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Slang Editorial: Stop Hatin’

blame it on Meka July 7, 2010

In today’s post at XXL I talk about the science behind the art of disrespekinazation.

READ: Slang Editorial: Stop Hatin’

  • Stop clogging up this site with your articles. If I want to read your pessimistic bullshit I’ll go to XXL.com

  • when we started the term “hating”… bullshit was allowed to go platinum without criticism… write about that

  • JL

    There’s a huge difference between change for the better and change for the worse. All change isn’t the same. When the crime rate goes up because gangs got more popular with the kids, you don’t just say “well, change happens, get over it.”

    and this shit is in EVERY genre, stop acting like hip hop is the ONLY one with”traditionalists” and “progressionists”, Rap is looked down on by a lot of people, because of what’s representing it, not because we “degrade new music”. From a distance, all of rap is the same lil wayne/gucci mane/dumb-nigga-shit, so they say “hey, rap is all dumb niggers with bling”, they dont say “hey, those purists don’t like what those young kids are doing”.
    And Seriously, some of my favorite music is new and this actually could be a really good time for music, for CREATIVE and actually TALENTED artists. A lot of people don’t support that dumb-nigga-shit, it’s not immaturity, recognizing bullshit. People that dislike ALL new hip hop are immature, but theyre the smaller group here, if that isn’t clear by the fact that most people that even visit blogs like this enjoy new music to an extent.

    kill that “hating” shit, it exists, but most people who use the word are pussy’s that cant take creative criticism.

  • People say hip hop is gonna die because its starting to become full of “hustlers” who just wanna make that buck and be “successful” (Drake) then be outtie 5000…I respect those artists who actually care about hip hop and want to contribute to the art by bringing originality and creativity to the table because over the last 10 years hip hop basically hasn’t changed…hip hop needs progression…if not, it will eventually die

  • Btw…2dopeboyz c-section = Haters Anonymous

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  • crackadon

    damn Meka, you’re just trying to pick any random old rap cliche to write about, huh? “what shall i write about today? lemme see: haters, cocaine, snitching, beef, ignorant rap, cars, alcohol, the club, weed, swagger….um, i’ll go with haters!” where’s your head at, 2006?? are you gonna make an article on G-Unit or Hyphy next?

  • lol @jonnie always spamming. And I assume you were talking to me about bein the hater. Nahh… I have Meka’s XXL page set as a homepage, so seeing an “ad” for an article I’ve already read kinda bugs me when I come here to see whats new in the MUSIC world. But still.. 2dope >>

  • RockyLockridge

    meka u n shake hate on artists all the time on ur blog. until real artists take over n make music cos they just love it n are reall artists not just after a quick buck the “hate” will remain.


    Upon having to witness the numerous LA LAKERS posts it would be greatly appreciative if yall could post a pic of LEBRON in a NY KNICKS jersey after he announces that he will be the next King of New York.

  • biffboof

    Stop linking your horribly written and ridiculously incoherent articles. XXL should be ashamed to host that drivel, dude. I’m not even hating, really – your posts here are fine – but you have no clue how to structure articles. You also come up with some absurdly awkward sentences. All of your “articles” on that site have been really tough, even embarrassing, to read.

  • Xavier

    Amare must have Ari Gold representing him. I’m sure LeBron is dying to join a squad with Luke Ridnour as the best option at the point.

  • quickV

    JL ^^^^^^^^^^^
    yes yes

  • biffboof

    To prove my point from above, check out the SECOND SENTENCE in your introductory paragraph:

    “There’s a lot to do in a relatively small area, the influx of immigrants has resulted in a melting pot of multiculturalism and the city tends to get things before any other in the country.”

    You cannot expect to be taken seriously when absolute garbage like that is written in the part of an article that effectively serves to HOOK A READER and explain the purpose of the article COHERENTLY

  • Unxpekted

    While 2dopeboyz wastes their time with mindless posts, and some of the worst music you can possibly find from R&B to Sir Allah. You can find the new Slum Village track on a slew of other great REAL hip hop sites. Heres a link for those who want good music not a month before everyone else gets it.

    Slum V – Lock It Down (Prod. JDilla) (CDQ)

  • RockyLockridge

    Unxpekted <er….they already posted that. sorry i know u were trying to make a point. dah well.

  • Lionhearted

    DAMN…niggas are going in on basic english skills LMAO

    Yea. I won’t lie. I noticed how amateurish the writing seemed but I wasn’t feeling like posting on it…

    Meka does have a point to tell artists whats on his mind and actually has good intentions with the article…but more often than not, its executed poorly.

    Better luck next time.

  • blah blah blurp, if someone is hating it just means that they are fearful of something about you which means that you are doing something they can’t do or not in the position to do. That’s exactly what allowed Jesus to be crucified, it’s mans nature but it’s up to you to not be a douche because of fear just get yours and shutup.

  • Hip-Hop is the only genre of music where people tell you “You’re too old to rap…this is a young man’s game”. The Rolling Stones can still go platinum with a new album and sell out shows even though they all have one foot in the grave. If Hip-Hop ever died it’s because of attitudes like this.

  • OU812

    Hip Hop is unintentional comedy of lies, fabrication, and nonsense over occasionally great production. The producers are the lost heroes of hip hop, providing the soundscape that can make a track with stupid-doo-doo-dumb lyrics into a summertime anthem…unless you’re talking about sustained legends such as Nas, Outkast, etc. (How about an article about that Meka?) Hip Hop is also extremely divisive. My “weed/ guns/ bitches/ coke/ cars/ rims/ homies/ lyrics/ producers/ gaudy jewels/ style/ mother, etc, etc, etc is better than yours” is found in every other hip hop track. It’s a bit difficult for anyone who’s conscious and grown to defend the majority of the negativity in hip hop, generally speaking.

    Meka is part of the problem but too ignorant and narcissitc to admit it…that is if he somehow doesn’t really see it. There is no way someone who is a skeptic of hip hop in general would ever read a Meka post or article and say “I have a newfound respect for hip hop and the hip hop culture.” Dude is a terrible writer.

  • 9

    NY Breeds M.C.’s. Unlike alot of other regions. Why should Ny’ers or any other MidWest to East Coast Hip Hop Head’s have to “accept or try to understand that societies(hip hop) change”. You ever hear the saying dont fix it if its not broken. Well thats what your perpetuating along with every other blog/magazine/radio host shunning actuall hip hop and allowing all of these bullshit to be presented to a population of ever more stupid teens and ignorant niggas, who have no idea what hip hop stands for and means to those who truly love it.

  • oneandonlyCODY

    MANNNNNNN, are you serious..

    I’m just gonna go down for being the top hater then, cause let me ask you something…

    DO YOU KNOW THE ELEMENTS OF HIP HOP? If you don’t, and you have to Google that shit, you should probably never let the two words emerge from your motherfuckin mouth. That is all.

  • BillClinton

    OU812 < co sign 100%

  • FredRico

    One of the most stupid (and dangerous) things that came up with the “hating” thing is that people started to believe this: “if they hate me, I must be doing something right!” … -_-‘ how did such an absurd conclusion become acceptable?!

    Not even gonna talk about the “hating” in itself, because it’s just a dumb concept as a whole.

    @JL: cosign that!

    “when we started the term “hating”… bullshit was allowed to go platinum without criticism… write about that” sad, but true…

  • BillClinton

    “when we started the term “hating”… bullshit was allowed to go platinum without criticism… write about that” sad, but true…<< YEP.

  • FredRico

    “Meka is part of the problem but too ignorant and narcissitc to admit it…that is if he somehow doesn’t really see it. There is no way someone who is a skeptic of hip hop in general would ever read a Meka post or article and say “I have a newfound respect for hip hop and the hip hop culture.” Dude is a terrible writer.”

    Oh shit!!! :p the irony is that this can’t be labeled as “hating” at all, since it has a strong, objective reasoning!

  • Cameron

    If hip hop is, as you say, a “young man’s game”, and the young MC’s don’t learn from and expand on the OG experiene, there in lies the rut. Also, MCs come from different experiences, upbringings, education levels, geographies, income levels, etc. These elements must be considered. If you point out 2 MC’s and don’t recogize & appreciate the differences in each of them, then there’s a problem. If A Tribe Called Quest was starting out today, most 50 Cent fans would call them pussy instead of recognizing the talent they had. As for MTV, that is industry & label payola. MTV is by no means the measuring stick for a talented MC. Just like these kids getting caught up in record sales…record sales doesn’t mean shit.

  • yougotrondo’d

    This article has only one major point, which is NY must accept the new state of hip hop, and they are haters and close minded if they don’t. Yet the people who only listen to the Gucci’s and Wacka Flocka’s of the world aren’t close minded?

    There are wayyyyy more ignorant people that only listen to what they hear on the radio and only talk about the typical money, hoes, killing shit. Sure there are a ton of heads who only listen to super technical emcees and dismiss everything else, but for the most part fans of the golden age give everyone a chance.

    Back in the 90s the South and the West (general statement, obviously some heads were I’m talking overall as a region) wasn’t listening to NY shit, so why must NY adopt everything that is 2010 hip hop? What does it matter to these sensitive *insert mainstream rapper here* fans whether NY approves of their favorite rapper? I think you are being more close minded than anyone claiming that everyone who doesn’t bump Gucci is stuck in the past.

  • hmmmm. I just say like what the fuck you wanna like. If niggas “hate” as they say, fuck them. No one should get offended by someone else saying something sucks because its their fucking opinion. Let them listen to what they want, and you jam what you like. If you want approval so much, find motherfuckers who like the same kind of music you do so you can all be happy go lucky. The problem with rap music is niggas always want to bicker and fight about shit. Just enjoy your music and shut the fuck up.

  • GOD

    Your articles are wack man! Quit contradicting yourself

  • oneandonlyCODY

    What Vontae said..

    A haters gonna hate. Just like a hypebeast is gonna beast for the hype. Its what they do best, so let em be. If its not you, why the fuck should you care..

    But when you talk Drake, Gucci, Wacka and that Soulja Boy type shit.. Don’t even classify them in hip-hop because they wouldn’t know what hip-hop was if it stuck them in the face.

    1. Bboying
    2. MCing
    3. Graffiti
    4. DJing
    5. Knowledge, Culture and Understanding

    And until I see them niggas doing windmills and shit, they’re really not hiphop.

  • JesseJames

    And until I see them niggas doing windmills and shit, they’re really not hiphop.

    oneandonlyCODY said this < oh shiiit loooooooool

  • JesseJames

    oneandonlyCODY <but to be fair tho thier music may not exhibhit wat u consider some of them do know the history..waka showed it in his response to methodman when they had thier whole spat.

  • oneandonlyCODY

    I got an exam, let’s see if y’all pass it. Let’s see who can quote a Daddy Kane line the fastest …

    I get what your saying too. History is cool. I took a history class at some point as well, I just can’t take em serious though when theres SOOOO many others who truely represent the love for the genre that get slept on. Even called whack at times because of commercialized 2010 “hip-hop”. Though its all opinion based. Maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about and everyone else is right. My bad.

  • pistolvania

    ^^^dont know if you were serious buuuuuuuuuuuuut

    “I’m the authentic poet to get lyrical
    For you to beat me, it’s gonna take a miracle. ” -aint no half steppin

  • robertTHEallen

    before reading this i already predict everything he wrote is true due to the comments

  • Just bn honest

    LOOK, I think it’s amazing that there are hiphop fans that will not accept nor tolerate the garbage presented befor us on a daily bases . I feel like it’s a battle that were in, either we can soften up and allow these guys who have zero talent to continue to roam around untethered, or we can be alot more citical and continue to boo these materealistic self-centered imbeciles. Allow me to invoke a song that goes “were not going to take it, were not going to take it anymore!” I think of that song when people ask, why not just accept this type of hip hop(aka dancehop)Yes indeed, so I say lets continue to demand talent and not accept subpar music.

  • Just bn honest

    I recomend you all listen to twisted sisters-were not goint to take it..It fits my post so well..btw and yes I just recommended a rock song on a hiphop site.

  • i didn’t understand SHIT! basically, what i did understand is that I have to “ADAPT” to the new music… but the thing is, I DON’T WANT TO ADAPT TO SOME GUCCI MAINE SHIT!!! … this is what i say: Listen to what you want to listen AND THAT’S IT.

  • Lionhearted

    a lot of people here are fucking stupid.

    why the hell are you looking for validation in another man’s preferences?

    Niggas acting like they still want to hear Big Daddy Kane?

    Maybe you niggas dont hear what Gucci is even saying. Why are you amd other poeple like it? Shut the fuck up and listen to what you want to listen to. Bitchmade niggas.

  • i heard enough Gucci Maine to make me want to turn of the radio… and like i said: JUST listen to what you WANT to listen… i don’t think the word hatin’ should be used… I mean, do we HAVE TO like everything? No.

  • Stephanie

    Damn, the fuck? How fitting is it that most of the comments on an article about hate are hate. Y’all do the most, all the fucken time.

  • ************************


  • oneandonlyCODY

    My $.02, I would much rather listen to Kane day, brunch and night over a Gucci or a whacka rappa.

    But we all know its a Cole world so its straight.

  • stan lee

    so what if im super lyrical but my subject matter is materialistic, mysogynistic, and violently themed? would i be a good mc?