Moe Green - Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match (Album)

After a few leaks and videos, the Vallejo native finally drops his awaited long-player. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. He's Moe Green (Intro)
2. Going For The Kill
3. Non Title Match
4. Emerald City
5. Day Dreamer (feat. Ragen Fykes)
6. Ride
7. Search Party
8. Keep It Ill
9. KIM
10. Cruise Control
11. Don't Hurt Me (feat. 1OAK)
12. Level After Like
13. Buzz Lightyear
14. Top Turn Buckle Lifestyle
15. What It Is
16. Preliminaries
17. Exclamation Point

DOWNLOAD: Moe Green - Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match (Album)

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  • rocky maivia aka the rock aka dwayne johnson

    Lmfao Rocky!! If u smellalalalal

  • Gallo

    great listen,ive been rockin to it all morning

  • theillestboYee

    Awesome debut. Moe Green is the future!

  • I'll be one of the first to advocate that this is a must download. The music and production are smooth as butter, and Moe Green drops way too many quotables with his flow that avoids stagnant one-liners. No dick-riding, but this mixtape is the truth. Bay Area stand up.

  • BAY AREA STAND UP_ !!!!!

  • Triso Boothe

    Awesome debut.

  • GOD

    YEEEEE! 707 on mines. Good to see a dude from out here on 2DBZ

  • Anonymous

    I know Moe GReene the real Moe GReene and he aint from Vallejo.

  • BasedOnAnotherLevel

    I been cooking to this album all morning!

  • Dope album. The Bay is knockin on that door. Just watch...

  • kenny

    we in the 408 lovin that moe green.

  • HHA

    Thx !!

  • 206grindin

    Props to Moe Green, Def Jam--get this man a record deal NOW

  • Shit is NICE

  • Afakasi

    Does he have any relation to Rocky Maivia bka The Rock?

  • Afakasi

    Is he part Samoan or does he have any relation to Rocky Maivia bka "The Rock"?


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