Slang Editorial: Beaf.

In today's post at the house of Harris I talk about, well, beaf.

READ: Slang Editorial: Beaf.

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  • i got excusesss


  • i got excusesss

    Van Cleef.

  • i got excusesss

    Riding through the street.

  • Kevin

    The tag at the bottom makes the editorial. "can't we just all round them up in a barrel and throw them in the gulf coast?" Hahahah



    for real though, if you talk shit about me on the internets i'll beat you up

  • good shit Mek. true words.

  • robertTHEallen

    watch "beaf" become a regularly typed term on the internet

  • welldd

    Finally, an editorial without a thesaurus.

  • i got excusesssddf

    Who got beaf?

  • "for real though, if you talk shit about me on the internets i’ll beat you up"

  • madConsumer

    Nice post Mek. What's with the chilled lexicon? I like your big words dawg Jk good shit mang

  • TR9NB

    good read (:

  • Mann Thaa Goat

    lmao that World of Warcraft shit had me dyin Meka

  • that's actually the best XXL post you've had... most of your stuff is blahh.

    good read.


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