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Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. [Dirty/CDQ]

blame it on Shake July 11, 2010

A month after it’s initial release, the explicit version of Asher Roth’s new single finally hits the internets. Produced by 1500 Or Nothin’.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s a New Day) | Mediafire
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  • KJ


  • rahul jain


  • Miami Thrice

    U FAIL


    Dope Homez….Let the hating begin

  • Mr. Bimbo

    Great song

  • Adi Pre

    Roth’s a beast….Dope song!

  • ovechkin yo

    Im not an Asher Roth fan AT ALL, but this song aint half bad.

  • Tevin

    Asher still doing the damn thing hot song looking forward for the album.

  • Dunn-D

    not a fan of young ASH, and this really impressed me. A very pleasant surprise

  • Spencer Hinson



  • J_EaRLy

    NICEE, this been in the ipod ever since…

    claps,claps,claps,claps…go go go!

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  • T3M

    asher roth is growin into a great artist

  • je

    yeah this is a great song.. and i dont like ash

  • Youn

    The first album was straight garbage in my opinion, but I gotta admit this one’s a pretty decent track, even if I don’t like this guy that much.

  • chicodusty

    that Curren$y album is up for grabs at thisisbuckwild

  • Rafae Sheikh

    SHAKE! Mediafire please lol

  • Rafae Sheikh

    BTW, that Curren$y album knocks like a muhfucka

  • prk

    he promised something different with this album.

    i dismissed his last album as a gimmick, but this sounds like a weak attempt to prove he can rap (which he is still yet to prove)


    **SHAKE! Mediafire please lol **

    This must be a joke, the link works for everyone

  • Fink

    Not hating one bit…but does ANYONE feel this song has the same medley as Ye’s Heard em Say off Late Registration?

  • if your HEAR to hate then gtfo this page,your jst wasting your time!

  • Rafae Sheikh


    Nah man, it honestly doesn’t work for me. Something wrong with Usershare in this region perhaps.

  • 1dopeboy

    really? he’s yet to prove he can rap? I’d listen to the Bold & Arrogant or Rock NYC remixes before you say that

  • trevhero

    can i get the album art go with it?? a thousand thanks

  • dopester2455

    when is this guys 15 minutes of fame gona finish

    [07.11] Curren$y – Pilot Talk [Explicit][2010][NonGroupRip]

  • dap


  • ace

    this track is banana bread! nice.

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Wow, this may be the first Asher Roth track I actually like, good shit.

  • poo

    Yeah Asher is terrible, keep thinking Im gonna be impressed the way Shake hypes this guy up. Then again Shake has pretty terrible taste in music, so I don’t know why I keep following what he says.

  • Millis


  • Rafae Sheikh

    Thanks Shake lol

  • WeOutBiiiitch

    @poo… you ever hear the saying ‘fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me’ if you keep following shakes opinion on asher roth than youre the dumbass, if that keeps happening stop looking at asher posts, damn!… anyway, songs dope ashers dope… end of story.
    ps… everyone stop the hate!!

  • Mrcrockett

    this that shit i been waitin on


    what error you get @ Rafae Sheikh

  • aHometownHero

    ash roth back w/ some dopeness. if your a real fan of hip hop and MUSIC in general then you cant hate on this

  • jah smallz

    song is dope n too all the haters why even waste ur time leaving a comment keep the negativity to ur self

  • Onederin

    sounds great.

  • “Im not an Asher Roth fan AT ALL, but this song aint half bad.”

    ^ This, I never liked asher roth but this shits hot!

  • Musikfiend

    This is Asher’s best song yet.

  • yeahilikedis

    Yeah… I like dis.

  • Will

    Fuck, about time. Been waiting on this Dirty/CDQ version for a while now. Good look.

  • Jo$h

    Not a huge Asher fan but this is a very good song. Good lookin’ shake.

  • Whizzpup

    Great stuff from Asher. More of the same please.


  • grap

    smfh upload the single cover in high quality!!!

  • thetruth

    this is killing me to say i actually dig this track a bit

  • track is garbage at best

  • Stephanie

    ^^ SUPER lol

  • Rafae Sheikh


    When I click save file in Usershare there’s something wrong with the host address so the download finishes without even starting and the thing is 0 bytes in the end lol it never used to happen like this but now Usershare just started having that problem with me.

  • js

    for some reason, i want the mastered clean. the word shit just sounds weird now that i’ve listened to the other version so many times.

  • Solitude

    Music with a message, downloading

  • fulltimeboss, I’m gonna find where you live and have my way with your mother.

  • Damn, shake, u going in playa. Hey Shake while I have your attention, Have you heard anything else new from Serius Jones? When is his mixtape popping off. I am ready for a fresh dose of the man serius Jones. His bars are lethal and have mad meaning. I would recommend for anyone who is a fan of hip hop to go out and cop a serius Jones mixtape

  • FredRico

    Finally!! I used to search “Asher Roth” on 2DB just to make sure I didn’t miss this…

  • i dont live with my mama shake……lol @ u still living with ur moms….blogging from her basement

  • prk


    i know im not alone, i just dont see what people see in this dude. like drake, his delivery lacks everything that makes a good MC

  • dr0

    shyts nice to me dis nicca can rap niccas juss dun give him chance he keeps gettn betta good trak

  • dr0

    drakes horrible

  • Unxpekted

    Straight faggot music for the sword suckers

  • Dan

    This is sick. Why do people waste time and energy hating on Asher? He’s improved hugely since his first album and there’s no bullshit with him. He seems like a guy just trying to enjoy himself. Let him be.

  • Hi, the blog took quite a long time to read but it was worth it

  • OneDAY


  • k3

    new link pls