Rich Boy - To the Floor f. Drake & Lloyd [NoDJ]

Here goes the tagless version of Rish Bwoi's first single off his upcoming album.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Boy - To the Floor f. Drake & Lloyd (prod. Polow Da Don) | Mediafire

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  • doorknobs

    can't even put a pic of rich boy on a post for his own single?? haha, man... THE POWER OF DRAKE

  • craigRmani

    agreed why the fuck is drake on the pic?

  • Shake

    ^^ because he is. now get the fuck over it.

  • yerp

    shake thinks drakes sexy

  • 214Reppin

    ^Damn Shake....GET EMM!!!*Method Man Voice*...Lol


    I wish people would stop using the old school high pitched noise thing, its so overplayed.

  • Juliano

    shake getting some alone time with Drake's pictures.

    If he wants to get wet let the boy have himself some Drake.

    Rich Boy And Lloyd kill this song , dope beat like always from Polow, Drake sucks as usual.

  • DAME

    this doesn't even sound like rich boy!!? haha wtf. did he lose his accent or something?? haha

  • DayO

    haha that drake pic IS kinda colllld...blooooded.


    good 2 see yall showing BAMA sum love!! (National Champs by the way)

  • iron fist

    lol @ niggas puttin Drake picture for a song that aint even his...hahahahahahahah

  • Sayword

    Damn, I was expecting much better from Rich Boy.
    Still anticipating this album though.

  • stan lee

    will anyone ever comment on the actual song ? its dope..

  • prk

    drake should no longer be allowed to get near a mic. him and j.cole need to work there asses to the nearest homeless shelter and develop some hunger. they both always come off as lazy in every song.

  • ReggieB253

    maybe its me, but this sounds like somethin juve would make

  • Jeremy

    wow drake recycled line number 15 damn cmon n he used a line that was supposed to be a quote unquote freestyle at his concert....SMH


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