Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2010: A (2)Dope Montage (Video)

I'm sure the Internets will be bludgeoned with more of the typical, impersonal, shit-level quality Flip Cam clips of the event (I see some are floating around already), I wanted to try to bring a different perspective of the 2010 rendition of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. With this being my first trip to the concert, I thought it would be better to try a more personal approach to the prototypical "exclusive concert footage" that most of us usually don't watch anyways. Guest shots by Torae, Fashawn, De La Soul, a reunited Group Home and Pete Rock & CL Smooth, DJ Premier, some incredibly cute children and more. Enjoy.

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  • phil sims

    Where is the Entourage episode at?!!?

  • Stephanie

    Smh at that damn sign. Forreal? FORREAL?!

  • Shane

    what's the song in the video?

  • gram

    nice footage. if only they had shit like this in miami.

  • Looked dope!

    @Shane De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday

  • J_EaRLy

    5comments (3 bullshit) and i didnt win the tickets

    [I'M MAD]

  • Qualit

    Damn sometimes I think I should be living in US instead of Holland


  • tl

    wow pete rock & cl smooth on stage together. dope

  • nice. very nice Meka

  • Rympul

    Where the fuck was 7L and Esoteric?