KiD CuDi’s Album Pushed Back

blame it on Shake July 22, 2010

Apparently, September 28th is the new date for Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager. Wait… you didn’t think G.O.O.D. Music Day was actually going to happen, did you?

  • Ignorant Genius

    A couple of days ago, I heard Ye’s shit got pushed back to the 28 too…

  • TheCoolest

    So I guess there’s Kanye and 2 other niggas left now,hahahaha
    Big Sean is the next to go

  • Rio$

    only album i would’ve checked would be cudi’s maybe they should change the whole good music thing?

  • DallasTx_GreedyGrove

    Who really thought that they all there CDs would come out on the day anyway

  • David

    Well. That’s no surprise.

  • Drizzy Dreidel Dreidel

    LMAO if the whole G.O.O.D. Music day gets pushed back Shake looks like a fool AGAIN..
    And yet I still don’t hope it happens, it’s better for Cudi to drop on another day than at least Kanye..

  • MJD

    Ok, now everybody act surprised…

  • Too bad I was looking forward to that plus the release of PUsha T’s mixtape since he is now with G.o.O.D music

  • killin’emdaily

    …why am i not suprised at all? i mean…kanye is the only one w/ a song that’s known outside of the world of hip hop heads…people dont even know who cons and big sean are…they should push their shit back to december and do HEAVY promotion

  • whitemamba

    they’ll probably change shit up and make it “g.o.o.d. music month” now

  • Yatti

    Whoever believed that they all were going to drop on the same day must believes that Rick Ross is a street nigga. Womp Womp, denied.

  • dirtysixchambers

    @ drizzy

    why would shake look like an fool? you act like he made it up out of the blue lol. g.o.o.d. music were the ones that said it was going to happen, shake just reported it…. so i think you’re the fool here.

  • Pssssst

    listening to cudi offends my maleness. wheres max b?

  • dbovee

    hopefully since its pushed back he’ll add some tracks or take some tracks out cuz erase me is wack as shit

  • bhurl

    erase me is dope

  • dbovee

    its dope if ur deaf or u like garbage. then yea its dope

  • iknow

    Oh no. Where are all the white kids gonna get there apathetic/hipster/bummer rap from in the meantime?

    This guy doesn’t even rap, does he? He does a monotone humming talking thing that just sounds so lame.

  • sgo

    shake dont make me get Lupe fiasco on you

  • good music month

  • large

    the should do GOOD MUSIC MONTH

    4 artists
    4 weeks
    4 albums

    problem solved

  • GOD


    White people dont listen to cudi they listen to Kanye

  • mjf

    a lot of white people listen to cudi actually. im looking forward to Big Sean’s album tho thatll be crazy.

  • JuGo

    KiD CuDi !! i can’t believe it almost has been a year since the first album came out. do it again homie

  • Chuck T

    It’ll be sick if it was like last year with MOM and BP3. I had a full week to listen to the blueprint 3, and then man on the moon came out and I had a week for that one. Then a month or so of both.

  • really

    this is stupid people talking bout what white people listen to WHITE PEOPLE LISTEN TO HIP HOP they listen to kanye they listen 50 cent they listen to GUCCI MANE,wanye and oj the fruitman and white people actually go out and buy albums and go to shows unlike niggas that just bootleg albums and dont support the artist fuck yall

    and im black by the way

  • really

    and when i say white people i mean white people not wiggers but real deal redneck white people and regular white people be bumpin gucci i had a teacher that had luda as her ring tone i had another white teacher that had snoop’s jin and juice as his ring tone

  • Idris

    the should do GOOD MUSIC MONTH

    4 artists
    4 weeks
    4 albums

    problem solved


    Best post I’ve seen. Ya’ll need to calm it down with this angry posting, diss Shake shit. Keep focus on the music.

  • Caleb

    The 4 artist,4 weeks,4 albums idea is smart. Though most people would probably get Kanye’s & Cudi’s album, including myself. Might buy Cons Tv and Finally Famous but Big Sean seems repetitive and his delivery remains the same in majority of his songs.

  • Wheelchair G.o.o.d.

    Let’s just drop something.

  • bugged1

    The month idea is preemo.
    Not picking up any thought.
    Not a fan of a single GOOD artist… unless Clipse joins.

  • Revamped

    The 4 albums 4 weeks ideal would be awesome, great way to really do some dope promotion and give each person on the label their shine, especially Big Sean & Consequence since they would’ve probably been outshined by Kanye & Cudi.

    This is how it should look like if they really want shit to sell.

    September 7th: Big Sean releases his album, only ’cause this will be his first major debut and it’s like an intro into the upcoming weeks of g.o.o.d. music and what’s goin’ down.
    September 14th: Consequence should release his album, and at the same time Pusha should release his mixtape..then people could say that there was a good week for g.o.o.d. music letting out 2 dope releases at once and none is gonna outshine each other ’cause in reality they both haven’t really sold too much. Clipse or Consequence in general.
    September 21st: Kanye West drops his album, just ’cause he is the head of the g.o.o.d. music label and I mean everybody’s probably anticipating for his album up until this point, just a release in general will make everybody happy.
    September 28th: Kid Cudi releases his album, like it’s stated above, he releases his album last ’cause it’s a nice way to end the month with. After all Cudi’s type of music is the type you can go off with a bang / go off nice and smoothly as well.

    That’s just my thought of what should happen, that would be great promotion / marketing and they would all equally sell a decent amount of albums…speaking of Big Sean & Consequence of course, ’cause Cudi & Kanye already have their work cut out for them.

  • ballafolife

    “white kids don’t listen to cudi, they listen to kanye”

    ^^^ LMAO, i go to a white school and that’s all the kids talk about “DUDE, DID YOU HEAR KID CUDI’S CD” they’re still talking about MotM…SMH…white ppl LOVE cudi, they will eat up “erase me” as soon as it hits itunes