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Young Gunz Chris & Neef – We Back x What We Doin’

blame it on Meka July 15, 2010

Holy shit. Guess who found Neef. Back to Business, their first collaborative project since Lord knows when, drops July 23rd.

DOWNLOAD: Chris & Neef – We Back | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Chris & Neef – What We Doin’ | Mediafire

  • Can’t stop won’t stop!!

  • roc


  • these r cool but y havent u posted that new Cashis yet?

  • AJ

    they deltas?

  • T0KS

    Its good but I wouldnt cop.

  • PRO-file

    whaaat.. neef is back? and still sounds the exact same.. this that basic philly club sound tho.. its coo

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  • z

    theres neef!

  • wait, r u sayin they aint called young gunz no more tho??? or u just usin that cross out to prove a point…

  • Eli Porter

    That pic is so gay

  • bz0

    check homeboy gettin at the pic, haha.

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss” Stan fka Answer Me!

    just cos they back yall gonna ignore how average rap tracks these are?

  • d.will

    meh, I’m glad he found Neef, Chris been putting out some much work that I forgot what Neef sound like…Chris and Little Neefy! ugh

  • Kanye East

    can’t stop, won’t stop

  • Musikfiend

    To my knowledge Neef had stopped making music & was supposed to be Chris’ manager. Glad to see them back together though Tough Luv was definitely a classic.

  • 9

    Good to see Chris got Neef back off the block. Them niggas always spit fire.

  • samuel

    “Chris and Little Neefy”

  • qwan

    we back is crack :o

  • SilkCityP

    These are my dudes… but these 2 tracks aren’t good at all… it’s gonna take awhile fellas

  • Albert Elkerson


  • Coss

    chris and neef over kanye’s production would be magic. Chris is a dope emcee, just needs the right producer to help him craft a dope record. shit, almost every emcee needs that, besides the ones who make their own beats(like kanye, havoc, the late dilla, etc)….

  • Yatti

    bleh, i thought they’re back like Tough Luv!

  • thats meek mill on the hook, why not give him props? PHILLY STAND UP