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Ill Poetic – The World Is Ours (Instrumentals)

blame it on Shake July 19, 2010

In continuance of The World is Ours re-release campaign, Ill Poetic decided to release the instrumentals for y’all to vibe with. Again, any up and comers that choose to record over these… send your submissions to Meka. And make sure you write in ALL CAPS and attach three songs per email. It works best that way.

DOWNLOAD: Ill Poetic – The World Is Ours (Instrumentals) | Stream

  • PGeek


  • Nick Kahl

    should I take the up and comers speech seriously…?

  • Musikfiend

    ^It was drippin w/ e-sarcasm, lol.

  • feining liquor often

    im gonna send 6 songs and 6 emails! HAH

  • The Joker

    sam adams= currensy

  • JL

    prank on meka to spam his email? hmm.

  • i loved this album.

  • @Shake – YOU’RE Funny.
    @Nigel – Thanks. Glad you dug the album. All new stuff on deck now. Thanks for listening

  • Dope! This is my potna! We have a record called “Aloe Park” that’s really dope! U should check it out. It features: Tajai of Souls of Mischief, Black Spade, Dessa of Doomtree & Stik Figa and Ill Poetic laced every track!

  • RE-UP!!!!!!

  • d.will

    +3 Respect to the 2dopeboyz, & good luck to Meka waving thru the massive email attack in his inbox

    p.s – to the rappers that get posted, Good Shit homies

  • kyro

    ahhh reupss!!

  • @Approach.


    I concurr in checking out the ALoe Park Record. Good times:)

  • Good shit, and submitted a track off the Cincilluminati beat. Ill Poetic, you real!

  • If it doesn’t get posted, and mybad if this is considered spam: