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Fozzie Bear – Hard In the Paint (Video)

blame it on Shake July 19, 2010

I go hard in the muthafuckin’ paint!

  • pssst

    wheres max b?

  • That beat knocks…

  • I have no idea why you would even post this weak ass shit on here……….

  • JonStone

    ummmm u sure Benny Boom Co-signed this???

  • MasonBetha

    shake..theirs no point posting a video weeks late..

  • jojoba

    Yo! You were looking for your summer jam… welp here it is!

  • IMO waka is far from good, i never listen to him, but i still respect his attempt cuz its def not like hes makin some poppy shit, nah meen… he really goes hard… this shit is hardcore and crunk… but i still think hes really wack, LOL…

  • MasonBetha

    wat the fuk does t rojers do anyway #justsayin

  • Actual/Factual

    how the hell he get a pass to go to the jungles
    Waka > Gucci….but…Waka + Gucci = Basura

  • “I have no idea why you would even post this weak ass shit on here”

    because i like it. everyone has their ignorant guilty pleasure. so go cry somewhere else..

  • Don_Demarco

    Thanks Shake for standing up for our ignorance. This song gets me super hype. *Waka Waka Waka Waka(pac-man)

  • RSX


    “the living loser wacka flocka flame shot a video in the area”

  • hardy

    it’s more “living loser RSX” i guess.

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene Dominus

    Nobody would go to a macdonalds and complain about the ‘mood’ or that a more sophisticated menu was needed.
    You know what it is when you hear Waka. This shit is dope.

  • TommyWiseau

    The shots in the basketball courts look like an 80’s Janet Jackson video.

  • Drake Fucked XXL up


  • HiTesh

    wtf does hard in the paint even mean.

  • “because i like it. everyone has their ignorant guilty pleasure. so go cry somewhere else..”

    Sounds like you’re the one crying at an opposing opinion. And it’s official….. your taste in music sucks.

  • thetruth

    i don’t mind tracks like this when they are done right, but this chorus is awful and the opposite of catchy


    this goeeesss
    suburb elitists can’t relate
    BUT then again, Shake does

  • UNCtimus Prime

    Is anybody else gettin tired of the whole “gang affiliated” trend in Hip Hop? I’m just sayin dope is dope regardles of who you run with. Besides, I thought color bangin was dead anyway after Game started gettin money with Snoop.

  • The Joker

    hes done betta..is wakas time up?

    p.s sam adams is just as good as currensy

  • Im(mortal)

    LOL this is the best poorly amazing song hahaha

  • bobbysworldjbk

    dude. how the fuck did he afford a bentley? This is his only single right? this shit doesnt even play on the radio. how does he make money. well besides drugs lol

  • LT

    dude hes chillin in the Jungle with some bloods and riddin down crenshaw in a bentley whats goin on here????

  • Fuck Stains, Rich Rollin 40 Crip

  • Anybody know the brand of the bag he had ?