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Slang Editorial: The List

blame it on Meka July 20, 2010

In today’s post at the house of Harris I talk about the sudden explosion of lists in hip hop over the past few years.

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  • Tunnawhat?!?

    This could be one of your worst articles, which is really saying something.

    I mean damn, I’m sure all of the people on this list could pool even a small percentage of their earnings and wipe out the country’s deficit in one swoop.

    Cute, but just no. The current deficit is $13 TRILLION and at the rate the unqualified- golf-and-vacation-happy president & his administration are spending it would double if he somehow managed to be re-electd and serve 8 years.

    Oh, and lsts are for kids, women, and sheep. Who else pays attention to them?

  • Tunnawhat?!?


  • fenelli

    good little read..^ u need to relax man. seriously.

  • “The current deficit is $13 TRILLION and at the rate the unqualified- golf-and-vacation-happy president & his administration are spending…”

    You’re talking about Bush right? The C student who got to where he was based on his name, created tax cuts & started 2 wars with no way to any of it and had twice as many vacation days as Pres. Obama in the same amount of time?

    If not, it sure sounds like it.

  • Tunnawhat?!?

    @ Pope catalyst – you on the blame Bush & hail Obama the black president shit huh? And notice I lumped in Obama AND his entire administration, because after all, the president in the mouthpiece for the administartion and the lobbyists who influence them. Anyway, Obama has golfed 41 rounds of golf in his short presidential tenure. 41 rounds of golf is roughly 25-8 hour work days. Bush golfed 24 rounds in 8 years. Obama just went on his 7th vacation and continues with lavish parties while the bankers are making profits hand over fist and Barney Frank & Chris Dodd – to of the people instrumental in the failures of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac & and the real estate crises – were part of group who authored the 2,319 page Financial Reform Law with more earmarks & loopholes than anyone knows because no one has read it. In comparison, the law that originally created the Federal Reserve was a mere 31 pages. The Sarbanes-Oxley banking reform act, passed in 2002, was only 66 pages. Where are the jobs? Government is growing exponentially. Bureacracy is great. The temporary census jobs inflating the employment #’s are about to end. 625,000 just quit looking for work so they aren’t figured in the employment #’s. I bet you think unemployment is 9.5% huh. Anyways, I’m ranting.

  • prk

    good looks on this. always a good read.


    @Tunnawhat?!? – Take it easy. Politics is politics, the deficit is not going anywhere, EVER! Regardless if it was Bush, Obama, McCain, Paul, Kerry, Palin or anybody else. But who cares, I don’t. I’m tired of politics and politicians. Just wanted to give a quick 2 cents.

  • any hiphop list is just another writtin down thought and not facts unless they include numbers.

  • TRUTHhurts

    ROFL @Tunna, your typical conservative business major asshole who is all knowing. To bitch about Obama’s vacation time is laughable. Bush was notorious for his time off, his trips home to Texas, and his affinity to watch/attend baseball games. Honestly, let’s be real here for a second or two. Obama inherited 1) The worst economic conditions since the Great Depression 2) Two really unexplainable wars that were started based off of bold-faced lies and intentional misleading 3) A deregulated natural resources industry as well as deregulation big business. What does this mean? It means a few things really, the first being that it takes time to clean up someone else’s mess (G DUB BUSH), especially when that mess is gargantuan. Second, it means if Bush hadn’t deregulated the natural resources industry BP would have been held accountable BEFORE an oil spill of this magnitude happened. AKA No oil spill right now. The last and final reason it’s laughable to bitch about the Big O’s vacation time is simply because for all the time he spends trying to fix his inherited mess there is only so much that can be done by him. Because of the gridlock in Congress thanks to Republicans, he is often unable to act at all. I’d play some golf too if I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and an opposing party such as the Republicans trying relentlessly to stall/stop any progress I am making.

  • lol, about golf mattering in presidency. I won’t waste my time destroying ur logic. You lost at comparing tee time.

  • robertTHEallen

    lol at everyone blaming the shitty state of america on obama. it took 8 years to ruin the country, think itll get fixed in 2? shit doesnt turn to gold that fast, the mans a president, not jesus

  • Merckushio

    Tunna has valid points. No, Obama isn’t Jesus. He’s a community organizer with the Chicago-politics mentality. Shit doesn’t work. The new health care & financial reform are industry friendly and if you disagree just wait til you see what this expansion of government power does. Ashford the oil disaster there are hundreds of deepwater wells and ONE exploded. Obama’s response was worse than Bush with Katrina.

  • @Tunnawhat?!? “you on the blame Bush & hail Obama the black president shit huh?”

    please point out in my post where i said or even implied that? i’ll wait……………………………………………

    it’s people such as yourself that are quick to throw around “facts” and “figures” about the current president without considering the implications and actions of the previous president. this is exactly why we can never have high-minded debates because it turns into bullshit.

    SarBox was passed in 2002 (by the GOP) which was a regulatory government take over that needed to happen because of fall out from Enron, but NOW financial regulation is “socialism”.

    Deregulation of the housing & banking market let to the biggest bubble since the DotCom boom, which led to President BUSH leading a temporary government take over of the banking industry, but NOW banking regulation is “socialism”.

    Pres. Bush told Mike Brown he was doing a “heck of a job” meanwhile people are STILL struggling in N.O. but Pres. Obama, hamstrung because EVERYTHING he does is under a microscope and politicized struggles push against B.P. and his response is worse?! His response could be more aggressive if the GOP would let him do his job.

    @Merckushio if his HC and Financial reform is industry friendly, why are the GOP still attacking it? They are suppose to be the industrial heros!

    Look, I’m not saying Pres Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. In fact, I’m highly disappointed in him AND the whole government. GOP & Dems acting like fucking children. At this point, I’d love to have all Independents and moderates running the show.

    Once again, I can acknowledge that the sitting Pres isn’t doing the greatest of jobs as long as you can acknowledge your last Pres fucked the whole game up tremendously.

  • Riggs

    Who else can you thank for DEPRESSION we’re in? (No, this ain’t no recession). Jimmy Carter (Community Reinvestment Act aka CRA), Slick Willie Clinton & his administration (repealling the Glass Steagall act which separated commecial & investment banking creating ‘Too Big to Fail’ banks), and of course Goldman Sachs, who has been in bed with Washington politicians regardless of who the president is. Yeah, with all this shit going on and Bushie & his administration in power shit went haywire, and while I think Bush let alot of shit unravel, Obama is spending, spending, spending with little results on mainstreet & middle class, expanding government & appointing czars who don’t have to answer to Congress & the Senate. Scary shit. The more you find out about politics & political motivations & lobbyists, the more the blood boils.