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  • Bussy

    415 all damn day

  • REL

    P-Funk got flows!

  • Bosse

    C-Plus yee!

  • D

    From the production to the rhymes these dudes get it in! Hit em Billion, hit em P-Funk, CA All Day!!

  • pbthenikesb

    this guy's pretty dope & he looks just like this cat who works at niketown in sf.

  • http://formspring.me/enochalot enoch

    yezzir...and so it begins.

  • Lynda

    OMG! Will you Marry Me?! Maybe next lifetime.............proud of you!!


    PFUNK, JBILLION, and PLUSMONEY went in on this joint! Northern Cali stand up....

  • diamondgrillz

    this dope.


    cool shit, i made it on 2dopeboyz. i hope ya'll dig the tracks. and click the name to get more for free download. 2dopeboyz helps break new artist and that's a major good look.

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  • YMC

    somethin tells me all of P-Funk's homies showed up on this post lol

    here goes the dopest freestyle to BMF so far..

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    somethin tells me YMC is a hater