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IM KING Presents: Carmine – Yours Truly (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 20, 2010

Can’t say that I’m at all familiar with this Texas’ emcee/producer, but I decided to give his project a listen solely based off my respect for the IMKING crew. Glad I did too… digging what I heard. After the jump I’ve also included IMKING’s Summer lookbook. Pretty cool shoot.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: IM-KING Presents: Carmine – Yours Truly (Mixtape)

  • Randylr

    Giving it a chance…

  • :D

    Awesome tape!

  • J_EaRLy

    Is this photoshot original? if not, still just changed the game, IMO

  • Bo Latham

    Carmine has been grinding for a MINUTE and 2dopeboyz is FINALLY not sleeping on this kid…CHECK THIS TAPE OUT…it’s sick.

  • John Reeker

    Where’s the tracklist?

  • Shout out to my man Carmine!! You can also look for him to be featured on the 5thFlo.com “5th Flo” mixtape coming up here in August!! For more updates follow me on twitter @bruhmizzle

  • InfamousHero

    Im a bitch made nigga, and this is all i listen to.
    brb sleeping with a girl.

  • “Where’s the tracklist?”

    whoops.. i accidentally had the cover twice. fixed now.

  • timmy

    i’m on the fifth track now and i’m yet to be impressed…imo he comes across as corny or maybe just mediocre. pretty dope beats tho

  • Grundz

    Carmine been trying to get on here for a minute, good looks homie, glad to see them giving you a chance.

  • Marksppl

    Not Bad it’s a good tape

  • k&k

    thank you based god! good shit carmine.

  • yeeeeaaaahhhhhh my dude Carmine… we on!

  • Randylr

    mediocre at best, alt beats are a good look but he doesn’t ride the beat properly it’s like nas’s off beat conversational flow but he isn’t lyrical enough, deep enough or conversational enough to pull it off.

  • Champ

    Man if yall busta ass grimey hatin niggas dont dig this dudes shit, swallow the barrel. Carm is one of the hardest working dudes putting in work. Dude is a soldier, he’s on some real shit right now.

  • If your feeling the tape then support Carmine and let’s get him to open up for Ludacris at SummerJam.


  • Sam Flow

    1st of all, these beats are craaazy!! But the songs dont sound all professional…like soulja boy or something. idk…could b my headphones…???

  • bobbybooshay

    rosa acosta and murdering sheep – great!
    saw this mixtape on pigeonsandplanes, now on 2dopeboyz…carmine comin’ up!

    good shit

  • Candyman

    Yea some more work in the audio mixing mastering area it would better it’s tight tho

  • Lebron james


  • Renaissance

    come on shake this tapes old i respect you finally showcasing him but you shouldve been on him already lol hes pretty dope and hes gonna get alot better check out his other mixtape eightEATeight thats his first its pretty dope to. danm i should start my own hip hop website lmao

  • swagger

    sleep talking in my opinion is one of the best song on the mix-tape

  • This is old as hell lol

  • out of my ipod now, but this mixtape is legit

  • Nike’s And Mic’s

    *Applauds* This Is Raw

  • Eli Sweet

    This shit is garbage. ‘Im going to slip her this ruffie so that I can get in her coochie’ ? FAIL. First the auto tune fad, now everyone trying to do some Drake sing song shit. Try to rap like a real person instead of an amalgamation of all the people you admire…

  • Rudini

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rep! Carmine Waddup! This is good shit, finally getting that shine bro. SP 4 Life!

  • xastey

    From Texas eh, got to rep my roots all day, I’ll give him a try

  • fanger

    this mixtape goes off. one of the few with good wordplay and flow.

    carmine is different and most people hate that.
    a texas artist with a great future ahead!

    waiting for the next one

  • Bsmall

    This dude is next. Dope flow, dope lyrics, dope tracks. His next tapes gonna kill

  • OGEazy

    I don’t give a fuck if the beat sounds good are there any lyrics worth checking?
    Hip-hop isn’t ambient music or house music we need lyrics!

  • CB

    Check out the track Sleep Talking to get an idea

  • Zak

    beats are fuckin dope, bars and hooks are average at best. worth checking out though.

  • Mayday

    i liked it damn, caught me by suprise but its sick, tight as hell

  • DK

    Dang this is actually really old Sleep Talking is still my shit

  • Fatty

    Dude is mad ill …. His wordplay is ill ….the whole fucking tape is ill ..everyone been sleeping on this dude … It’s time to wake y’all asses up and actually listen to Carmine words you will be inspired

  • Con

    3/5…i’m just being honest…the beats are okay seem underproduced….doesn’t ride the beat correctly…sounds like he’s only been rapping for a year or two…definitely has a possibility of being really good though…i’d put money on this dude to peak in a another year or two…keep grinding cam

  • Danielle

    Carmine’s mixtape is sick. Can’t wait for the next one. Jersey loves you, Carm!

  • swag

    kream team produced sleep talking if anyone was wonderin

  • Shashwat

    This project is dope!
    Shoutout to Carmine…keep doing your thing bruh!