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L.E.$ – The Beautiful Struggle (Album)

blame it on Meka July 15, 2010

Maurice Garland co-signs it, OnSMASH presents it, and a lot of you yokels are clamoring about it. Tracklist and link down bottom.

01. Intro (Produced by DSF)
02. Reign (Produced by Kash Kartel)
03. The Life I Chose (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
04. G Shit (feat. Slim Thug) (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
05. The Cure (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
06. Shining On Boys (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
07. Gangsta Lean (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
08. Keep It Playa (feat. BIG K.R.I.T. & Mookie Jones) (Produced by BC)
09. OG Hank Smoke Break (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
10. Roll One (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
11. Bass (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
12. Secret Society (Produced by Cy Fyre)
13. Do For Love (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
14. Story 2 Tell (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
15. Mind Right (feat. MUG) (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
16. Mobsta Mentality (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
17. Doin’ Fine (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
18. Shine (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
19. To The Top (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
20. Baby Mama (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
21. Swimmin’ (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
22. Muddy Waters (Produced by Da Shit Factory)
23. Rollin On (Produced by Da Shit Factory)

DOWNLOAD: L.E.$ – The Beautiful Struggle (Album)

  • KKV

    finally !!!!!!!!

  • Produced by “Da Shit Factory” what the fuck?

  • MarkClam

    This > pilot talk

    the beats on here r fuckin shitting on pilot talk that’s a fact
    too damn cold
    DSF Did 1997 for Dom Kennedy Too

  • gizzo


  • Stuntman

    its jamming he’s cool
    Rap wise he’s like 7/10
    but the beats are 10/10
    The beat on “reign” >

  • southsider

    im fuckin wit this 4real

  • omg happy to see my homie on yalls site. love this kid.

  • Yuji Aoki

    Oh hey, nice job taking Talib’s album name.

  • jjones

    Oh hey, nice job taking Talib’s album name.

    ….so? its just a mixtape

    this that texas music. not that dallas boogie people been on for the last couple of years. even though a lot of these samples been used before its still good music to listen to when you chillen

    deuce dime representer

  • LeakJ

    Fire so far….

  • Dante Mariani

    boss hoggin

  • juan rocha

    gangsta lean, bass and story to tell are dope

  • morgan

    nah that’s wack as fuck

    talib > this

  • Chuck

    is this the long-time Nas associate L.E.S. or someone else?

  • MAN

    mediafire link FT fuckin W!!!!!

  • crenshaw

    southern STREET music

  • Big_meech

    Lniggas r Soft it’s just a name of a mixtape
    it’s a must DL for the beats alone
    and le$ from New Orleans not Texas he’s just reppin 4 H town

  • Deezy

    is this the long-time Nas associate L.E.S. or someone else?

    It’s someone else. I think his name is pronounced L.E. Dolla($)… he mentions it on his song, Grippin’ Grain w/ Big K.R.I.T.

  • Caliber

    Mehhhh its tight but it’s 8 tracks to long
    but This is killing pilot talk in the beats area
    no contest

  • talib kweli had a cd called the beautiful struggle

  • ovechkin yo

    the production on pilot talk was straight nasty… we’ll see if this is better like yall sayin

  • Dose

    These r better beats due to the fact pliot talk is Overrated production wise
    Y’all niggas r acting like PT had the greatest beats of all time.

  • slauson

    honestly this cd jammin more than pilot talk and Ross shit—slim thug got a good artist with him

  • Sayword

    this is pretty good.
    and to people talking about the title of the mixtape being the same as talib’s, get a life. All over music and time people have the same titles for projects, get the fuck over it, what has it got to do with the music.

  • the only reason i said it was cuz shake or meka i dont remember were saying something about j.nic$ have the same mixtape title as freeway with stimulus package…i wasnt hating i was just pointing out the biased nature of it all.

  • @MarkClam the Dom Kennedy “1997” beat was actually from a song called “Stay Down” that L.E.#. did on his first mixtape way before “From The Westside, With Love” came out… I think DSF gave the beat to L.E.%. first, but anyway, that beat is nice either way

    and this mixtape is dope as fuck and definitely worth the wait

  • BAM12393

    Talib Kweli > LE$

  • slauson

    lol wow compare a legendary rapper to a brand new cat…. smh..talib stans

  • DK

    It was cool but he messed up on “Do For Love”

  • Jarjar

    ^ lol WTF this nigga just came out he’s not better than talib why even bring it up smh
    It’s a cool tape just some of these samples r played out

  • i saw L.E.S. and thought….nevermind
    Should i check this out ya’ll?

  • Lionhearted


    everyone needs to d/l this. This shit is bananas. Its like KRIT WUZ HERE from a texas artist


  • Krit Wuz Here comparison?
    we will see….

  • who cares about fucking talib kweli? his name should not be brought up in discussion with this.

    anyway, just got home a little bit ago, can’t wait to listen. after being delayed for 2 days the anticipation has been building…

  • crackadon

    i previewed some of the first few tracks and it sounds pretty dope. flow is on point, beats are mad nice, cover is sick. hope this cat gets his name out there. does anyone know if he has a website or myspace or someshit?

  • think

    it’s unoriginal

  • ovechkin yo

    dope tape, but everyone who said the beats are better than those on Pilot Talk is fuckin trippin. most of these beats are solid but shouldnt even be compared to Ski beatz production on Pilot Talk.

  • dumbFresh336

    this shyt is CRAZY… lovin these No Limit and old 3-6 samples.. if u from the south and grew up on Master P this will strike a nerve in the heart.. the SOUTH IS COMING BACK BABY!

  • Vabeach

    Krit=pimp c…….LE$= bun b

  • drixx

    lovin it…. good ass flow an lyrics…beats crazy too

  • Sayword

    ”Krit=pimp c…….LE$= bun b”

    as long as you dont take this too literally, its quite accurate.

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss” Stan fka Answer Me!

    definitely good stuff but production aint fresh as Pilot Talk though lyrically its better….



  • lars

    @MF DOOM his lyrics are not the greatest but they are somewat good
    so wen a real nigga lik him is talkin about that real shit his lyrics become alot better
    @VAbeach that comparison is right on target

  • rich

    Yes this deserves Krit Wuz Here comparisons, but why are people comparing this to Pilot talk? That’s like apples and oranges… And Meka is there anyway we could get this mixtape chopped and screwed!?

  • lars

    i just finished listening to this whole mixtape…..
    Krit Wuz Here comparisons yes
    Pilot Talk comparisons hell no

  • Columbia Village

    Some of you ‘hip hop fans’ are ridiculous comparing Talib Kweli to L.E.S. And while Talib might be a better MC, I’d rather listen to this…and this is better than Pilot Talk too. L.E.S. doesn’t break alot ground on the mic, but he rides these beats (production is ill) well. And Meka, you’ll jump on the bandwagon sooner or later you herb.

  • crash

    ^^^ this is not close 2 pilot talk le$ dope though

  • tgang

    le$ a street dude on a street label…….krit go haaard but le$ and slim thug thm boss hogg niggas really do that shit niggas be rappin bout

  • Drakestan

    Pilot talk is like a 8/10 it’s not perfect
    this is like a 7.8/10
    this dude Jams and why r u bringing up tailb that’s the dumbest shit ever

  • curren$y

    shit right here better than my album mane alot muh fuggin better

  • dan

    what classic track does he rap over on ‘story 2 tell’,its an old 90’s track but whats it called?

  • 5oh3!

    can anyone post a .zip link to his crack musik mixtape?
    his first mixtape was chill and so is this but i cant find a zip to the second mixtape

  • Didn’t really think about the bit of the album name from Talib, that’s what it is – gonna happen. But to bite a legend’s NAME? That is foul, I don’t care how new you are LES been puttin down bangers that these new cats should be up on.

    Sounds like the tape is hot though, guess I’ll be peeping. Message for the young cats comin up: Be original in givin yourself an alias.

  • jomaro

    So I did a bit of research from a chick he used to mess with and came up with this. His STAGE name is L.E.$ (L.E.DOLLAR). This came from his real name which is Lester. He’s from New Orleans, but has been living in Houston for a while. Either way, dope music from a new artist. We def need more of this.

  • Vabeach

    Le$ not les I think it’s his actual name

  • 256up

    @ the dope house: how long has L.E.S been on BHO?

  • L.E.$ just signed to B.H.O not but like a month ago. he been puttin in work. already in Slim Thug and Z-Ro Video Gangsta already

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene Dominus

    This guy is serious. I’m expecting great things in the future.

  • Faubs

    this shit is fuckin nice. wasn’t expectin this, production’s on point. if you’re on the fence, do yourself a favour and dl.

  • this shit is fuccin cracc. it made it to my car in 5 minutes. follow me on twitter @neosoowavy PS – LES I HAVE BEATS FOR YOU GUALLA

  • this shit is nice…dont understand why this kid aint major…how I heard about this nigga….I was at the red light and heard the music in another nigga car and asked him who it was…and there it is…LOL