Verses: Skyzoo vs. Jay-Z (Video)


Continuing with Court Dunn's series with the dopehouse, Sky recites his favorite Jay verse, which so happens to come from one of his best albums.

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  • woooo! regrets! reasonable doubt is a classic.
    this "vs" concept is very dope. paying homage!

  • chris_martian


  • Stephon

    in order to survive we have to learn to live w/ regrets...

    my favorite Jay verse as well

  • TGOD Booooooy

    Favorite Jay song.

  • DopehouseGhost

    dope... Sky did his thing

  • RockyLockridge

    my favourite jay verse is the second verse on "a million/rhyme no more" (original not the extended version)

    "muthafukas cant rhyme no more bout crime no more till ....etc"
    u get the point

  • Dope

  • I remember when Sky first dropped I told my nigga he sounded like Jigga. So its only rite...

  • And Won

    not a good verse, bleh, Reasonable Doubt is the best Jay album though

  • THE Yessir Man

    To say Jay aint iLL is just ewwwwwwwwwww

  • How I Got Over > *

    Regrets is one of his dopest tracks.

  • I like these videos a lot, makes you really really listen to the lyrics.

  • robertTHEallen

    i lost my fuckin copy of reasonable doubt.
    oh wait i have the internet


KR - "Onyx"

Never fall in love with a stripper.

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