• Answer Me!

    usershare is actin all bitch right now!

  • Musikfiend

    LOL @ Hawaii tryna get gully.

  • bizzy

    hawaii gets gully faggot

  • Mobilemogul

    Dope shit! Creed and The Seed are the truth!

  • the shoster

    This shit is Dope as Hell.. Got my Ohana screamin' out hana hou! Adikt1 is beast..

  • Chee Houston

    Lovin every bit of it! Creed Chameleon X The Seed = DOPE POLY HIP HOP! Congrats!

  • http://www.nakamabrand.com Nakama

    Creed gets down. Hawaii has a lot of talent. Respect & Recognize!

  • http://skratchmore.com/ pacsta

    this is a swell track, i do say.

  • http://www.funky4c.com bigMOX

    shouts to creed and the seed! cheeyeuh!