• http://god.com FUCK YEAH

    the article would make sense if sites like this would stop posting and supporting artists that "should stick to poisoning the hearts of America with KFC Double Downs instead of polluting the e-waves with music that will never catch on"....

  • madConsumer

    Nicely put Meka

  • Truth

    Usually the c section on this site is full of idiots but the first comment here legitimately shut down mekas argument

  • prk

    100% true, wheres the "thong song" of 2010. lol

  • Phifedog

    Meka, you are a great blogger but a poor poor editorial writer. stick to your craft dood.

  • iknow

    wow. another "those were the days article".

    boi stop.

  • ************************

    haha at MC PimpDemHoez, so true

  • chronwell

    ADHD-styled mishmash of remedial songs that end up overshadowing actual good music, making them that much harder to find
    ^ I agree and I agree with most of your XXL screeds. Hey kids, get a job at KFC and stop recording. Dont blame 2DBs or NAhright, blame ya wack ass homebois for makin that noise and tryna get some love for it. Pay ya dues!