• http://www.theywantrichy.blogspot.com Jayar Richy

    Throw Some D'sssssssssss

  • PACO

    Okay so he grabs Drizzy Drake Rogers (where did rogers come from?) and Lloyd to attempt to regain some popularity? #fail

  • Mikel

    Damn my nigga Drake gettin played out

  • jojoba

    whats the story here? 'Drop' was so hhhooottttt?

  • iceyjesse

    drakes the next lil wayne with all those features

  • iceyjesse

    get that audio meth up with Rick Ross and Raekwon

  • Aaron The Great

    Not too much to say about this one..


    Dude Ally young money artist need to do these features cause birdman steals there god damn money

  • Brother Man

    Okay so he grabs Drizzy Drake Rogers (where did rogers come from?) and Lloyd to attempt to regain some popularity?

    Trivia time. Rogers is like a big ass canadian company, sorta like an AOL/yahoo type. When Wayne was emailing back and forth, he mistook his @rogers e-mail address as part of his moniker, hence the legend of Drizzy Drake Rogers was born

  • Family Business

    Hardwork&Hennessy - FAMxBIZ.com

  • Lionhearted

    shit is dope.

  • Bryant Gumble
  • come on son

    is that drake or lloyd singing in the start??

  • TE

    Sounds like he's sold out, shame, his debut was very dope. not this shit though. Drop was a beast.

  • http://2dopeboyz Sam Galanty

    Besides being the worst lyricist ever possible. Literally my grandma spits better then him.Why does heget a pass to say the N word when hes white and no one gives a fuck.

  • stan lee

    @Sam Galanty - maybe because hes black as well you fucking idiot..

  • Marcus

    Drake - Say Somethin' Forever http://www.mediafire.com/?jjiumztitlylmww

  • stan lee

    @marcus - unreleased drake ?

  • http://tictactalksandthoughts.blogspot.com tictac

    well just a history check for ya'll,
    drake has worked with rich boi since "comeback season"...

  • The Robot

    Check out my blog tell be what you think http://thefutureisforrobots.blogspot.com/..

  • who cares who

    umm... yall do realize rich boy and drake collaborated back in like 07, o8 right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIFfkES9J5g <== it was on "comaback season" smh

  • Musikfiend

    Best opening tag ever, lol.

  • tom

    god you people are idiots

    pretty good track

  • http://www.myspace.com/jhuntdaprodigy J-hunt da Prodigy

    Rich Boy been down with Drake since Comeback Season, 07 "Must Hate Money" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIFfkES9J5g His relevancy is not going to come back however, any success this song sees is b/c of Drizzy & Lloyd. But sucess on the account of Rich Boy peaked with THROW SOME D'S ON IT!!!

  • mmkayy

    is the song cut off...?

  • http://johnnyciphe.bandcamp.com Johnny Ciphe

    cant even lie this is live

    - Johnny Ciphe

  • adrian

    agreed. i dont understand why they didnt push
    drop"... but this song is hot as fuck not even cuz drake is on it