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50 Cent Denies Capitol Signing, Disses Diddy, etc (Audio)

blame it on Shake July 4, 2010

Yesterday, Curtis called into G-Unit Radio to talk to Whoo Kid about a few things (which I’ve detailed below). Shouts to MuzikFiendz on the rippage.

DOWNLOAD: G-Unit Radio Interview pt.1
Raising children, BET Awards, Diddy (“Puffy’s like a biiiitch”) and his straight-to-DVD career.

DOWNLOAD: G-Unit Radio Interview pt.2
Acting, beef, Eminem, Detox and says the G-Unit leak is old, calls Craig Davis an idiot for the Capitol/EMI talk.

DOWNLOAD: G-Unit Radio Interview pt.3
LeBron James, losing/gaining weight, more shots at Diddy, Tiger Woods, etc.

  • “Puffy’s like…..a biiiitch”


  • Minaj

    Puffy’s movies don’t go straight to DVD

  • Minaj

    Puffy still has a record label. On Interscope.

  • prk

    50 is still that dude.

  • Minaj

    Puffy’s clothing line is still won by actual people.

  • Minaj

    50 is gutter dwelling jealous crab. He’s pushing 40 and still an insecure high school bully with no friends.

  • Justice Face

    What happened to this dude.

  • E Mitch89

    These radio niggas be on 50 dick tooo hard….like some bitches. lol I think he knows it too.I bet he thinks they’re all fake bitches too

  • come on son

    people aint talking shit about straight-to-DVD money now…biiiitch

  • @Minaj

    what do you call puffy’s son’s dick? sweet 16?

  • Grump

    50 is like Snoop now. A better ‘Personality’ than an MC. I mean, Yayo is wack, but I check his verses more than 50’s or boring-ass Banks just cuz they’re funny. And Puffy is a career killing, Biggie killing, product hawking clown. Fuck Puffy. Never understood why Jay E is down with him.

  • chris_marticus


    DOWNLOAD: G-Unit Radio Interview pt.1
    Raising children, BET Awards, Diddy (“Puffy’s like a biiiitch”) and his straight-to-DVD career

  • chris_marticus

    i always been like … 50 is a fool,GTFOH,for real,but since this year,is like,hahaha this dude is hilarius

  • chris_marticus

    6:30 DEAD
    PÙFFY’S like a…….bitch


  • Brutally Honest

    THeres no bigger faggot in Hip Hop than Puff!

  • diddy = pussy nigga

  • uzi

    nigga dont act like a biiiitch ahah classic

  • Clint Sevilla

    They’re on his dick

  • Listenup

    I’d be pissed too if If I was beefing with someone, and now they have a crazy ass buzz..Ross has 2010 on Lock!

    Ross = The person 50 couldn’t destroy.

    TEFLON DON JULY 20TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2020

    You and 30 other people are gonna buy that bullshit. enjoy.

  • Diddy is a funny ass dude & 50 is just a monster. This should be fun.

  • Justice Face

    50 sold something like 160 first week, lets see what William does, its probably gonna be higher.

  • Listenup


    And how many people are gonna buy 50’s next album??

    Ross is gonna have the hottest album of the summer, hate it or love it (no pun intended)


  • Shakewannabe

    Yo that shit was kinnda ill what he said about biggie=ofiicer ricky nicki=kim and mase=yound joc . Idk how mase and young joc came through this convo but still. Im pretry sure theres onna be a track from officer ricky and diddy going at 50

  • Shakewannabe

    50 is getting ready for black magic i think. His about to drop
    a record like he just said.

  • Shakewannabe

    Nigga dont act like a bitch.

  • William

    Rosses next album will sell more than Curtis next album..


    50 so washed up he doesn’t even know what to do with himself.

  • Shakewannabe

    bankss bbb is better then all the records officer ricky has out.

  • Shakewannabe

    William, he isnt washed up. Maybe his ryhms or records but still. Ross hasent toppe “i get money” so he cant get near him.

  • Justice Face

    i get money? GTFO

  • GOD

    50 is stuck in 2003. Dude still rocks a du rag.. he still thinks beef makes him more relevant.. fuck outta here!

  • Listenup


    Nigga Banks is a fucking mixtape artist, he last album dropped in 06…Ross has three number one albums and is working on his 4th.


  • Thechampishere


    Anyone who has working ears knows Magnificent was better than I get money….and then this cornball ass niggas 50 tried to use ‘Have a baby by me baby be a millionaire’ line to get a hit..Deeper than Rap was better than Curtis and BeforewI self Destruct…Combined!


  • CJ-DW

    Am sorry but C.O. Ross has never made a track that I wanted to listen to. On 50 he took what Jay-Z and Diddy have done and killed it in 6 years!! He is in un-charted waters in hip-hop when you have done all that in 6 years what do you do next???

  • shakewannabe

    ok stop crying now.. lol smh i was jk. smd bitchesss…
    officer ricky would have a 1 number one album abviously u retard he isnt selling against anybody.if his album was the only album obviously he will be the one..smh stupiddd…..hahaha btw how much did he sell? thats what i thought.

  • Listenup


    He sold close to the man, who’s puts numbers above quality of the actual music…aka 50 cent. That’s what I thought.

    TEFLON DON JULY 20TH FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jimmah

    Y’all know Ross has features on every song just so the other artists fans buy his shit…haha Ross a pussy man, can’t make song by himself

  • 50 CENT


    Ross just needs someone for hooks, because everyone can’t sing and do their own hooks like Drake, Listen to Trilla, most of the features that were on that album were people doing hooks.

    50 a pussy man.

  • keyword

    The only way 50 Cent will ever be relevent again is if he does a colabo with Doc Brown & Marty McFly. He’s washed up. No Soap!!

  • @ E Mitch89…yeah, it’s called “G-Unit Radio”, so, naturally, everyone on that show has about a gallon of 50’s semen in their stomachs

  • RockyLockrige

    50 [email protected]/11 songs have features and 7 of those 10 features are explicitly rappers. soooo…ur wrong.

  • 50 CENT


    T-pain = Hook

    Mannie Fresh = Hook

    Avery Storm = Hook

    Trey Songz= Hook

    Rodney = Hook

    And one song ‘Luxury Tax’ contains 3 rappers

    Sooooooo…ur wrong

  • 2020

    @ Listenup

    Officer Ricky hasn’t had a hit since Hustlin.
    You and the other popos on this site are gonna be the only ones buying that bullshit. Then again you’ll probably download & front like you bought it.
    Get ya autistic head out ya ass.
    And dont try to argue anymore, you sound incredibly stupid.

  • Listenup

    Three number one albums, and Ross hasn’t had hit since Hustlin’ and I sound stupid?

    I appreciate you sticking close to your washed up friend 50, who still thinks talking shit will give him a buzz..it’s 2010 not 2003 buddy.

  • TE

    Why does 50 have to hate on everyone?

  • Shawn

    If someone else is getting attention 50 has to jump in and say some ignorant shit.

  • Whizzpup

    50 a bitch. He was all over Diddy’s Angels track.


  • diddy is a bitch. everything fiddy said about diddy is true. not that 50 isn’t somewhat hypocritical in that statement, but diddy is just an obvious opportunist. he crossed the line comparing rick ross to biggie…and this obvious “dream team” bullshit jumpin on other people’s steam just to promote his bumm ass ghostwritten album.

  • thecollegecurb
  • RockyLockrige

    50 CENT <im talking about the tracklist for his new album…so ur wrong. lol. sorry. not deeper than rap. lol

  • TheREALSlim64

    this guy is like the teenage girl of hip hop..cryin for attention..he sells he face to everything, the only reason he still fuckin has anything, cuz his music is wack as hell

    and now he’s targeting diddy lolol
    who’s next? Hov again? Eminem?

    ayo 50, how about you write some better rhymes instead of just dissin people and sellin sex toys you Ja Rule 2.0

  • TheREALSlim64

    I didn’t even know g-unit stans still existed loklool

    2020 your a dumbass

  • Diddy and 50 are both clowns.

  • blackadon

    50 makes this hip hop shit entertaining. you losers are soft and want no beef/competition anymore

  • james

    Do people listen to the interviews?

    If so, how can you disagree with what he said?

    Bunch of y’all are haters.

  • 2020

    You’re a faggot, ur lover therealslim64 is afaggot,
    Whether its 2003, 2010, 1988, or the year you were born. If you support C.O.’s in hip hop you are officially a fag!!
    Hide behind ya alias in the c section, but talk that shit in the streets, get ya jaw broken. Go support your local police department.
    Its 2010 and we still like police in our culture,

  • illa del

    As much as folks love to hate fifth, u gotta respect the man. His interviews be candid as hell….real down to earth dude. Jay-Z’s interviews sound like the rappin version of Donovan McNabb lol …always tryin to say the right things and come across as this nonchalant “cool” dude when in reality they soft as drug store cotton-lol Either way Im still a fan of both them dudes.

  • bodymore

    Diddy has been displaying “BITCHASSNESS” to the highest degree lately

  • numberone

    I hate when people say 50 is stuck in 2003. I guess they think that’s the only time the man was successful. Let’s not forget what he did from 2003-2010. He sold 35 million albums and made hundreds of millions of dollars. Rick Ross has two songs that people know, hustlin’ and the boss. Other than that the only thing they know about him is that he was a correctional officer. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Ross isn’t shit. He’s a fat fake fuck. Teflon Don will only sell if def jam decides to buy his records. Again.

  • Shawn


    Trilla is greater than Curtis

    Deeper Than Rap is greater than Before I self destruct

    Case Closed…..don’t disagree because you will lose.

    Co-sign at the Ja Rule 2.0 comment

    50 just needs to quit hip-hop and get a late night show or some shit.

  • 40oz.prophet


    Until Ross does anything CLOSE to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ hes gonna be fraud ass officer ricky, soon to be changing his name cuz hes gettin sued by the REAL Rick Ross.

    The nigga is one of the biggest frauds ever. As far as 50, check the resume, theres a reason for the longevity.

  • ddee

    DEEPER THAN SNACKS WAS THE BEST ALBUM EVA. BAWSE RAWSE STAYY LOCKING NIGGAZ UP.GTFOHH. but nah deadasss every1 in the c-section stay thinking their opinion is final lmao. and 50 makes some good points while making jokes but his music is still ehhh thou

  • Shawn

    The lawsuit was dropped, that Bum ass nigga Freeway Ricky Ross lost the case


    You mean to tell me 50 isn’t a fraud? 50 doesn’t snitch on people? 50 didn’t take his name from the real 50 cent who ran his streets? LOLOLOLOL

    50 has longevity in what?!?! the only way this clowns stays relevant is by popping up in beef or steady droppin’ names. Check your facts homie.

  • 40oz.prophet

    you still listened to the interview right? thers your longevity right there.
    50 snitch? wheres the paperwork? that fraudulent order of protection? Do you know the legal system? OOP’s are court ordered not requested by a victim. If 50 was a snitch it woulda been a restraining order.
    Where is the documented proof that 50 ever took the stand? CD’s are not admissible.
    And as far as taking his name from Kelvin 50 Cent Martin, he said himself its in homage to him and at least 50 really put in work before this rap shit. Those bullet holes are the resume, nigga! Rawse got PHOTOS IN UNIFORM THAT HE TRIED TO DENY!!!! Remember? Thats why Y’all loved him sooooo much since 03. Check YOUR facts lady.

  • Shawn

    50 snitched on Kenneth Mcgriff, nigga everyone knows this. Oh but you would know 50 actually did put in work because you were right there on the corner with him. Never would I believe a nigga who comes out with a song called Candy Shop and does more dancing in the video than the bitches…NEVER!!!

    50 has had two hot albums, Ross has yet to drop a dud…..At the end of the day it’s all about the quality of music which Ross seems to be delivering and 50 on the other hand is in interviews trying to get a buzz…Ross wins.

  • blackadon

    Shawn was one of the prisoners that knew Rawse and Bawse gave him nice treatment therefore Shawn must defend Officer Ricky

  • Shawn

    Blackadon constantly got his ass whopped at the bus stop as a child and was never picked to play basketball with the other kids, therefore blackadon must jump in and defend the loser.

  • 40oz.prophet

    Nigga where is the proof that 50 took the stand???
    Thats what a snitch does , TESTIFY!!! You stupid muthafucka!!!
    Supreme is inside for the murder of E-MONEY BAGS, they have video footage taken by some bitch, a dude in Premes crew was fuckin’, of E-Money minutes before he was murdered!!
    Who the fuck you think you’re arguing with?/ Someone in your age group, cuz you gotta be a young uninformed fuckin’ moron to thonk you’ve won anything!!

    Go sneak a balloon of coke in ya asshole for Supreme, maybe Raswe will help you!!

  • Shawn

    Nigga where is the proof 50 actually put in work in the streets!?!?!?!? and don’t say the bullet holes in his face, because innocent people get shot all the time.

    I heard 50 is shooting Candy Shop 2 soon, you better submit a resume if you wanna be the lead Vixen.

  • Brutally Honest

    Looks like Triple C’s in the c-section tonight.
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ (alone) went diamond, thats 10 million plus for you slow minded ppl, Ross’ first 2 LPs barely went Gold. Deeper Than Rap went plastic.
    Are you hoping for an change in pattern for good ol’ Officer Ricky?

  • 40oz.prophet

    Shawn you are a short bus riding motherfucka!!
    Look Up Bang Em Smurf.
    niggas that have had beef with 50 will tell you.
    Did you just start hearing about his career 2 years ago?

    Good Night bitch, do yourself a favor and go outside and play IN the fireworks.

  • Shawn

    It doesn’t surprise me all you 50 cent stans still talking about numbers but can’t even back up the quality of 50’s music…I don’t buy a fucking album because I think it’s gonna sell the highest in it’s first week. Ross wins.

  • Shawn


    Damn homie you seem upset, Goodnight I hope the bed bugs bite nigga. LOL

  • Brutally Honest

    its cool Shawn,it doesn’t surprise me that bitch niggas like bitch nigga music, which explains your side of the argument.

  • if it wasn’t for 50 Cent hip hop would be boring as fuck! so stfu to all the people that say 50 Cent is dumb for beefin…and so what if his movies go straight to DVD like he said he is making more money off it so stfu….i dont see you making any movies and Puffy sucks dick he can’t even rap WTF is Dirty Money seriously its a JOKE! i would love to see puffy sell 40 Million Records like 50 Cent did matter of face 50 Cent did HALF of what the WHOLE Bad Boy Records did SMH!

  • Shawn

    @Brutally Honest

    Are you forgetting the following songs…..Candy Shop? Best Friend? Ayo Technology? Amusement Park?

    If what I’m listening to is bitch nigga music, what do you call yourself listening to?

  • Brutally Honest

    Ski Mask Way Bitch!

  • Shawn


    Tupac and Biggie died because of beef, that’s the last fucking thing we need in Hip-Hop, and once again another stan talking about numbers….WHERE IS THE QUALITY OF MUSIC AT????? I’m seeing the numbers, but I’m hearing bullshit….

  • Brutally Honest

    Nigga stop already!
    you lose.
    let your split personalities leave comments now. anyone still payin attention to this post can see you’re an idiot.

  • Shawn

    @Brutally Honest

    I named 4 songs, you named 1

    Though I must say The Massacre was a really good album, after that album fif fell off…..Sucks but true.

  • Shawn

    @Brutally Honest

    But yet you come back to the post, to see what my response is…so truly….who is the loser?

  • ziplockp

    Shyguy said it best. “Diddy and 50 are both clowns.”

  • Brutally Honest

    In my hood, Heat, I’m Paranoid, Your Life’s On The Line, Play This On The Radio, Smile, Many Men, I Get Money, So Disrespectful, When it rains it pours, Hustlers’ Ambition…………..c’mon son
    I will get into this any further, you’re cranky because its passed your bedtime, You start summer school on tuesday and you’re mad.
    Go To sleep homo.

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  • Brutally Honest

    *not get into this any further

  • dr0

    g unittttttt 50 got da best interviews lol dat nicca tell it how it is

  • RockyLockrige

    this interview made me laugh. end of lol.

  • 3l

    Dude could do stand up. This was an excellent start to my morning.

  • haha I bet it’s a publicity stunt to get Puffy and 50 back on the map, I keep forgetting about them until I see stuff like this or when my 12 y/o brother brings them up. They should stick together, they both have enough enemies.

  • that dude

    shawn is fuckin retarded… please jump off ya roof

  • CJeezY

    Lmao @Shawn and @Brutally Honest arguing. Ya’ll act like ya’ll getting paid to defend 50 and Ross…


    they look fine in that pic together…

  • Yeah Let Me Tell Ya…Ross Is The Boss…He Had 3 Number One Albums Because He Pushes His Album Back Just So He Can Pick A Date To Where He’s Not Going Against Anyone Popular…It’s Called Strategical Marketing,That’s How These Lame Ass Rappers With All This Hype Get’s Number 1…

  • mmkayy

    ppl in the c-section stop actin like a………..biiiiitch!!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Here 50 Cent goes again talking shit when his rants are still 100% better than all his music put together. Nothing he says is considered hating because people are scared of this meat head but any one else saying the same shit he’s saying it would be called hating. 50 is just a dude who filled a void in music at the time and forced fed us continuously after his reign was over. 50 is just an angry average lyricist who will never make another classic album or even creep into the top 50 rappers of all time.

    Get Rich Or Die Trying & 50 Cent bitchin/rants > Every album after get Get Rich Or Die Trying