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Slang Editorial: What Happened To The Tunnel Banger?

blame it on Meka July 15, 2010

After reading Cipha Sound’s extremely dope list of Tunnel bangers on Complex, it made me reminisce about my younger days. This post was the end result.

READ: Slang Editorial: What Happened To The Tunnel Banger?

  • Pssssst

    you dont got your own peanut brain to come up with a topic of your own? is that why you got down with the complex network? to recycle & regurgitate the same bullshit? fucking tool ahaaahahahhaa wheres max b?

  • bous

    gotta admit, i have no idea what a tunnel banger is. the definition they give doesnt make sense since they say it’s a track that’s too hard for radio. If “All About The Benjamins” is the definition of a true tunnel banger, the definition of a track being too hard for radio is ludicrous (LUDA!). I’m from Canada and even here that song was played on the radio. So now im back at square one having no idea what a tunnel banger is. Just a song to go crazy to? Sure.

  • HeathenHavoc

    @Pssssssst: Pretty much what I was thinking… (except for asking wheres max b.. I couldn’t give a pocket of fucks towards em’… I think he fell off well before he even went to jail..)

    So having complex come up with a topic, and having you regurgitate it… Is that like having industry push a certain single or artist, and having the radio repeat their view until the audience has no choice but to accept it, like an opinion of a majority?

    Yes it was an interesting topic…….. The first time I read about it.. Maybe XXL should rethink their original appraisal of your creative depth… just my opinion…

  • @bous… a tunnel banger can be any song…. you just had to be there to understand.

    @meka… they’re right. your introspective piece was cute but pointless. you write well, but you’re just a bit narcissistic and lazy with it. maybe you need to take a little break from blogging and develop “soft eyes” for the game.

  • the tunnel was like the hardest hip hop club in new york city history. it was its OWN movement. i was 2 young 2 go but my cousins use 2 go. VIN DIESEL USED 2 WORK THERE AS SECURITY. the only thing close 2 the tunnel nowadays is SPEED. it was finally closed in early 2001 or late 2000. and yes it was EXTREMELY VIOLENT

    p.s. meka the shyne shooting was in 1999 at club new york


    p.s. meka the shyne shooting was in 1999 at club new york

    unstoppable jug said this <<<<ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!

  • my comment didn’t go through on xxl.com so…

    Articles like this really do educate. Being barely 19, I never really knew of the Tunnel, or even really knew what these tunnel bangers were about. I can recall a song that i remembered hearing when i was young, or i could be like, yea i think i remember that was a hit, but getting into music when i did (when everyone in my generation did) things like the Tunnel, or even songs or artists that were big around (’94-2000) are damn near non-existent. All we know is Biggie or Tupac, and not even much about that. You have to really care for hip hop culture to go back and learn who Cannibus was, Swizz Beatz’ early hits, how Jay really did his thing, how Mobb Deep really made bangers, or even that Busta had more hair than muscles. Instead of going back and learning about this ever important time in hip hop, we get caught up in dance song fads, fohawks, fitted jeans and big shoes. We’re instantly grabbed by this new wave of ‘hipsters’ and forget that they were inspired by rap that we, without much of a listen, so easily write off. Articles like this are very important, they remind at least some of us youth that there’s heritage in the music our older siblings remember, and truly gives us a reason to go listen to ‘Banned from TV’ or ‘Aquemini’. Then again, i may just be a weirdo who really loves hip hop.

  • ^^^^^^^LOL, nice… respect… i actually read that shit…

    personally, i caught the end of the 90s (n live in NYC, what what!) so im proud to have been half apart of it…

  • $yk

    A Tunnel song was a song they put on that everyone got hyped off of. They knew the words and sang along. The shock and awe was that most of these songs were not played on mainstream radio, they were album filler faves. ‘Benjamins’ was a instrumental for months b4 it came out. What you heard on the radio was a Tunnel banger, or street certified.

    If you want an idea of what the Tunnel was like, go look at the ‘Triumph’ video. Ghost & Rae rhyming in the cage is the Tunnel.


    wreckstat < i commnend that. realest comment yet.

  • Reality1989

    Loved the article.The best time for the Tunnel was 95 to about 98 by 99 2000 it was done as having a good time. Too many rertards actin a fool not enough ladies.I really miss the times though (showing my age!) Me and my boys were in there most Sundays.Especially on the 500 ladies free nights!! I LOVED the co ed bathrooms!WE stayed on the 2nd floor bathroom with the couches speakers and bar!!!

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