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Big K.R.I.T. – Straight Up Out The South

blame it on Meka July 7, 2010

I’m sure New York residents will have a field day with this one. Props to TMD.

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  • DallasTx_GreedyGrove

    Stfu why would NYC Folk Get Mad you act like he’s on here Screaming F*** New York nshit He’s not even saying anything

  • Mass Effect

    Krit Wuz Here is still album of the year to me.

  • Grump

    Meka thinks he’s clever by saying something to get people to check it out. If you’re not already checkin for K.R.I.T. you’re losin. Good to see K.R.I.T. knows classic beats from a classic album…that said I’m sticking with the original.

    I wonder if youngens even know what track K.R.I.T. is rhyming over.

  • Half the songs on Krit Wuz Here sounded the same

  • This freestyle is from 2008.

  • C

    Grumps its Mobb Deep’s Give Up the Goods…I think


    There’s at least 100 mc’s in NYC that can out rhyme this guy. This is part of our culture up north it’s not a hustle to make money. The cuture has been hijacked and dumbed down by by corporations just like jazz was fifty years ago.

  • promo

    Krit Wuz Here is still the album of the year for me too. I thought the album was pretty diverse in terms of sound. His flow is different on just about every song, and considering the fact that he’s making his own beats, I’d say the beats are diverse too considering they all came from one source..I thought everything sounded the same the first few listens too though.

    His live show at the Blu Roc festival was also the only set fucking with Spitta’s, and he only did two songs..

    Still the Jets though fools..

  • ReggieB253

    @ DallasTx, hes refering to krit gettin booed in ny


  • NY = Assclown niggas

    NY niggas are the most clown niggas out there. Say all the shit you want Puffy’s the last NY nigga that ever did anything of note in Hip Hop. Everything now comes from the South or West. Or anywhere that isn’t NY.

    All NY niggas do is bitch about the game, like niggas want to hear your “woe is NY” emo shit for softcore thugs. Face it you had your shot and it died with Biggie. Now Nas, Jay, DOOM and Wu all you got.

    Name 5 new NY niggas that have made real shit in the last 5 years. None. That’s what.

  • mattkern

    lol mekas talking about how krit got booed at one of his shows in ny

  • sik

    big krit is dope…krit wuz here is a great album.fuck u new yorkers


    put up the usershare stream dude!

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Big Krit That Nigga & Plz Dnt Make This No NY Vs South Shit Smfh Keep The Peace, STFU, & Enjoy The Muisk Muthafuckas

    Btw iHave The Best Name On Hea! Fuckyou Very Much.

  • GOD

    KRIT is hella dope. Im playin him out here in The Bay

  • Actual/Factual

    yea krit did go up to NY and tried to ride that “Country Shit” joint…and they was nooooot fucking with him lol…i mean shit, Jay Elec got booed in NY at one point in time too and they was goin nuts for him at this very same event, mufuckas just don’t know who the fuck krit is really, and he gotta come with better songs because hearing that “Country Shit” in the concert footage did just make him seem like another country southern artist…its all good, his album straight, keep grindin

  • Ny is the spot for other music right now… not Hip Hop. New York just needs a renaissance. I’m from Miami and I deal with a lot of NY transplants.. Please stop acting like just being from NY gives you a leg up on people. You look foolish.

  • Motherfuckers from NY think they own rap music and no other coast can make good music. NY hasn’t had a dope new rap artist in a min… Oh I forgot,Nicki Minaj is from Queens (Ha).Papoose is washed up,Saigon is never gonna drop an album,Vado is dope (I guess he’s NYs hope 4 a new hit maker)… All NY has is Jay,Nas,Wu,Cam,Jada and Busta.Prove me wrong?

  • Man I think overall this nigga is KILLIN’ as far as quality of music. Cause it really aint that much quality shit floating around. And plus to make in the hiphop scene coming where we from where niggas dont even listen to it if it aint boosie, yo gotti, gucci. He did more than just make a classic tape..he opened a lane up even further than our original Saviour to the Sipp D.Banner (not a diss, Banner is still that nigga to me) but im just saying this all we know is Country Shit..and as far as i can see right now alot of music that aint from the south is thriving off this country shit. #mississippinative

  • reallynow

    All NY has is Jay, Nas, Wu and Wu? I’ll take that over Rich Boy, OJ Da Juiceman, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, etc etc etc etc etc

  • fenelli

    dam all yall dudes got the haters soul.i show that east coast luv, but ya’ll jus waitin to talk shit,

  • @reallynow What about T.I.,Luda,Jeezy,Jay Elect.,Young Buck,Big Boi,Andre 3000,B.o.B.,Curenn$y, and Chamillionaire?

    I got love for the East Coast… I just can’t stand ppl who think NY owns rap.


    The dopest nigga out right now is SEAN PRICE. He’s not on the radio because he doesn’t dumb down. You niggas think lil wayne is sick Jean Grae is better than that nigga and she’s a female. The culture is hip hop. The music is rap. So if you doing hip hop music your doing dumbed down rap music!

  • OGEazy

    NY doesn’t own rap anymore but it gave us hip hop.
    Think about NY as being your dad trying to tell you what to do, and the south as the rebellious son. The west would be the forgotten brother looking to impress dad with lyricism, but his instrumentals are too dull and his hard work doesn’t get enough attention. I suppose Texas is the dumb ass of the family who thinks he’s trill but in reality he has a drug addiction to mask how shallow he is. Would the Midwest be the trendy daughter who hits the clubs every weekend?

  • fenelli

    lmao ^thats what it looks like tho…sad

  • It aint where ya from..its where ya at

  • @OGEazy

    I’m high as fuck and you just blew my mind with that shit…lol

  • Actual/Factual

    lol @OGEazy…droppin cold analogies…damn near real talk though

  • black

    niggaz hating on texas and this post has nothing to do with the state at all. i swear you niggaz on here are straight lames that don’t know shyt about anything.besides can’t none of you niggaz say shyt about texas the world is on our nuts.Stick to drinking that corny ass sizzurp they make up there

  • Lol @ DynamicShots comment……..
    CHECK OUT MY LATEST SONG: “I Love Hip Hop Of The 90s”

  • and here comes johnnie hayward to spam us…

    people love to hate the south. give me an artist from NY who is doing something right now who didn’t have an album out in 96.

  • town


  • red hill

    black chill out the kid pointed out every region why are you getting ur face all screwed over what was a funny post

  • dopeSir


  • BAM12393

    @GetMoney Okay, I’ll prove you wrong. Pharoahe Monch, Masta Ace, AZ, J-Live, Mos Def, Talib Kweli…..

  • Hey now

    @ Bleeds comment so what if there are 100 guys in the north that can outrap KRIT. He is getting big showing he skills and making money. Something that new artist in New York have not really seem to have done lately. Not to hate but when is the last time there has been a big rapper to come out of New York in the last 5 years that was actually really good.

  • Tony Soprano

    Im from NY but i dig this. He didnt butcher it, i def def dig this dude and this freestyle.

  • Profit

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx-V9J4oHgA Check Me Out,, Another Hot Southern Artist.. – profit

  • d.will

    0_0 too dope, more & more Non-NY MCs sound like the good ol New York of the 90s while most NY rappers are…sheesh, this is some scientific effect sorta a “Reverse-ill”

  • Im(mortal)

    krit is very nice

  • Mr.Mississippi

    Damn Im kinda late seeing this. No disrespect to krit because his songs are aight but Tito Lopez should have been signed to Defjam instead of krit. Krit has a Houston Texas sound….Tito is bringing something new

  • “There’s at least 100 mc’s in NYC that can out rhyme this guy. This is part of our culture up north it’s not a hustle to make money. The cuture has been hijacked and dumbed down by by corporations just like jazz was fifty years ago.”

    Culture has been hijacked? He’s just showin yall some good ol Southern personality…. dayumm its always some kinda hate

  • queens get the money, long time no cash!!!!

    god, classic… i needa hear the original now… too many quotables to even mention…

    anyways, back on topic, this wasnt bad… imma check out this KRIT character…

  • “0_0 too dope, more & more Non-NY MCs sound like the good ol New York of the 90s while most NY rappers are…sheesh, this is some scientific effect sorta a “Reverse-ill””

    yoooo, ferreal man.. i did yer logic… madd new artists are actually soundin like classic 90s NY rap IMO too n most of em aint even from here… honestly tho, i dont mind, cuz either way theyre doin my type a style so im def diggin their the taste so its all good, nah meen…