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Slang Editorial: It’s Alright To Dislike

blame it on Meka July 21, 2010

In today’s post at the house of Harris I talk about the art of the hate.

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    i’m not a hater, but i got a real problem with shitty people polluting MY hip hop industry. fuck all the casual pop star tourists. we bombin the stage cuz underground shows never got women and children. hip hop is knowledge for the street, pop music (drake/rick ross etc) has a place, its on pop radio stations and pop websites. i hate that shitty pop music is intentionally being blurred into hip hop just to make money. mannnn fuck you pop stars, get your money but you get no respect. enjoy that

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    hip hop is pop as well as underground

  • @NeverRunninOut

    co-sign w/ STINKMEANER.

  • james

    There’s hate and then voicing your opinion legitimately. Often the latter is called hate by stans.

  • Pop Culture Groupie Nigga

    I’m a bonafied hater!! I’m an evil jealous bastard that hates everyone’s happiness and progress and that’s just what it is.

    fuck you. all of you!!

  • these type of editorials, that spew forth random musings, should be reserved for celebrities with a penchant for the pen. meka, on the other hand, is just a notch above a rap groupie and music bootlegger.

  • FRESHman10

    It’s ok too not like somethin, hate certain things. But like everythin else ppl O.D. on it

  • jarrod

    At risk of sounding like a total moron, why is Meka’s blog called “Slang Editorial”? I’ve been wondering this for a while.

  • Em is GOAT Drake is awesome too!


    It’s ok too not like somethin, hate certain things. But like everythin else ppl O.D. on it

    FRESHman10 said this on July 21st, 2010 at 9:49 pm
    ^ This ^


    these type of editorials, that spew forth random musings, should be reserved for celebrities with a penchant for the pen. meka, on the other hand, is just a notch above a rap groupie and music bootlegger.

    FUCK YEAH said this on July 21st, 2010 at 9:42 pm
    ^ Oh Yeah this ^

    ^ And This ^

  • I keep reading these editorials because the little descriptions seem interesting, but the writing is really bad (not that I could do any better).

  • there’s a diff. between opinions and an obvious personal hatred for whatever it may be.

  • whatupsucka

    The thing that’s interesting about hating is that it stems from people outside the music industry as well as within. I used to work for a very popular label/management company for mainstream hiphop acts, and a lot of the time the executives and other folks would hate on artists because they don’t fit a particular mode that they’re used to. Then later on, that artist starts blowing up, and then they’re on their dicks like crazy. Shit, I personally told this company about Drake and they laughed in my face like “he’s on Degrassi? He’s in a wheelchair? Fuck that”. This was around when he had Comeback Season. I kept tellin them that dude is gonna blow up, and as SOON as he started gettin speed with Wayne, they start telling new rappers that they should go and sing and appeal to girls like Drake does. I couldn’t stand that shit. I left the company for other reasons, but the point is that niggas just love to hate for the sake of making themselves feel important like they know what’s hot. They’re just confused little BITCHES!

  • bbc.

    @fuckyeah . if u dont like him, why are you on his site? you are the definition of a hater

  • Big Pugg

    Co-sign> STINKMEANER & Pop Culture Groupie Nigga .lol

  • whatupsucka

    Also what I personally hate is BLACK artists that keep making their music with a EUROPEAN SOUND! Those Europeans in the clubs don’t give a FUCK about these artists doing these records hoping that they can get that Jersey Shore “first pumping” support. Those niggas can’t even PERFORM in the clubs that their type of music gets played. I understand that they’re trying to gain the crossover appeal and make young white kids want to buy records, but a LOT of artists are not built for that kind of sound. They tried to do it with Drake & Trey Songz and it failed. They tried to do it with Kelly Rowland and it failed. They tried to do it with Kelis and it SUPER failed. These labels keep telling folks that this is the move to make when the point of it all is to have them keep doing the same kind of music as before, just an upgrade in the production (i.e. INSTRUMENTS, not tempo). Otherwise, you’re just going to alienate their original audience that got them signed to those labels in the first place. Nobody wants to hear fuckin Young Jeezy on a Britney Spears record, he’s for the streets. Let these artists be artists and not products, because they’re fucking up the artists’ brand for their own personal financial gain.

  • Mann Thaa Goat

    Just a Question: why do you call it the house of Harris?

  • @whatupsucka

    and that’s why we need to start our own music company called
    ” US > THEM inc. “

  • King Geezy

    Damn Meka, you on XXL and you still won’t read what you post before sending it to the World. I get the point of your post, but think the thin line between dislike and hate gets crossed too often by the people doing the disliking.

    With that being said, you are the weak side of this website. You come off as spooked to talk freely, you find difficulty in forming correct sentences from time to time and you seem uptight. imo. Constructive criticism based of dislike, not hate. 2dopeboyz is like 106 and park. Shake is like Terrance or Free and you’re like A.J. or Rocsi. Just sayin’.

  • northphilly

    @ whatupsucka
    so your sayin young white kids like that kind of music? how the fuck are you gonna fuckin generalize that young white kids like that kind of music. im 14 and im white but you wont see any of my white friends bumpin shitty ass club music. your more likely to see my black friends bumpin that shit. not sayin that young black kids are the problem either cause that would be unfair to them. the problem is ignorant people you fat piece of shit.

  • http://usershare.net/h0zfz75eu6q2 yoooo my fellow dopeboyz can i get sum feed back on my record call moments… ok back to the topic… hate is a term that stems from artist not bein able to take criticism thats conscrutive. if someone dont like a song that you put work in to creating of course you gonna be like they hating… but alot ppl are stuck in 96 on sum black hoody rap #noshots hip hop is about awareness of social issues to.. but hip hop is about havin fun stunting hard on sum ass niggas wearing nice clothes fucking with pretty women 2 imo. you mother fuckers fail to realize hip hop is starting have sub genre like rock music.. i personalyy dont wanna hear some one kick “knowledge all fucking day” you think women wanna sum of the shit you mother fuckers praise smh. im just saying. you cant say its any less hip hop cause it appeals 2 certain bunch of people. if that underground shit some of yall like was to be “pop’ YALL NIGGAS WOULD HATE. POP muisc means its popular music.. not its to poppy sounding. jeezy makes pop music its popular music cause alot of ppl fuck with it… but really its street

  • Whatupsucka, rap isn’t going European, it’s been that way. You think all rappers listen to is rap? You think all anyone listens to is just one genre? No, everyone at least enjoys multiple forms of music, or can appreciate different kinds of music. Unfortunately, it’s the lowest of intelligence that get caught up in either rap music or country music and refuse to listen to anything but one of those two. Combing hip hop with rock or electronica has been done for forever. Hip hop spawned off of throwing drum loops over other genres. And it’s funny because some of the most street songs out there have really synthy beats. You said upgrade the instruments and not the tempo, but it’s been synthy for a long time. People like CuDi and B.o.B are only making that futuristic sound bigger.

  • DK

    @b_lett cosign! wish more people on here had sense like u.

  • D. $cience

    I think the term “hate” blew out of proportion from overzealous stans getting upset because of your disliking of their music. Back in the day, older heads wouldn’t like a certain rapper and it would be okay because there was an equal level playing field for every kind of emcee. Back in ’98, I didn’t like Jay-Z’s music, but there was Pun, DMX, the Rawkus movement, etc…I never got scrutinized for not like Jay. Now, if I would express my disliking to Drake, I got these Young Money maniacs threatening my livelihood, “forcing” me to like Drake by making me feel bad (i.e. calling me a hater). I’ve been listening to hip hop for years to the point where I feel like I can criticize the art, criticize the culture, just like I criticize the NBA for its new millennium f***ery compared to late 80’s/90’s basketball. With the internet age in full effect, these kids share their unthoughtful opinions by commenting and expect people to accept bullsh** when we call bullsh**. Funny thing is, while there’s emcee’s like Blu, Fashawn, Tanya Morgan, etc. that get underground respect and make good hip hop without it sounding like ’95, you have pop stans that come harder swearing Nicki Minaj lyrics trumps anything those “underground” guys does because she’s popular, because Drake’s popular, and anybody popular means they are considered great. Popular kids are popular and well liked, have people follow and worship them like Twitter, but remember that underground emcees can be the genius kid who get the honor roll recognition but still get toilet swirled by others because they’re not popular.

  • whatupsucka

    No FUCK THAT @b_lett Hiphop wasn’t this damn techno savy until this past year. Instrumentation is a big part of hiphop, and always has been. But you heard that Jay-Z record “Ghetto Techno” and then you hear that new bullshit that Dr. Dre’s doing right now. STOP WITH THE EUROPEAN BULLSHIT! The people that that type of music is made for doesn’t care about black artists. This is just a remix of what happened back in the day when artists like The Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye were doing soul music and appeared on Soul Train, and Don Cornelius had a problem because Disco started coming out in the 70’s because it was all computer oriented synths and no soul to it. Hiphop music is getting less and less urban by the day and its because of labels pushing artists that try to bend genres of music that doesn’t appreciate THEIR music. I fucks with electronica music too, but alot (not all) of those artists don’t give a fuck about hiphop artists. That’s my point. The companies don’t care as long as your caucasian friends and family buy that shit. The object of the game is money. That mentality that “its always been about bending genres” came from mutual respect, and the media pushes that other shit so cats like you can relate to it with ease.

    @Northphilly I didn’t say all young white kids support it, THATS WHAT THE COMPANIES BELIEVE! They think that people in YOUR demographic are STUPID and would gravitate towards that sound. Trust me, I know this shit. I’ve sat in meetings with some of the same execs that push artists that are posted on this website and they all believe that the white demographic is the easiest group to target, and that’s bullshit. That’s why the music industry is failing, because NOBODY wants to stay in their own place. Don’t you understand that?

  • whatupsucka

    If you don’t think there’s a problem going on, look at J.Cole. His music is straight hiphop and Columbia’s sending him to perform at clubs that DONT APPRECIATE HIPHOP. They want that pompous white demographic that doesn’t want them back. Look at Sean Kingston’s old music on YouTube. He was RAPPING on the block in Harlem by the Apollo and he was crazy (search it on YouTube)…now you see his ass singing in AutoTune with Justin Bieber and whoever the fuck gets coverage on the E! Channel. When every hiphop artist makes this transition, there will BE no hiphop because there would be no URBAN demographic. That’s what hiphop was made for. White people appreciated it because of its aggressive and rebellious nature. Now it’s not rebellious because the next rap song can be on the same wavelength as the next Miley Cyrus song, and it’s fuckin disgusting.

  • Whatupsucka, I very much agree that hip hop is aggressive and rebellious in nature, and that today’s artists easily do what the industry tells them and change their sound. But I will use one of the best examples I can think of. Tech N9ne is an independent rapper, the biggest in the world. So he should kind of define what hip hop is like with no industry interference. And he is one of the most rebellious, aggressive hip hop artists out. However, he blends genres quite a bit. Have you ever heard Tech N9ne rock out? Check “Little Pills.” Shoot, Tech N9ne uses auto-tune in an agressive, rebellious way in the song “Blown Away” in a diss song. Tech N9ne’s crossover appeal is amazing, and seemingly unintentional. Songs like “Riot Maker,” and “Far Away” have large rock influences, but are both very hip hop. And the thing is, if J. Cole hopped on some electronica heavy track, it would probably still be good. And that’s the beauty of musical talent. I don’t think artists should be stuck to just one genre. And with hip hop, it’s so different in itself. But people like Jeezy are repetitive, with every hip hop beat sounding like a trap beat. While rappers like Jay-Z and Eminem rap over a large variety of beats. I agree that rappers shouldn’t collaborate with pop acts to sell out, but rapping over another style doesn’t bother me at all. It’s when people like Lil Jon rap over techno that it’s pathetic. If Eminem did it, people would think it’s genius.

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    50% co-sign on every post… I guess there are no rules!

  • mmkayy

    fck yeaa its aight to dislike.. cant like everything in this world and if u say u do ur a damn lierr

  • fenelli

    good read

  • Geebz

    bahaha @ Pop Culture Groupie Nigga

    first off i would like to think god almighty for giving everyone so much, and me so little. i hate you, i hate you, and i dont even know you and i hate your guts. i hope all the bad things in life happen to you and nobody but you. and as i sip my soda that im sure somebody spit in, i would like to say to all of you kiss my ass you rotten mothafuckas. now if you excuse me, im gonna go home and put some water in Buc Nasty’s momma’s dish. (c) Silky Johnson

  • Rio$

    the word HATE has been used recklessly almost as much as the word RACIST, and calling someone you don’t even know a “HATER” doesn’t make you progress in life so it’s pointless. sadly tho everyone in the world is a “hater” it’s not just music. bet some of ya’ll dont like to eat salad, i do on occasion but im not gonna call you a “hater” just for not liking salad, same with cars, certain clothes, animals i mean it’s just a sad sad world where you can’t even speak your own opinion about something without some loser trying to call you a “hater” then they go and “hate” on something else