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Grip Plyaz – 6 Pack v.1: A Prelude to Purp, Wind & Fire (FreEP)

blame it on Shake July 9, 2010

A prelude to the ATLien’s Purp, Wind & Fire LP. Presented by TSS, DJ FU and Governed by Loyalty; featuring Aleon Craft, Tuki Carter (of Hollyweerd), FiKi and Supa D.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Grip Plyaz – 6 Pack v.1: A Prelude to Purp, Wind & Fire

  • DangerWillRobinsonDanger!

    fuck dat hipster shit

  • faggot

  • Malski

    Wiz Khalifa stunt double? Him n wiz both stink

  • mikeyfresh

    i think i gave this man 17 cents outside taco bell.

  • CA

    dope!…just listened…and it’s free…thankyou

  • Stohlito

    rockin some target brand raybans. havent listened yet, but whatdahellrdoze was straight on the rare occasion i want some sterotypical ignorant shit to bump

  • Southside Shawty

    @Mikeyfresh> I wouldnt go with that faggot shit you talking, but if his music is sub par then its just sub par. I know Gryp personally and let me just say being a real nigga 1st & and then a real Atlanta nigga 2nd, Gryp is a real nigga! And I think he would slapped the shit out of you if you called him faggot to his face bruh!

  • EastAtlantaNigga

    Been killin this tape since yesterday

  • karlos

    get em grip

  • Perceptive_1

    Fuck these pussy ass niggas on here talking shit about you Grip, you rock shit, and you are a cool ass individual. These niggas couldnt rock a crowd like you if they wanted to.. Ole pussy ass niggas, You music is CLASSIC! Do you and this 6pack is the shit! Give us more.


    EP is fire and the artwork is alright. GRIP killed it again!…GP is an ATL legend! Rest of the world is about to hear it! GET EM GRIP!