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Incise – Rising (Redux) f. Tunji

blame it on Meka July 8, 2010

Not entirely sure who Incise is (outside of the email which states that Incise is “coming out of Ontario, Canada. These tracks are off his second album on Japan’s Goontrax titled “Daily Methods.” Features Shad K, Tunji, Don Cerino, Noah King (of New Kingdom), Nieve, and more.”), but the beat is dope and Tunji has been known to always deliver a good verse.

DOWNLOAD: Incise – Rising (Redux) f. Tunji | Mediafire

  • Dag, forgot to mention Incise is a producer/DJ…dude is dope.

  • Will Vallejo

    dont really know these guys, basicly clicked play cuz i thought the cover are was dope..and im glad i did…good song

  • yeahnnik

    Incise is dope producer, his first album Nobody’s Story was also really good. y’all should check it/him out

  • NYC1

    dope beat, dope rhymes! “unjiggy, young biggie”…dude can flow!

  • cHEchechea


  • SOK

    Incise is one of my favorite producers. Can’t wait for the electro album, if that’ll ever see the light of day. You fail for not knowing who Incise is, smh…

  • Safe!

    Incise from Hamilton? Steel City!

  • freshkidd

    wow, this is sick!!!

  • mr. fate

    this is dope. tunji is one of the dopest up and comers by far dude needs more shine

  • markaveli

    INCISE – NOBODYS STORY (one of the sickest albums i’ve ever heard no joke)

  • Kris

    very cool!

  • Incise is my mothaBLIMPIN dawg mayn!!! I love him, really cool dude, suuuuch a beast with the music, fa reel! And like the other SOK said, I’m stoked to see what Electro stuff he’s got. And I’m sure if you like his music you can find his first album somewhere around the netmosphere!

  • Cupcakesss

    Co-sign mr.fate. tunji is one of the best doing it

  • Playground Legend

    David, man really, are you one of the whitest kids you know? That statement, in no way, helped boost exposure for Incise. Dope song though.

  • Lime

    yea his list album nobodys store was dope as fuck

  • tuck deezy

    just got my hands and ears on this album. its not easy to find but do what you can to get it, extremely fresh.

  • twozzy

    fav. song on the album Music Forever.