• http://tastetherainbow.com taste

    this cover is insane

  • jay

    mans dope, any previous work i can get ahold of?

  • http://agaceeworld.tumblr.com Agacee

    Dope music from my homies...Chi-Town stand UP...Slot I See u! Its Agacee!

  • http://twitter.com/commissionmusic thecommission

    Production by The Commission! Lets go Walker

  • TJ

    Luke Chueh is the artist I believe

  • BBKG79

    This sounds like this would be some Drake shit, SMH

  • DK

    @TJ yeah its Luke Chueh his stuffs always pretty cool

  • unique

    songs dope as hell!

  • http://www.frontlinedistribution.com Nap Nat


  • thom

    this looks more like a luke chueh bite than something he actually did. this is no where near luke chueh quality. i call shenanigans!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dadduci d.adduci

    dope ish. lookin forward to this tape. shoutout to the homies Add-2, Slot & Walker! Chi-Town stand up!

  • http://myspace.com/letsgo Brailliant

    song is super ill. i can myself banging this

  • k5

    @thom The art looks like a reinterpretation of Luke Cheuh's piece. Dope!!!