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(2)Deep: Various Artists Hip-Hop – The Wake Up Show Anthem 1994

blame it on JES7 July 21, 2010

This has to be hands down, my favorite of all Wake Up Show Anthems ever recorded. Check the lineup: NaS, Organized Konfusion, Ras Kass, Dred Scott, Shyheim, unknown???, Saafir and Lauryn Hill on the hook. This was 92.3 The Beat and LA’s anthem at the time. Despite being all the way out in Hawaii, I was always tuned in to the Wake Up Show with Sway & King Tech which, believe it or not, we actually caught out here. At one point, I had damn near the entire collection of the Wake Up Show freestyle compilations. Moms unfortunately threw them shits out. I’ve also included a freestyle from Hawaii’s own Tassho Pearce who was invited up to the Wake Up Show a few times. This particular freestyle is from a cipher that featured Pharoahe Monch and Mykill Myers.

“Put cocaine on my tongue // You got crack now rock on…”

DOWNLOAD: V/A – The Wake Up Show Anthem 1994 | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Tassho Pearce (Emirc) – Wake Up Show Freestyle | Mediafire

  • Drizzy Dreidel

    KNOWxONE coming through with the realness once again.. you the same dude that was on hiphopcartel.net back in the day right?

  • spooky

    “Tune it up it’s the corrupt novelist Nas”

    The beat is sick Nas went in!

  • Thanks 4 the ill post

  • JonnieHayward

    Since we on the theme of golden age hip hop… can u check out my song “I Love Hip Hop Of The 90s” right quick and lemme know if u feelin it?


  • xastey

    funny how I was just listening to this when I decided to listen to all Pharoahe Monch albums/mixtapes again

  • i love that this is tagged with “Posse Cuts.” there is a lack of real posse cuts nowadays (except for the over-saturation from dj khaled). they all seem too forced and like giant marketing gimmicks (which they are). you need an actual posse, preferably kinda related but not all from the same crew, and some sort of theme.

    so many favorite posse cuts (relunctantly leaving off the wu and bcc as every song could potentially be a posse cut)…the “flip mode vs def squad” joint on busta’s first album, “the symphony,” “underground tactics” (with planet asia, rasco, heltah skeltah, and crooked i), dr dre’s “some la n*[email protected],” the “home” cut off of jake one’s most recent joint….man i could keep going but i prolly should work.

  • Hip Hop Aint Dead

    @JonnieHayward,, good shit

  • Marco G.

    Thank You

  • @Drizzy Yessir.

    @bushytop I absolutely agree. Buddy (De La), The Symphony (Juice Crew) and John Blaze (Fat Joe x Nas x Pun x Jada x Rae) are three that come to mind that are instant classic posse cuts in my eyes.

  • john blaze and buddy slipped my mind. my boy tossed in a couple heaters that i’m embarassed i forgot to mention too: flava in ya ear (remix) and i got 5 on it (remix). sooooooooo dope.

  • buckets

    anyone else get a duplicate file thats 0 bytes and can’t be deleted?

  • i need that vhs tape they put out with all that footage… but thanks for the throwback shit of the day

  • So who’s the unknown rapper? My guess is one of the guys from The Bums. Used to bump this all the time, though, good lookin’.

  • Truth

    know one, post come clean for the next 2deep! a real hip hop classic that no one knows about

  • Truth

    oh and nas around 94 >>>> any rapper ever

  • this one is aight. The best Wake Up Show by far was off of the 1999 album, “This of That”.

    Eminem, Chino XL, Pharoahe Monch, RZA, Xzibit, Tech N9ne, KRS-One, Kool G Rap & Jayo Felony


  • zane poletti

    ohhhh whaaaat i didnt know know one was based in hawaii, oh i fucks with this site more than ever now.

  • TruthTeller

    Prince Poetry is the unknown mc.

  • Eli Porter

    Damn,this is very (2)dope

  • markaveli

    another favorite posse cut = got my mind made up by pac, kurupt, daz, method, redman.

  • SK

    @TruthTeller…… Prince Poetry is NOT the unkown MC. Him and Monch are listed as Organized Konfusion

  • Crazy Gideon

    Just dusted off Mykill Miers debut the other day… Checked Google and seems he’s got a new album plus a crew with these cats called Next Of Kin, got some heat

  • BizzyPete10

    The random dude is Joe Quixx that used to be on with Sway and Tech and Kevvy Kev………

  • @hbisdope

    this is just awesome

  • Phoenixshield

    HA I recall when some kids who were freestlying on air live on The Wak Up called out Da Bush Babees after they had left the studio – Babe B Face and Mr Man came back to the studio and battled these cats live on air…..wow real Hip Hop back then man! Have this on tape somewhere.

  • t.a.morales

    @KNOWxONE Where you HI you stay at? I’m over in Maui. Crazy to hear someone from Hawaii on my favorite site.

  • @t.a. I’m out in Honolulu. Glad to see Hawaii heads supporting Shake & Mek’s site.

  • C

    Yo John Blaze is dope….I will still sh-sh-shit on you. Haha

  • Ali-Way

    thank God for The Wake Up Show!!! Ras KILL’d it on this one, that last line is an all-time quotable

  • But yo, I’m tryna find the real original anthem before this wit the Fugees and Lauryn Hill’s whole verses please! The hook on this one is taken from the first anthem. Help me find it please!

    It started off wit an ill ass beat and the lines: “Its time to wake up wake up wake up like Marvin Gaye,
    wit tech n sway…”