Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny (Video)

blame it on Shake July 12, 2010

One of the main reasons I didn’t post the Soothing Session until today. Man… this dude is quite the comedian.

  • chop76

    This shits is to funny, I had to quit watchin it for a sec just to post how funny is it

  • twoface

    haha this guy was fuckin great..esp with the facial expressions and shit.too bad lbj was there when this was taped and wont be this upcoming season

  • 2pn

    this dude is just not funny to me…he’s like the black dane cook. I watched it to see if it would be any better than the last stand up I seen of his. Just doesn’t do it for me…But get ya bread play boi

  • u wanna go nite nite nigga u wanna go nite nite LMFAO kevin funny ass hell

  • dale doback


  • Lionhearted

    Black Dane Cook? thats fucking dissssrespectful.

  • ProjectZero

    Kevin Harts been in my top 5 funnest cats for awhile know. How any body cant find him a little funny is beyond me. You wanna go Night Night nigga LMFAo!!!!!!!!

  • Micah

    this one not as funny as the other one

  • Jax

    “Black Dane Cook”? LMAO

    Dane Cook makes a lot of noise without even saying jokes, if theres anyone who is the black dane cook MAAAAYBE (emphasis on maybe) its Katt

  • ziplockp

    “let me tell ya somethin, sucka. listen jack, you aint nothin but a piece of cheese without the corners. in other words, you aint ever gonna be a slice bitch!”

  • ziplockp

    and that was pure comedy when he was clownin on the way shaq falls.

  • Jay-Z

    That Thug nigga speech LMAOOOOOO

  • V.P.

    kevin hart > katt williams, for a whiiiiile.

  • kevinm

    the bit about cussin out his teacher is the funniest thing ive ever

  • Cleveland in Happier times.

  • sterling

    that shit was hilarious idc what anyone says hah.. MAD funny.. been a fan since i saw 40 yr old virgin that shit in the store had me CRYIN laughin.. dont be a negro be my nigga hah… this ya boy? this ya boy?

  • really

    hes not funny to me either it was a lil funny at fisrt then it went down hill all this nigga do is make retarded faces and body poses and make retarded noises which equally unfunny/realistic protrayals of people that just come off as stupid and a desperate attemp to be funny

  • think

    that shit was funny

  • dopeboyz need to post more comedy vids LOVE IT

  • Yatti

    WTF is it saying I am posting comments too quick?

    I don’t know most comedians don’t seem funny to me. This one is aight, now Russell Peters is funny!

  • nellz

    I had tears running down my face almost the whole hour…so funny I am officially a fan lmbo!!!! when he was imitating how women cry… so stupid and hilarious at the same time…

  • ,kbgkjb

    He used a Richard Prior Joke smh

  • yeah he did use the pryor joke. sold it off though to the point where you could believe its a story from his life. actually did a better job at tellin it than rich did on the strip…

    kev appears to be a good dude. his set is more about the performance than the joke though. business savy, humbleness, and charisma is whats got him to where he is. cant be mad at that though.

  • Micah

    ^^^agreed except with pulling off better than pryor, smack yourself, pryor way more entertaining, and yeah he is more of a on stage preformer than comedian cause it really wasnt funny all the way thru, and i think he reused a lot from his first standup just with a different twist, he seems to be a good guy thats why i wont say anything bad about him

  • LeBron had on a muscle shirt?

  • Holy damn, my jaw hurts.

  • Lol nevermind I saw the sweater…. He ain’t even acknowledge Mo lol

  • gaksdesigns

    fuhreal! Need to post more comedy videos!!!
    This was hilarious

  • dont get me wrong. pryor is the legend. and waaaaay funnier than kevin. only reason im saying he told it better was because i laughed, knowing it was a refurbished joke.

    sorta of like how everyone rode the a milli beat. waynes is the one you remember and is the best.. but mickey did his thing on it too

  • Kratos

    “My mom told me to tell you to MIND YOUR DAMN MOTHERFUCKING BUSINESS, BITCH! You lil’ stupid bitch! Lil’ dumb teacher bitch! 2 + 2, not knowing what the fuck it is, bitch! Cross-eyed, crying down ya back, fat foot ass bitch! Long titty, no nipple-having ass bitch!”

    “OHHHHHH! He said she ain’t have no nipples!!!”

    I had to post that. Shit had me dyin’.

  • ck47


  • Which part was the Richard Pryor bit?

  • mmkayy

    ahaha watched half of it yesterday.. gotta admit it was funny

    nd yo.. Kat williams aint even funny to me


    Funny as hell yo.

  • SanDiegoBestCity


  • Jay


    LMFAOOOOOO! Its funny cuz when my mom disciplined me and when she disciplines my brothers we all get mad like that like cursing under our breaths TOO GOOD!

  • Idris Tahiry

    “dopeboyz need to post more comedy vids LOVE IT”

    ^^^I second that.

    Kevin James > Katt Williams > Kevin Hart > Kevin Sorbo > Dane Cook.

  • katt williams sucks

  • JD

    Removed due to infringement.
    I wanna watch!

  • I laughed through the whole fucking thing! HILARIOUS!

    The Shaq part, the cussing the teacher out, and his manager Nate… Gooooootttt damn! LMFAOx100

  • It’s about to go down!

  • It was ok.
    the shaq part had me dyin though

  • Idris

    damn, they cut it off – where can I find this on the net?

  • RealTalkNY

    can someone post another link to the video?

  • minimyself

    oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh he said she aint got no nipples