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Tonedeff & PackFM – That’s What Happens

blame it on Shake June 30, 2010

ArtByShake. Click to enlarge.

After much talking and many delays, we’re finally ready to roll out the campaign for our upcoming project, A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition. An all-NYC mixtape that will feature the likes of Torae, Skyzoo, CurT@!n$, Emilio Rojas, Sha Stimuli, The Lessondary, Sene, Brown Bag AllStars, Chaundon, K. Sparks, Nero, ESSO, Donny Goines, Fresh Daily, P.SO, Punchline & Wordsworth and many more. We’re waiting to have the full project mixed by DJ Slimm and hosted by Dallas Penn before we give any release dates (that way we can be 100% on time); but expect it soon. Until then we’ll be dropping off tracks at random.

The reason I chose this track as the first leak is because a lot of you started asking about it after they performed it at PackFM’s IFHR album release party. Add that to the fact that I’ve been a fan of these two (and QN5 as a whole) for over a decade now. So to have them take time out of their busy schedules to create something specifically for the site is trully an honor. I really appreciate it.

DOWNLOAD: Tonedeff & PackFM – That’s What Happens (prod. Algorythm) | MF
Lyrics can be found here.

  • yall slept on AWKWORD for this NYC project! (but props to PackFM on Tonedeff on this track — two really good dudes and dope emcees.)

  • Nice.
    And dope art

  • dave


  • LOVE this track. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And that mixtape is looking disgustingly sick. Special shoutout to the BBAS for doing they thing every Thurs.

  • AM


  • HipHop Bodega


  • Juanka

    can we get the lyrics?

  • mark

    wow this goes hard

  • “can we get the lyrics?”

    maybe. if tone and pack are up to it that is.

  • truth

    nice to hear Tone finally switch up his flow.. would like to hear him rap not so fast more often… hook though.. no

  • Mr. Wilson

    the hook was one of the illest parts of the song. truth is crazy.

  • LV


  • Corsico

    Well thank GOD!! It’s about fukin’ time something like this happened…

  • @Juanka

    the lyrics will be up on QN5.com tomorrow.

  • that artwork is hot. What’s the next mixtape project after the empire state edition?

  • “that artwork is hot. What’s the next mixtape project after the empire state edition?”

    we might go back to the west for Cadillac Edition pt.2. while we build contacts and relations with artists down south for maybe an Atlanta tape or something. no quite sure yet.

  • Pssssst

    this mixtape aint going to be shit if you dont get biggavels to phone in a verse ahaaaaha. wheres max b?

  • And Won

    This track is 2 dope

  • morrigan

    Tones flow is unfuckwittable. any speed. any beat. any topic. nigga kills it.

  • word.
    mad happy to hear a different TONEDEFF flow.
    I own almost every QN5 release.
    this is stupid tough.

  • d

    I get why Shake is Shake but why the hell is Meka Sideshow Bob?

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Pack, Tone or anyone else from the QN5 roster never seize to amaze me. Great fuckin’ track..

  • e2e2e

    the beat is bangin

  • duff man

    Yonas better be on that tape

  • RockyLockridge

    d said this on June 30th, 2010 at 9:12 pm <probably cos he got dreads so they both got big hair ..imo

  • “I get why Shake is Shake but why the hell is Meka Sideshow Bob?”

    the relation originally came during the first year of 2dopeboyz when mek was more like a sidekick and i was handling the main front of the site. since then we’re more 50/50 in the game.

  • “Yonas better be on that tape”

    he sure is. its a BANGER too.

  • e2e2e

    YO SHAKE: u missed this one i tink

    K. Sparks- Night Life

    K. Sparks- Night Life

    K. Sparks- Night Life

  • e2e2e

    ^ ahh i c it , thx , other songs on there are good ksparks really should have his own post that song bangs lot different style
    good looks on this tone deff track beat is bangin

  • enkay

    i fuks with this! =D
    cant wait

  • AL-I

    new Extended [email protected], new Tech N9ne (copped Jumpn’ Jax off another site, why ain’t it been posted here yet tho?), that new Roc C over Khalil Beat, new Horseshoe Gang, new Bishop Lamont, todays a good day in music, all (almost) praise due to 2Dopeboyz, swear down you guys deserve alotta credit, thanks for even puttin me on Tonedeff n the QN5 roster cause these dudes are some of the illest cats active rite now n never dissapoint, i been following them ever since you posted up The Distance off the CunninLynguists project, new Extended [email protected] album is needed in Hip-Hop
    sidenote: been waitin on Pack to put that verse to a song ever since i heard him spit it on that Jon-Jon-TV cypher, fuckin dope

  • “new Tech N9ne (copped Jumpn’ Jax off another site, why ain’t it been posted here yet tho?)”

    it was…

  • AL-I

    ah, my bad, thought that was jus for the R&B tracks n skipp’d it, that album musta leaked now, quite a few of the tracks are on youtube already
    sidenote: 34 replies already for QN5? is wannabe drake-z or lil layme on some background vocals or is this a miracle?

  • And Won

    qn5.com/ifhr for more

  • pingpongking

    These mutherfuckers can spit!

  • shay

    I cannot believe I was sleeping on these guys. dope as hell

  • wamp wamp

    this is FIRE, but its a little weird to me hearing tonedeff rap on such a mainstream “industry” sounding beat

  • morrigan

    ^^^ CLAP = mainstream. lol

  • Chauncey Adams

    Oh shit you guys got Punch & Words on this project! I need that track asap! this track is dope too, btw

  • ivemar80

    dope fucking song.

  • This shit is off the chain. I don’t think words can describe it.Qn5 bringing nothing but quality once again!!!

  • mmkayy

    holy shit this is dope

  • P Thompson

    cant wait for that brown bag all stars joint next!

  • Tupac Shakur

    this whole time i thought 2dopeboyz was supporting THE PACK..you know the group with Lil’ B!!! AHAAHAHA i always wondered why the dopehouse would support that wack shit. BUT THIS DUDES NAME IS PACKFM…hahaha just one dude. what kind of name is that? haha. now things are cleared up for me hahaa. dope song btw lol.

  • Juanka

    thx for tha lyrics Shake (and Pack & Tone lol)

  • Nutt

    Tonedeff is not human

  • mike seaver

    PackFM >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Kno

    “Life’s a revolving door, cus if I’m “going in” you’re going out.”


  • sam sneako

    this track >>>>>>>>>> everything Ive heard in the past few months here.

    algorythm is becoming one of my favorite producers. that stuyvessants mixtape was ill as hell. This nigga Tonedeff rhymed 16 syllables straight for 4 bars. With punchlines. That shit aint right! LOL I dont think i ever heard Pack do patterns like that.

    “when I leave people speechless how will i get word of mouth?”



    Immensely amazing! I love this track. Easily one of the best lyrical tracks of the year!!

  • elijahcraig

    How did I sleep on this yesterday?! Bonkers!

  • Energetikk

    This track is FIRE! All hiphop appreciaters needs to give this one a listen.

  • jimson11

    Simply insane all around. This going to need at least 100 listens to catch everything. I like how it’s more than just an “I’m better than you” rap because it has those elements but they both mix in inside stuff such as:

    -Feed me beats that’s harder than the task of finding an Asterisk CD

    -This track is the prequel to “Ruthless”

    -And the line about the QN5 “mission”

    Everything in this song is complex. The tie in with Sotomayor/Supreme Court/gavel/token spic/corn or flour/etc goes beyond your typical mixtape bang-it-out verse.

  • houstonz



  • Bakke

    Aaaaaa, what a track to come back home to..

    Tonedeff = GOAT! (sadly without the discography to prove it)
    Fuck what you think.

  • TheObliviousTruth

    Hey Shake, you need to get Reks on this for real

  • Xavier

    If Reks wasn’t from Lawton, MA that might work.

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