The Boondocks: Mr. Medicinal (Video)

blame it on Meka July 19, 2010

I’ll be honest: I haven’t watched the show in a couple weeks. Not because I’m tired of it, just that I’ve not cared to catch up at the moment. I may need to soon, though, as there’s only three episodes left in the final season. Props to Yardie.

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  • YeaDat

    im just watching this cause i see medical marijuana

  • Funny story, me neither. I caught up tonight tho, still funny as hell. LOL. This one had me dyin tho.

  • high_s0ciety

    @AARON MCGRUDER this message is 4 u,
    why would u end something thats obviously so GREAT??!
    the boondocks is goin out on a good note but damn son, can’t u squeeze like 2 more seasons in the mix. .

  • carter

    I agree^^^

  • I was tripping when that old nigga started floating!! lmao

  • the only way to get the boondocks back is if they sell lots of DVDs, thats what brought Family Guy and Futurama back when they got cancelled


    yeahhh Boondocks is one of the best shows on tv. McGruder we want more Boondocks!

  • it’s better to leave something on the high note, rather than something that might boring, or not on the pedestal.
    Chappelle’s Show did the same thing since they were being pressured into doing commercial comedy that “comedy central” wanted them to do.

  • DOA

    whahahaahahahahahah, Immaa hit up the Fresh Kid and show him who the real Karate Kid is! Hahahahahahahaha

  • MoneyMike

    Its boring ( a little ) now but STILL funny , I love the show and its concepst but there something missing. just 1 thing i think its how the actors should be acting in this show.

  • boistop!

    too many shows on Grandpa and Riley. Huey only had one. he said he quit but damn…

  • they’re doin a show on riley…saw the info on wikipedia

  • Chappelle’s Show did the same thing since they were being pressured into doing commercial comedy that “comedy central” wanted them to do.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^real talk… thats why i almost (*key word*) dont mind chappelle left the game when he did… the way he made it sound was the show wouldnt have been the same if he continued so i prolly woulda been disappointed (as well as many other fans)…

  • Fat Boy

    This episode was EPIC.


  • J_EaRLy

    To funny, My mans was floating!!!

  • NJCity

    I was dyin wen this nigga was floatin lol

  • NJCity

    an yea MCGRUDER gotta make atleast 1 more season. this is the best show out right now. only show i watch on a consistent basis since The Wire

  • dunk

    one of the best episodes to date. for obvious reasons…

  • Musikfiend

    Episode was funny as hell, lol. All it was missing was a Ruckus appearance.

  • iLL_wiLL

    total scrotal implosion LMFAO

  • family guy came back because adult swim picked it up. Fox saw the high rating that it was getting through syndication and picked it back up……same with Futurama.

    this was probably my least favorite episode of the season and it was still good. i liked what he did with the weed vs alcohol. i also like the relationships the people had towards drugs. uncle tom against it. thugnificent just wanted to get high. granddad being generally happy but his family and friends coming down on him and making his life stressful instead of letting him be happy

  • Ominous Sonata

    “It’s like Cheerios…………but with nuts dipped in honey” LOL

  • eNox

    where else can i watch these ? the host site is trippin telling me i watched too many minutes n i gotta wait an hr lmfao..

  • Gino

    hahah I remember that was my exact reaction the first time i ate honey nut cheerios high


    all it takes is popular demand and the boondocks will be back.


    i don’t want the boondocks to change up like how comedy central was going to do the chappelle’s show cause those last two chappelle episodes with charlie murphy hosting them were wack, so i can see why chappelle left.

  • Izz


  • Izz


  • mkyp27

    just wanted to comment because this is weed-related and i would like everyone on the internet (whom i dont know personally) to understand how cool i am for smoking weed….

  • judge: do you have a recommendation (YES) judge:dismissed
    _love california

  • lasers
  • Brainwashr

    daamn thats that skywalker


    ima be the nigga to become a blood and a crip!

  • O.G. Scarlet Johanson…I want sum of dat ish

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