• http://www.allthatsfresh.com PopeCatalyst

    Awesome. Hopefully we can get a mini YNQ reunion* on this Medicine Show.

    *Yes, I completely understand how ridiculous that statement is.

  • Jesus H Christ

    This Shit is retarded

  • Harper

    Album track list:
    1. The Jackson Conti Band - Steppin’ Into Tomorrow (Prelude)
    2. Generation Match - Electronic Dimensions
    3. Jahari Massamba Unit - Pretty Eyes
    4. The Kenny Cook Octet - High Jazz
    5. Yesterdays New Quintet - Medley: Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (Live At Spear for The Moondog)
    6. Interlude
    7. The Big Black Foot Band, feat. The Black Spirits - Reality or Dream
    8. Russell Jenkins Jazz Express - Drunk Again
    9. Poyser, Riggins & Jackson - Funky Butt, Part 1 (MP3)
    10. Jahari Massamba Unit - Wonderin'/Nightime
    11. R.M.C. - Space & Time
    12. Yesterdays New Quintet - Conquistador
    13. The Big Black Foot Band, feat. The Black Spirits - Tarzan's Theme
    14. Interlude
    15. Joe McDuphrey Experience - Kimo

  • AnonyMouse

    I haven't been following this series since the first one.

    How do they measure up to the Beat Konducta series?

  • Lime

    they need to drop that supreme team album...that volta por cima track was dope as fuck

  • chronwell

    I love the creativity with the percussion. Amazin!

  • http://gifsandjams.blogspot.com/ 88

    How do they measure up to the Beat Konducta series?

    ^ equally/at times more awesome

  • Patrick

    Yeah. This is frikkin' supreme right here.

  • http://www.myspace.com/clintpartie Clint Partie

    @you guys asking how this compares to the Beat Konducta series.
    Are you asking about all the Yesterday's New Quintet stuff, basically? If so, there's a whole bunch of it, there are several great cuts, & it all sounds the same.

  • Jonan

    I haven't been able to keep up with Madlib's Medicine Shows. Listened to the first 2...

  • http://www.thelifeandtimesofdelon.blogspot.com Delon D.DIDDY

    sounds like im in a episode of seinfeld #fail