• LB28

    1st.... this shit is also dope!!

  • Michael Gudger II

    Shake, I know I am posting this for the 2nd time, but do you think you might be able to re-post "The Roots - iFunk ringtone" again...my hard drive crashed and that was one of my favorite ringtones

  • JonesDeini

    Been waiting on this joint for a minute, always glad for new Hollyweerd music

  • B@dr

    @ Michael Gudger...when in doubt, mediafire buddy

  • http://soundcloud.com/richard-herrell ruthless rich

    Nice tracks

  • http://www.creamofthacrop.com creamofthacrop.com

    the shit wont download for me

  • B@dr

    go str8 to the source then. DJbooth.net was the one hosting the release of the tape, the link works fine here.


  • Michael Gudger II

    @B@dr...good lookin' Sir, much appreciated

  • http://www.creamofthacrop.com creamofthacrop.com

    Much respect.^^

  • http://NerdsLikeUs.Tumblr.com Rob P.

    Why Does Don Cannon Have To Be One Here What Is His Purpose He Ruins Everything

  • MAN

    man. 2dopeboyz. you NEED to stop having usershare links. they suck. sometimes you can't DL them. you should have links to the actual site or a like a mediafire link cause that one is the best in my opinion. just saying

  • JonesDeini

    Link was givin' me trouble too but it started runnin' fine once I reloaded the page.

  • Tupac Shakur

    y'all just have some fucked up computers. HAHAHA

  • http://bubblegumway.wordpress.com Fred Lozano

    Garbage, but that artwork is dope as hell.

  • http://twitter.com/SuchAFknStoner Skai

    dope all the way through

  • Chris

    I was highly disappointed! You can see how the deal is already affecting their music. It's not as "out the box" as all their previous music was. They are submitting to commercialism and abandoning what made them unique and what everyone loved about them. I still Rock with Hollyweerd though, been their since the first Colorblind Cognac just hope the next release is better.

  • http://www.masterchef.com surgicalgloves

    Pill, Aleon Craft & Grip Plyaz?

    i'll dl just for the features...

  • http://twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    prob they dopest shit yet

  • thetruth

    first got this when it came out and delted it based on sampling it.re downloaded it again and its dope, minus don cannon. sick sick artwork as usual especially the back cover