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Big Sean – What U Doin? ([email protected]) (Video)

blame it on Shake July 12, 2010

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  • jay

    this shit was weak

  • big sean is the shit

  • This joint was nice! This is definitely Big Sean’s year to prosper. I like the way they did the video. It sort of reminded me of Wiz Khalifa’s “Say Yeah”. I also liked how they were more clever with the censoring. I was thinking that this song might not fair to well mainstream wise because the clean version would be random due to the excessive use of “bullshittin”, but it wasn’t bad at all. I wonder if he’ll push this to 106 and what not…

  • Jomoses

    They fucking up, and im a Sean fan smh…

  • unkle rukus


  • AJA

    Doesn’t play outside the US… smh

  • I’m not mad, just disappointed, or somewhat expected better of the video. Sean better not go pop or atleast have a better second single. I have faith in him, it’s just I don’t want him flopping with this video.

  • Can someone define this term “go pop”?

    I keep hearing people use it for cats like Big Sean, Drake, B.o.B, and Wale and I’m completely confused at this when these guys made the same type of songs they’re entire career; granted they have other styles and other types of joints, from their first mixtapes, they’ve still had these type of mainstream-appeal songs somewhere on their project…so how are they “all of a sudden” going pop now? Think about it…

  • Im lovin dis !!!

  • I’m A Big Big Sean Fan But I HATE This Video … It Was So Childish & Not Professionally Done ..

    The Preview Made It Look Dopee But Its Trash . Sorry Sean …

  • dopeSir

    dis is ill lol he still got thos crazy lines up in there. vid makes me like the song more.

    wen u hear someone say “go pop” it translates to-“i bet this artist is going to make a lot of money off of this song and i wish it was me. im a loser”

  • yo. agreed mikee star. the preview definitely made this shit look like it was bout to be on some dopeness. ah well. i dig big sean doh. hope he get it in on the scene.

    – monty stylez

  • Hmmm… I think an immediate “serious” follow-up needs to happen and then after that drop the finished/mastered version of “Way Out” feat. Mr. Hudson. I think that record could do well…

  • Why He Tryna Look Tough At 1:45 – 1:47 ?

    Lmaoo . Big Sean Is Fallin Off.
    Hes Not Bad Thoo But He Used To Kill People With Lyrics But Now Hes Sorta Average ..

  • PRO-file

    i like this song but dont know if its a good enough 1st single.. just my oppinon

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  • JHayward Raps

    yall niggas always over-critical over simple shit..just enjoy the video..its a free-spirited/fun song and a free-spirited/fun video

  • Anthony Carpenter

    I expected diddy to shake and jive in one of the scenes.

  • hgfhf


  • chris_martian

    goood,dope video,yes
    lol @ first comments on worldstar hiphop about this video..

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  • T0KS


  • Q-Murda

    c-section niggas are the hardest to please. if you ain’t doin backflips outta air force 1 Jets, and slap boxing with polar bears, niggas will hate ya video. I leaned that after J. Cole dropped who that…dudes be expecting Steven Speilberg films for music videos.

  • My term for “go Pop” is like a phase. when an artist has that one single that everyone likes, artist wanna do songs with him because he hot, but when the album drop no one wants to support. Now when he says what did I do, he didn’t stick to what he did on mixtapes: rhyme his ass off.

  • DatDude

    dumbass attempt for the first single though man for real, i like big sean but he messed up, hopefully it goes through but i kinda doubt it

  • d

    ^^Dudes are expecting shit to not look like it was filmed and edited by a 12 yr old, fool. For someone signed to Kanye’s label the visual presentation should be much more professional is what I’m saying at least, idk about the rest of yall. Especially if this shit is supposed to be album material… but whatever he aint gonna sell shit anyway

  • Rod

    Fuck you doing????? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • chris_martian


  • Mtrx

    Dope. Terrible single choice though, the shit he has with No ID is a lot better than this.

  • who told this muthafucka to take his shirt off? shame

  • Doesn’t play outside the US

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Nice video

  • D

    I laugh in this videos FACE. :|

  • Gashis

    The song was already mediocre. Then they put it on a mediocre video. I was a fan of Sean when he was on his Finally Famous mixtape shit, but now…meh.

  • Lionhearted

    this nigga is bullshittin with his damn career. lmao

  • DallasTx_GreedyGrove

    Like I said there is no bigger hypebeast than big Sean he’s Ok at best
    and this is a wack video

  • On a totally unrelated note, my Pilot Talk review:


  • Big Sean reminds me of like a younger Fab

  • sidebar: i dont know what everyone is tripping about. yall dont know how hard it is to make a video. budget a video. shoot a video. edit a video. act in a video. this is a good video. especially for a new artist…. talking about he has kanye backing. kanye aint paying for this video, kanye getting paid off this video. and sean would be crazy to spend all his money on a video, that yall going to critique all over the internets and bet may or may not play….. he’s better off saving his money just in case his fifteen minutes stops here, so he has something after the hoes leave the room

  • realest flow ever

    big sean is one of my favorite new rappers but he has never had a good music video

  • GOD

    3 months later and I’m still not feelin this joint-and I’m a Big Sean fan. I think it’s mainly the beat that did it for me. Dude is signed to GOOD Music…why isn’t he getting Kanye beats??? Kanye needs to work on putting his other artists out there like Cons, GLC, Really Doe & Big Sean.


    I feel like this video coulda been better.

  • as

    @truth – that’s stupid. the nigga is on Def Jam. If you have label money you should have a decent video. I’ve seen WAY better videos for less than $5000. Lupe’s Dumb It Down was $2500 simple but dope. I know for a fact this could have been better. You ever seen GLC’s videos? They’re usually cold as FUCK, and I know he has a smaller budget then this clown. And sidebar: tell that nigga that niggas from the D ain’t allowed to wear Bulls jackets…mark ass nigga

  • Melo15

    Big Sean used to be cool but I cant even deny the fact that he is getting worse and worse, all he raps about now is bullshit just like this video…ima go back to listenin to UKNOWBIGSEAN

  • ace*

    lmao i wonder who told big sean to take off his shirt. its just awkward haha, it’s not big sean. i remember him doing the same thing in the “high rise” vid as well.

  • Ignorant Genius

    Straight up, Big Sean has been wack…Couldn’t even stay awake when I put on UKNOWBIGSEAN for the first time…This ain’t nothing new

  • what aaaare you all talking about? Big Sean has nothing to say, he really is bullshitting all over all of you, don’t take it haha

  • whodat?

    CURREN$Y – PILOT TALK http://usershare.net/7v34uvnkp276 JETS FOOL!

  • random

    this single could go either way J. cole got madd buzz from who dat shit was on bet and everything it even reached billboards top 20 rap songs but sean is nice but he shouldve released way out as a single or desire want and need

  • DJHeavytMetAL

    Whats up with all these videos with the damn sunglasses alternate realities, fuckn Mike Posner, David Banner, and now Big Sean…
    The video concepts are really lacking now days..Still like Sean though…Song with Mr. Hudson is dope..

  • Kanye East


  • whoa, looks like he gotta nice budget for this one…

  • Bespoke

    Looks like the haters are in full effect on here. The video and the song are dope. I can’t wait for Sean to do it big when he drops. That nigga is the truth. Him and J. Cole are the future of rap.

  • big ups BIG SEAN..I like this video!!
    What yall doing bullsh*tting?

  • John Carter

    G.O.O.D. Music finally spending some cash on this dude


    hate in the ce section weva

  • MJBanks7

    hate hate & hate. yall saying the Who Dat video was good lol hell no. Who Dat is a great song with a trash ass video & horrible jump for Cole on that video. This is a good song with a good video. Big Sean is nice for real & real talk dude is getting so much better. I hope this could get him some airtime.

  • I like the song a bunch. The video is dope just cause of his clothes… Anyway, I’m still anticipating FF vol. 3 and G.O.O.D. Music day!!! Flight Crew outta here