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Slang Editorial: G.O.O.D. Music Day: Why It Won’t Happen

blame it on Meka July 13, 2010

In today’s XXL post, I talk about the planned failure that is G.O.O.D. Music Day.

READ: Slang Editorial: G.O.O.D. Music Day: Why It Won’t Happen

  • Charlie

    Come on Shaq, Meka, and Shake! Believe in something!

  • More pointless hate form Meka. If you don’t have anything to write about, don’t write at all. Instead you pick some stupid ass topics and make-up reasons to write about them. Leave it to the real professionals, Meka.

  • Kenndy

    Y’all better post that new le$ tape tonite heard it’s gonna be fire

  • M.E.A.N.

    I agree with you on this one, unless all these guys do a joint single and it get’s babies reciting it and youtube parodies and covers and somehow convince people in to buying four albums while touring the U.S. in the upcoming months I don’t see see it happening.

  • Mtrx

    God please let this be true. Like Meka I doubt this will happen but if it does… wow.

  • hoes

    Yeah as big of a fan as I am of all four, I don’t think its gonna happen. I definitely agree if it does happen though, that they should have them all packaged together in some deluxe edition type thing.

    I actually think it would be pretty cool if they dropped one each week leading up to Kanye’s release. Like the first week Big Sean, then Cons, then Cudi, then Kanye. Then they would all get their shine, and it could be a whole month of G.O.O.D. Music.

  • JonnieHayward Raps

    @TheDavidCollins…since when has hatin on Meka accomplished anything?

  • tatties

    haha exactly my thoughts mek

  • Darius Davis

    i hope it happens

  • GOD

    The only album I’m gonna actually cop on that day is Big Seans or Kid Cudi’s…one or the other but not both

  • nobody learns from the past. Did u get Big kuntry when Paper trail dropped? or did anyone get tygas album with their carter tres purchase at best buy? didnt think so.

  • Pdid

    G.O.O.D. already won cuz we all talking about them…

  • Mel Gibson a trending topic u calling him a winner too? lol

  • Manxter

    sorry but does this topic really need an entire article dedicated to it?

  • isaidit

    black milk, rah digga & nottz, and bilal. september 14 is already good music day

  • jarrod smith

    I try not to leave negative comments about things posted on 2dbz because it’s my favorite blog and I appreciate all the hard work both Meka and Shake put into making this blog what it is, but c’mon, this didn’t need a whole article. In an industry in which a release date all but guarantees an album WILL NOT come out on that date, everyone and their mother knows this is merely a publicity stunt and will not happen.

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  • jacob.

    i agree with the GOOD music MONTH.
    one a week leading up to Good Ass Job.

    annnd, when is common’s album supposed to drop, anyone?

  • robert allen

    this would be legit but i personally
    -couldnt give a shit about a cudi album, i like some of his music but hes inconsistent as shit, seans kinda hit or miss too
    -refuse to drop $40 dollars on cds at one time
    -would feel bad when kanye and cudi went double uranium while the other dont break 20k

  • robert allen

    and isnt trey songz dropping that day too? fuck outta here, thats killing all theyre sales