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T.I. On LeBron’s Free Agency (Video)

blame it on Shake July 2, 2010


While chopping it up with DJ Skee on KIIS FM, T.I. reveals his thoughts on LeBron James’ free agency. While I don’t give three shits as to where he signs, I agree 100% with Cliff’s point about Chicago. Dude will forever be in Michael’s shadow if he went there. Not a good look.

SIDEBAR: Phil Jackson is Back For Another Year

  • Lebron will be a Net by Monday, he said he will verbally commit to a team by then. One of the Nets officials that wasn’t supposed to speak because it’s against the rules tweeted saying Lebron told them to free up $3 million more (which they can) so they can sign another max player. The Nets have $30 million but they need $33 to sign 2 max players. That tweet was retweeted by @njdotcom but was deleted I guess to prevent the Nets from getting into trouble. They can’t really say anything until the player commits. It also doesn’t help that one of the ESPN “expert” Chad something tweeted saying the Nets are “the frontrunners to land Lebron.” I thought it was obvious he would go to NJ because of Jay-Z and the lack of pressure. The Nets team also is pretty good with Lopez and Harris to go with Lebron and Bosh. I was hoping he would be a Knick but that was never going to happen. Maybe we can get Noah Lowry. LOL

  • Even more proof, now I gotta watch my Knicks be embarrassed even more!


  • Roc

    Lebron’s going to Chicago or stay in Cleveland bj is a bad team and so is ny

  • Roc

    New jersey I mean

  • DonSneaks

    I’m from chicago and been watching the bulls since the late 80’s, we all know mike is the man that made that team and hell the NBA what it is today but fuck all that that shit is old news now mike been gone and its a new day, some people will say yea he gonna be in mike shadow and all that but alot of people here really don’t care ,he would have this city just as mike did. we just trying to win again thats it

  • I don’t get why ppl say he will forever be in Mike’s shadow? Ok, YES, the Bulls dynasty was started by MJ, but isnt that the same thing Kobe is dealing with in LA? I mean the Lakers were great, and had great players before Kobe became the face of that franchise. Seems that he is doing ok there. The only MJ comparison that would be a bad look for Lebron if he goes to Chicago is if he never gets a ring – that will always be the point that people will bring up. “Yea Lebron came to Chicago and did his thing but he didn’t win as many rings as MJ did.” Other than that, the past great players of the Chi are the past, and Lebron could possible be the future.

  • GOONx19

    The meetings are just a formality at this point. He’s staying in the 216.

  • chicity

    What are you talking about Shake? I know you know basketball but seriously, does that mean noone will ever play for your Lakers again? Was Shaq scared of Kareem and Magic and Wilt? Was Larry Bird afraid of Bill Russel and all the Boston Championships? I am not saying he is coming to Chicago even though I obviously hope he is but I doubt that is a reason.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    There are sources saying that Amare is already committed to coming to New York. It feels like Bosh is going to Miami with D-Wade, so that leaves LeBron. LBJ & Amare in New York would be very nice. Then Carmelo Anthony next year…

  • WPG

    Reminds me of Chappelle…”WHAT DOES JA RULE THINK AT A TIME LIKE THIS?”

  • I.P.O.

    As a Lakers fan, you are shook at the thought of LBJ in Chicago.

  • King Geezy

    Everybody in the NBA is trying to live up to the legacy of MJ. They’re all in Jordan’s shadow. Don’t have to be a Bull to feel that pressure. Ask Kobe. Chicago is the best place for Lebron.

  • iknow


  • real real talk

    I TOTALLY agree! Just like Kobe will NEVER EVER get out of Magic/Jerry West/ Kareem’s shadow. No way Lebron could ever win on his own right and make a star for himself. Completely true and easily the most logical way to think about things. Big ups to you for thinking like an intelligent person.

  • Idris

    Lebron need to stay. Cleveland only need one more head! He need his Scottie Pippen to make a move. Not none of these off-brand, late career, no where near his-age-type-folks he can’t grow with. Antwan Jamison’s hay is over. Shaq is on his last year or so. They got all the role players in place – all they need is a Joe Johnson or somebody of that calibeur. A 18-20 pg and 3 assist type dude to get it in.

    But these idiots aint probably gunna do that.