The Boondocks: The Story of Lando Freeman (Video)

Another good episode.

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  • Fat Boy

    Thanks for this shake. Was to busy getting trashed last night and missed this.

  • yaowa

    great ep.

  • 11thHour

    Ep. had me laughing

  • come on son

    7 feet garabage, 3 feet nice LMFAOOOOO

  • "i just wanted to find my pops and tell him that i- ..thank him for skeeting that life into moms"

  • Idris

    "It was a DNA Test..."

    "Well study better next time!"

    This nigga Riley a damn fool.

  • Philly_Hotness

    On a different subject but did Entourage come on last nite? I haven't seen a rip for it

  • GFunk

    Yo that nigga said "Morning Wood aint nothing to be ashamed of, its how you know youre alive"

    Dogg I bout died hahaha

  • B.E.H

    damn move them titties go hard as hell

  • mR

    haha @b.e.h you right lol. Junior Varsity, nigga... YOUNG BARKLEY!!!!

  • G

    no new episode of entourage yesterday @philly_hotness

  • Justice Face

    man i hope this 'last season' talk is just hype to get people wanting more episodes.

  • DK

    "Two Nigga , Three Nigga" Lmao

  • J_EaRLy

    to many qoutables..

  • "Et tu, Robert? Et tu?" This episode was hilarious.

  • Blackaristocrat

    Can a brotha get a mp3 for "Move Them Titties"? LMAO

  • Maya

    best fucking episode, they keep outdoing themselves

  • someguy

    "yeahhhh. basketball not football, bitch."

  • RavRav

    I aint sharing no room with 2 little kids, I aint no king of pop. I'mma beat it.


  • andy $$$

    for real anybody got the track title/artist for the house of cheeks scene


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