• will

    HELL YEA nesby on a ski beat this shit is hot and yea BO JACKSON IS THE MAN WAR EAGLE!

  • DallasTx_GreedyGrove

    Bo was a great athlete but overrated as a back tho he ain't the best of all time
    Earl campbell > Bo

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  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Bo Jackson was a better baseball player. He could've been something really special in baseball history if he had focused on baseball instead of being a avg running back. But at the same time, it says a lot when you can make a name for yourself in 2 dif sports.

  • knowtheledge05

    yall r fucking crazy bo was a beast on the grid. dude would get 800 yds in half a season. terrible knowledge calling him average.

  • knowtheledge05

    barry sanders g.o.a.t.

  • YeaDat

    he wouldv been top 3 all time ahd he not gotten injured.


  • http://www.myspace.com/clintpartie Clint Partie

    @Benny Blanco,
    I think just the opposite. If he had concentrated on football we might actually be talking about him as the greatest running back of all-time. Bo was an ATHLETE & athletic skills (speed, power, quickness) translate to football much more than baseball. He DID concentrate on baseball for a couple years before he started playing football again. Bo's most valuable assets don't really help you hit a 95MPH fastball. Some of baseball's best hitters have been fat guys. He certainly could hit it a ton and his speed allowed him to be pretty good in the field & track down alot of balls that other guys couldn't but that's about it.