Young Gunz Chris & Neef - We Back x What We Doin'

Holy shit. Guess who found Neef. Back to Business, their first collaborative project since Lord knows when, drops July 23rd.

DOWNLOAD: Chris & Neef - We Back | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Chris & Neef - What We Doin' | Mediafire

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  • willy4really

    Can't stop won't stop!!

  • roc


  • T.C. The Prince

    these r cool but y havent u posted that new Cashis yet?

  • AJ

    they deltas?

  • T0KS

    Its good but I wouldnt cop.

  • PRO-file

    whaaat.. neef is back? and still sounds the exact same.. this that basic philly club sound tho.. its coo


  • z

    theres neef!

  • http://NYC zany blunts

    wait, r u sayin they aint called young gunz no more tho??? or u just usin that cross out to prove a point...

  • Eli Porter

    That pic is so gay

  • bz0

    check homeboy gettin at the pic, haha.

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss” Stan fka Answer Me!

    just cos they back yall gonna ignore how average rap tracks these are?

  • d.will

    meh, I'm glad he found Neef, Chris been putting out some much work that I forgot what Neef sound like...Chris and Little Neefy! ugh

  • Kanye East

    can't stop, won't stop

  • Musikfiend

    To my knowledge Neef had stopped making music & was supposed to be Chris' manager. Glad to see them back together though Tough Luv was definitely a classic.

  • 9

    Good to see Chris got Neef back off the block. Them niggas always spit fire.

  • samuel

    "Chris and Little Neefy"

  • qwan

    we back is crack :o

  • SilkCityP

    These are my dudes... but these 2 tracks aren't good at all... it's gonna take awhile fellas

  • Albert Elkerson


  • Coss

    chris and neef over kanye's production would be magic. Chris is a dope emcee, just needs the right producer to help him craft a dope record. shit, almost every emcee needs that, besides the ones who make their own beats(like kanye, havoc, the late dilla, etc)....

  • Yatti

    bleh, i thought they're back like Tough Luv!

  • Sadmoney

    thats meek mill on the hook, why not give him props? PHILLY STAND UP