• PGeek


  • Nick Kahl

    should I take the up and comers speech seriously...?

  • Musikfiend

    ^It was drippin w/ e-sarcasm, lol.

  • feining liquor often

    im gonna send 6 songs and 6 emails! HAH

  • The Joker

    sam adams= currensy

  • http://myspace.com/dah2l JL

    prank on meka to spam his email? hmm.

  • http://riceandchicken.tumblr.com Sir Nigel

    i loved this album.

  • http://www.illpoetic.com Ill Poetic

    @Shake - YOU'RE Funny.
    @Nigel - Thanks. Glad you dug the album. All new stuff on deck now. Thanks for listening

  • http://www.datgang.com Approach

    Dope! This is my potna! We have a record called "Aloe Park" that's really dope! U should check it out. It features: Tajai of Souls of Mischief, Black Spade, Dessa of Doomtree & Stik Figa and Ill Poetic laced every track!

  • http://facebook.com/Exit21 Knowledge


  • d.will

    +3 Respect to the 2dopeboyz, & good luck to Meka waving thru the massive email attack in his inbox

    p.s - to the rappers that get posted, Good Shit homies

  • kyro

    ahhh reupss!!

  • http://www.illpoetic.com ill poetic



    I concurr in checking out the ALoe Park Record. Good times:)

  • http://ktfmusic.bandcamp.com K.T.F

    Good shit, and submitted a track off the Cincilluminati beat. Ill Poetic, you real!

  • http://ktfmusic.bandcamp.com K.T.F

    If it doesn't get posted, and mybad if this is considered spam: