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Ron Artest – Champions (rmx) f. T-Pain

blame it on Shake July 3, 2010

A Championship. A classic post game interview. S single. A video. A Chelsea Lately interview. And now a remix with T-Pain? Yep, Ron Ron is definitely the people’s champ!

DOWNLOAD: Ron Artest – Champions (rmx) f. T-Pain | Mediafire

  • Ron Artest is a crazy nigga :) 1st

  • Breez

    WTF? this shit is actually dope?

    fuck is goingz on around here?

  • Breez

    this is the third listen wtf man?

  • markaveli

    hell yeaaaa….just picked up steve blake.

  • word

    lol. wow. if this was *name currently popular rapper* instead of ron artest this would be a smash hit.

  • His post game interview was by far the best sports interview I have ever seen. It was so crazy and dysfunctional that it made it almost like it was an event. When will we ever see another player thank his psychiatrist after he just won a championship? lol Artest is a very strange and I think misunderstood dude.

  • Freshone


  • This made the song way better. Like I said before, he needs to shoot a high budget video for this and push it. This song could do well right now fresh off the win…

  • tatties

    the fuck? Its garbage.

  • Yeezy

    Fuck off Shake!!! Damn stop jacking site off my site you faggot.

  • Yeezy

    jacking shit off* typo -.-

  • Dope ish, co-sign on shooting the vid why not.

  • jet

    if none of the big free agents meet up on the team…lakers are taking it again…shittt…lakers got steve blake a much consistent scorer than fisher

  • RealReconizeReal

    See you next Tuesday.

  • LV


  • jbleezy

    Sounds like a local artist who sucks

  • A.B.N.

    Fuck that I aint going to fake on this shit. This shit is dope.

  • AM

    t pain getting epic on this

  • I don’t know man…
    This is kinda good. Still sucks tho.

  • Nigga Sound Like Maino LOL!

  • JacquesMorel

    This shit is hard

  • celticsfan

    oh great *facepalm*

  • Haven

    wow..suprisingly like dope, like I actually played it 3 times

  • DAME

    wow… T-Pain kinda made this good….

  • i just downloaded a fucking ron artest song

  • Dino Dzanic

    this dude bout to drop an album, i say 550,000 first week sales. =)

  • TH

    On an interview, aside T-Pain, Ron’s tryin to get Game and 50 on the remix.

  • 2pn

    Tpain just got this song put on the PlatinumPod. Epic…shoulda got a verse from Jeezy

  • 2pn

    *waits for the inevitable freestyles to come*

  • .:KiDJaMeR:.

    T-Pain ruined this song. tha original was better

  • raps1

    How much you guys think he payed for those verses?? ahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • sayWORD

    Dope as song. Had to bring it back.