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Curren$y – Nothin’ But Us f. Smoke DZA (prod. Ski Beatz)

blame it on Shake July 6, 2010

Originally heard on the BluRoc Music Festival mixtape. I see folks are saying it’s off Pilot Talk, but I don’t see it on my copy. *shrugs… I guess we’ll see July 13th! Shouts to DGB.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Nothin’ But Us f. Smoke DZA (prod. Ski Beatz) | Mediafire

  • chris_marticus

    i can’t get high with this song

  • Just gonna mark this down as a “Bonus Track” in my Zune.

    Ski Beatz is making some of the best beats this year.

  • latefucker

    whats wrong with his fucking face. since when does closing and eye and scrunching up your face in a twisted way make you cool/hard/a rapper.

    someone slap this mother fucker. hes wack anyway

  • Black-Ken

    has pilot talk leaked?

  • cam

    *curren$y voice*
    yyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SKI BEATS

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    DZA is wack to me he’s nothing to write home about how many rappers do weed need to mainly spit about weed !

  • Truth

    lol goddamn this shit is awful

  • dj drama

    “but I don’t see it on my copy”
    you bastard lol..yes im hating

  • iknow

    Curren$y is the most boring rapper i have come across lately. i was already asleep after his mumblings in the intro.

  • dj drama

    ^lol at you taking time to comment?

  • ChanfnB
  • mALiZ
  • really

    smoke dza said “i be higher than giraffe pussy” lol ludacris said that YEARS ago on the chicken and beer album

  • GOD

    Shits dope. Lol @ all these people gettin mad

  • ThatKidRawr

    I don’t know why, but listening to the intro of the song while looking at that picture made me lol

  • iknow

    ^ lol at u for taking time to comment about my comment…fucking currensy fans can’t take harsh criticism

  • damn…i really did not think this song would get all this hate lol. imo it’s pretty dope

  • Coss

    I could care less, song was dope, spitter’s verse was on point, I fuck with currensy’s music, think dude is a very talented emcee…Im just sick of these niggas dissin blunts, lol…if you dont smoke blunts, cool, do you, but stop disrespecting the legions of heads who do..every head I run with smokes blunts, as well as most of the rappers, and the ones who dont just dont, they dont go around making it a point to talk down on those who do..its as if these heads do it to seperate themselves from the pack, the whole “I dont smoke blunts” is really code for “Im on some different shit”, niggas wanna be different so bad when they really on the same shit…no disrespect to spitter or wiz or any nigga that doesnt fuck wit blunts, but miss me with the elitist attitudes, twhen you niggas say or do something in this game that hasnt been said or done already then you can look down on us “lowly blunt smokers”, but while you still on the typical hoes, clothes, and doe, psssh, all that slick guy talk is just that, TALK…Coss said that…

  • KevinS

    Is Pilot Talk gonna be a digital release or can I actually get my hands on a copy?

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    @ Coss Well said: http://i754.photobucket.com/albums/xx183/bennyb973/Co-sign.gif

    I only smoke papes & pipes just cuz I don’t want anything to do with tobacco products. But having an elitist attitude is just dumb, I don’t pass up blunts on certain occasions. But these fools are just like “haha, you lames smoke blunts & we don’t so we’re cool. We’re better potheads.” Get the fuck outta here.

  • 2 middle fingaz

    curren$y is dope,its good to hear some real hiphop coming out that has nothing to do with some poser queers talkin bot how much swag they have , or some non lyrical rappers like gucci who talk at 3 mph ,an if you took the time to hate on this track..get off his nuts lol

  • josh

    you guys are a bunch of haters, any REAL jets fan should know whats up. and fyi this beat is straight N.O. if you cant get high to this go fuk yourself.lol

  • smokeandskate

    lol i always come here to see how many Curren$y haters there are out here, that must mean people actually know who he is nowadays. I admit he’s no Jay-Z or Nas but in these days he the best shit to listen to, so either tune in, or go buy some old shit

  • GeorgeCostanza
  • Braniak

    Jets & The Taylor Gang!

  • CloudKicka

    no blunts over here baby girl

  • Ryuk

    All the hate just means spitta is on the cusp. He’s something very right. And hatng on Smoke Dza? Dza is one of the best new dudes from NY.
    Anyway cant wait to get that Pilot Talk.