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Young Gunz Chris & Neef – Dat Tree f. Curren$y

blame it on Meka July 21, 2010

The crew formerly known as the Young Gunz make their official return as a duo this Friday (July 23rd) with their tape Back To Business, hosted by Don Cannon.

DOWNLOAD: Chris & Neef – Dat Tree f. Curren$y | Mediafire
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  • *Fast forwards to Spitta’s verse*

  • Hip Hop Aint Dead

    was just listening to Tough Luv album the other day….who produced this?…dat nigga Chad “Wes” Hamilton produced some dope beats for them back in the day like Parade, Time, Knock Is Here…and produced Reppin the Streets for Freeway on Free At Last album

  • Hip Hop Aint Dead

    btw verses were dope but hook was God awful….wat happened to Spitta his flow used to be cold as shit…he kinda slackin lately..last time he really went in with the flow was Prioritize and Rather Be With You with J. Cole and Wale

  • T0KS

    Its not that i dont like that song but I cant stand the beat anymore.

  • Hip Hop Aint Dead

    if you dont think Curren$y got a flow listen to this song rite here:


  • Hip Hop Aint Dead

    i mean this
    Wale – Rather Be With You feat. J. Cole and Curren$y

  • PurpleKushY



    big big chune!

  • Roe

    Mann Curren$y went off.what yall talking bout?

  • d.will

    Neef sound is sorta rusty but meh, Spitta’s verse was..well dope what else (JETS over everything)

  • ssz

    curren$y was fire when he was spittin with wayne on tapes

  • I agree with Toks

    That beat is hard to get behind.

    But it’s cool to see some ROC familiarity.

    But other than that it’s cool.

  • SilkCityP

    Damn… 3 songs and all 3 beats are terrible!!! These beats are equivalent to kicks from Kmart

  • Rasheed

    What’s the deal with the Illuminati sign? They on Jay’s jock now?

  • bz0

    ha ^^really sheed? anyway, they should get on bluroc with the duo, bought time chris fucks jay instead of the other way around.

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