• rocky maivia aka the rock aka dwayne johnson

    Lmfao Rocky!! If u smellalalalal

  • Gallo

    great listen,ive been rockin to it all morning

  • theillestboYee

    Awesome debut. Moe Green is the future!

  • http://twitter.com/jxRadxB JxRadxB

    I'll be one of the first to advocate that this is a must download. The music and production are smooth as butter, and Moe Green drops way too many quotables with his flow that avoids stagnant one-liners. No dick-riding, but this mixtape is the truth. Bay Area stand up.

  • http://intelligentRebelLion.org intelligentRebelLion

    BAY AREA STAND UP_ !!!!!

  • Triso Boothe

    Awesome debut.

  • http://twitter.com/TheZensei GOD

    YEEEEE! 707 on mines. Good to see a dude from out here on 2DBZ

  • Anonymous

    I know Moe GReene the real Moe GReene and he aint from Vallejo.

  • BasedOnAnotherLevel

    I been cooking to this album all morning!

  • http://whoisclifsoulo.blogspot.com Clif Soulo

    Dope album. The Bay is knockin on that door. Just watch...

  • kenny

    we in the 408 lovin that moe green.

  • http://hiphopaddixxx.blogspot.com/ HHA

    Thx !!

  • 206grindin

    Props to Moe Green, Def Jam--get this man a record deal NOW

  • http://bossemedia.com Bosse Media

    Shit is NICE

  • Afakasi

    Does he have any relation to Rocky Maivia bka The Rock?

  • Afakasi

    Is he part Samoan or does he have any relation to Rocky Maivia bka "The Rock"?