot, but will she put out for me?

  • who cares

    goddamn she fine
    Love the shirt too. I might buy one

  • JBlaze

    she should've rocked her short haircut she looks better with it. Looks like she been in the gym too, legs look nice and tight.

  • till

    the 3rd pic made me stick my dick on my computer screen that shit was too good i would fuck her doggy style for days

  • Nuri

    She can get the penis.
    Fuck the bullshit.

  • FakirWise

    Not like I wouldn't smash...but this is missing something.

  • amsterdamboy122

    OMG I envy the man who fucks her every night.

  • Geebz

    bitch looks like a bodybuilder

  • RockyLockridge

    been in the gym too much? overrated? lol u nerds make me laugh!

  • DJ Daz-One

    Rosa Rosa Rosa Rosa 10's across the board



  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Overrated. She's really a one trick pony. All that stretching isn't distracting me from the fact that her wig is horrible and she's not even cute. It did at first but I'm over her.

    Just like most video chicks she'll be obsolete in a few months.

  • DAME

    are wigs really the new thing for everybody now days??

  • Brainwashr

    that TITS shirt is waaack. dissizit already did one like that.

  • philip

    robert leeper over at Snotgotit wants the dude that took the pics instead of Rosa. Gay ass bitch.

  • Unxpekted

    meh ive seen better at the mall

    Haha the truth!

  • madConsumer

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this girl is over-hyped. I agree with the homie up top who said she's no stacey dash...cuz she isn't *steps off soapbox*

  • Idris

    I don't dig the wig, but don't front. You'd hit it.
    Even though I have seen better at the mall.

  • LEEO

    she got fat.

  • Dot Twizzle

    lol it never amazes me how people on the net are full of sh-t. I'm sure almost none of yall dating anybody that looks close to as good as that and none of yall are turning her down. I can't front, she has added to her midsection but I still can't look away.

  • Tto

    exactly@Dat Twizzle.

    Cats may be "seeing better" somewhere, but that's more than likely all they doing. Keep criticizing feminine beauty homiez

  • Fuck Off

    Tits in general is hot fuckin garbage. Total cheese shit.

  • Hedonistic Ghoul

    'I wouldn't say no if she offered...' That's admirable coming from dudes that she wouldn't even look at. Like all grown women, she's out for 'security' (a paid nigga) and she letting the market (bidders) determine her worth. She fresh as fuck and over thing's definite she in the race!


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