NBA2k11: The Greatest is Back (Video)

blame it on Shake July 22, 2010


And with the third pick, I made the earth sick… October 5th, His Airness returns.


  • qwan

    how could the greatest be back when kobe never left?

  • daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang

  • qwan

    napoleon dynamite ass nigga ^^^

  • kobe better than jordan..nah son…jordan never had a shaq or pau gasol…and jordan averaged like 34 in the playoffs…he would dookie in kobe’s grandmothers oatmeal and kobe would thank him after ward


    MJ= 6/6 Finals MVP’s
    Kobe= 2/5 Finals MVP’s

    I must be missing something?


    ^^^ wtf? get of kobes nuts…

    this games gonna be illy…




  • Tunnawhat?!?

    Jordan > Kobe. Always. End of story.

    Oh…and then there’s this.

  • Edward Nygma

    Kobe is hands down the greatest of this generation, but no one is on MJ’s level.

    also,as awesome as it is to see MJ in a game for once,im startin to get more excited about the new NBA Jam then i am the new 2k. i buy 2k every year,but i’d rather have Jam back. so many countless hours & quarters spent at the arcade around the corner from my house as a kid… nostalgia FTW.


  • Hmmm…so who’s going to be the first ass-hole to try and put Lebron, Kobe, and MJ all on the same team?

  • Michael Motherfucking Jordan. Let’s get it.

  • @DrHipHop lol I know right, but check it out tho…

    PG: Derrick Rose
    SG: Michael Motherfucking Jordan
    SF: Luol Deng
    PF: Carlos Boozer
    C: Joahkim Noah

    WHAT?!?! BEAST!!!

  • JRC18

    Now if only they could get Marv Albert and Bob Costas on commentary and the old NBA on NBC theme this game would be complete!

  • random

    Until i see kobe with that 6th ring he aint got nothing on jordan SUNS ALL DAY

  • MattKern

    @drhiphop imma be all over that! hahahah

  • whizzpup

    NBA 2K has the basketball videogame market on lockdown. EA got a lotta work to do.

  • yadida

    lol wtf does ring count have to do with anything? what jordan did for the game of basketball kobe will never do, and that’s not a knock on kobe it’s just the truth

  • Actual/Factual

    this supposed to make the game dope because MJ is in it? Mannnnn please…all it’s gonna do is make the pussies online even more annoying when they’re not trying to use the Heat…they need to fix that missing wide open layups bullshit before anything

    …now if they restored the rosters from that season that would be something (i’m guessing the it’s to 07-08 MJ since he has the playoff 12s on)

  • JuGo

    i love comparing. comparing is awesome.
    Anderson Varejao > Paul Pierce

  • lol /\
    bout time!!

  • Dat Nigga

    Jordan > Lebron > Kobe

    Kobe shot like 40% in the finals and got bailed out by his teammates. Rings don’t make you better. If that’s the case then Robert Horry > Lebron.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Why the fuck do you fools act like rings are the end all be all of what a player is? Derek Fisher has 5 rings, you gonna say that he’s on Kobe’s level? Sadly that’s what the NBA has become in the last decade, you need ringSSS, lots of em. That’s why LeBron sacrificed being the main man, just so he can TRY to win ringSSS. The funny thing is that no matter how many rings the cHeat win, D-Wade will ALWAYS have one more than LeBron. And that makes me very happy for some reason.

  • Ahaha @ J.S….Michael Muthafucking Jordan

    @JRC18….Hell Yeah I Would Pay An Extra $20 For That Real Talk…
    Marv Albert Makes Shit More Interesting…

    “Jordan For Three”…”Yes And It Counts”

    I Rather Have Him Than Ol Dude That Be Broadcasting On ABC During The Playoff’s…That Dude That Always Says “Bang” When Someone Knocks Down A 3 Lmao…

  • mj him j fade away perfect

  • demise

    one kid jokingly saying kobe is better than mj starts a whole damn riot. you kids fall for anyone who trolls jesus christ. And anyone even mentioning lebron being better than the other two must be mildly retarded, kid couldnt do it on his own legacy so he took the easy way out. straight pussy

  • A

    What the fuck is a michael Jordan? Aarom Brooks is the goat

  • YoungCosby

    If Kobe is better than Jordan, than Ben Rothlisberger is better than Dan Marino.

  • Nito

    Hey you guys should compare what type of D kobe and mj had to play aginst two the D now a days is crazy

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    @YoungCosby: Ha, that’s exactly what I mean. Dan Marino is one of the greatest even without a ring. When it comes to comparing players, rings are overrated. These are TEAM sports. Some guys just happen to have better teams & win more titles. It’s not like boxing where it’s your own fault if you never win a championship.


    @dat nigga, yea you right so when paxson bailed out jordan in game 6 against seattle with his great shooting when jordan went 5-19, than that’s gotta mean jordan couldn’t do it without paxson right? you’re logic is that of a 12 year old Lebron fan. Jordan is the greatest to ever do it, until Kobe retires we can’t compare. Just know whenever Phil Jackson is asked to compare the two the only thing he can ever say is “Michael had a way of creating good looks, Kobe has the ability to make the most difficult shots”.

  • wu

    Anyone who tries to compare Kobe to MJ is a fucking idiot. No comparison. Mike was an inovatorr. An original. He made the game what it is today. He is the greatest ever. Stop with that bullshit.

  • UnxpektedDeath

    Mike is the greatest of all time. No comparison. Period.

  • DamnYoToesTasteGood

    Whoever said lebron is better than kobe go die. You know nothing about basketball. And if he finaly wins a ring with heat it will only prove he couldn’t get a ring by himself.

  • Edward Nygma

    ouch, LeBron is the most hated man in sports all of a sudden. i didnt think anyone could supplant Big Ben,’Bron didnt even rape anyone and he’s topped pretty much everyone. on some real shit tho,in terms of my personal hype:

    NBA Jam > 2k11. nostalgia factor prevails. not that i dont wanna play as MJ in a game finally,but NBA Jam made my childhood enjoyable when ever i had free time and quarters for the arcade. fuck Marv Albert,i’d rather hear Tim Kitzrow yealling “HE’S ON FIRE” & “BOOMSHAKALAKA” any day. Marv is cool,but NBA Jam didnt feel the same when he was in it.

  • ASDF

    Bill Russell is the greatest. 11 rings, 2 as a player/coach…and did it all in a segregated Boston. Read his book on what he went through and still balled out.

  • Actual/Factual

    first off, nobody can get rings by themselves, kobe couldn’t do it, jordan couldn’t, nobody can, i mean pippen was still able to get the bulls to the second round of the playoffs in jordan’s absence so that tells what kind of player jordan had in pippen…lebron is just being smart and recognized the blueprint for winning a championship and not waiting until he’s beat up and past his prime and crying in an interview with john thompson like KG…somebody name one player who “did it on their own” gtfoh

    MJ is the greatest player to ever play in the league, Kobe is just a carbon copy…the league Kobe is doing numbers in is a shadow of what MJ was going to work in, especially against the late 80s pistons and jazz of the late 90s

    Muafuckas that say Kobe is better than MJ must have never watched a full 48 minutes of MJ in his prime, but him actually shittin on muafuckas…i mean i could only vouch for the mid to late 90s MJ and couldn’t nobody fuck with him, like on a night in night out basis, i mean kobe is dope, but come on man…72-10?!? 10 losses?!? come on man

    you muafuckas must just be watching a jordan montage with rocky theme music in the background on youtube and buying shitty retros lol

  • Niklas Kiaer

    That were some AWFUL animations.
    Game looks horrible. Have no idea why a company would release such a bad video.

  • Chi-Town ALL DAY


    There’s never been a sports figure like Michael.

    Not Kobe, definitely Not Lebron, Not whoever the fuck you think.

    Although Kobe is the latest heir to Jordan, nobody compares to the real thing. Guess you had to be there.

  • sneakaholic011

    that trailer was fucking terrible…

  • fredrostarr



    6)KOBE BRYANT<<<<<


  • iLLz

    “There’s never been a sports figure like Michael”…how about Ali?

  • speak on that cause magic is really a man… the aids thing just tarnished his career

  • uzi

    mugsy bogues is tha GOAT

  • Rio$

    too bad they cant bring jordan back on the better GAME(nba elite for you suckas out there) btw shaq>kobe

  • Idris

    To the folks that don’t get the Lebron scandal. Those very few – let me break it down to you. On some real grown man shit, LeBron was trying to make the smart decision. I’ll give him that. But ultimately, it’s not about legacy, it’s about self-respect, understanding the history of the game, and his place in it. What he should have done, making the smart move, was have those players come to his team.

    The fact that they didn’t want to go to his team shows a lack of character, because instead of standing up as a leader he diminished himself to one of the greates, instesad of the greats. Despite the fact that they are buddy buddy, and friends, he should’ve expected his FRIENDS to hold him down in HIS HOMETOWN. But that just speaks volumes to the relationship that they have. Ultimately his friends picked the HEAT over helping Lebron out to win one for CLEVELAND, like should’ve handled it. Now he is in slippery business, because what he’s done for himself is lose fans, lose the credibility of his brand, lose the spotlight, lose his leadership for the benefit of a ring. Understandable. In any business you do specific things for the benefit of yourself, and yourself alone, to improve. Understandable. But at the end of the day, realize what stage you are playing on. Stay in your lane. In any game, whether that be the rap game, McDonalds job, or whatever, when you step out of your position and start doing shit out of character you gunna be called out on it. Simple as that. Remember when Nas’ dumb ass was talking about joining up with Murder Inc. That alone looked stupid on his part. And he got a lot of slack for joining up with Jay-Z, and diss songs were galore from Jim Jones to Cormega. He lost respect.

    Now think about that, and multiply it. LeBron lost respect, credibility, for not taking up the mantle and bringing the squad to Cleveland – which would’ve been the SMART, RIGHT, BENEFICAL move. As a boss of bosses, you bring in all the bosses to your crib to talk. To your crib to win. Thats what ole boy shoulda done. But whatever. Live with his decision, and lets see what happens. I dont wanna hate on him, but if they lose next year we all know what were gunna say…

    And about hating on Kobe. He’s the best in this generation, with Shaq coming close second. There isn’t anybody doing what Kobe has done for the past decade. He plays hard, has preserved through a lot of hate with that white girl, and managed to remain in the convo of best of all time for the last 6 or so years. He doesn’t slip, he doesn’t fall, all he does is win – and does it professionally. None of that bullshit clutter anymore, just winning, and going home to fuck that fine ass wife or some groupie pussy – like a real player suppose to do it. Can’t hat eon Kobe. And putting Elgin Baylor or Wilt Chamberlian infront of Kobe is ridicilous. Even Jerry West. A lot of these folks can’t even be compared, the league was WAAAAYY too different back in the day to even do that. As far back as you can compare, I say, is the 80s – because the rules haven’t drastically change since then, and the competition level is about the same.

    Either way, to me, LeBron has reduced himself to Magic Johnson status with this move. Aint nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what the fans wanted of him, but thats cool. Kobe is our Jordan of this generation. Don’t deny it. Does anybody have a better all around game than Lebron. C’mon, be honest.

  • Madden drops next month, 2k a couple months after that, EGHCK!!!!

  • sirtim

    robert horry>jordan…he’s got more rings. thats how it works, right?

  • DamnYoToesTasteGood

    Rings has notthing to do with gratness. Shanon Brown Has 2 rings With the lakers does that mean he better then lebron? Or wade???

  • bucknasty926

    Greatness shouldn’t be limited to just rings. It should be impact as well.

    Anyways… NBA Jam >>>

  • this guy

    the color yellow > right angles > smart cars

  • datboijon

    fuck that luke walton >>> the rest of the planet

  • dinero cash

    kobe better then mj??? GTFOH and allen iverson is the next best after the jordan era ended.. ai stats kills kobe plus he was on a garbage team. kobe jus kills his rings count. mj all day

  • doodoobrown

    based off of rings: brian scalabrine > lebron.


    I get it, you guys are using sarcasm to make your point! HILARIOUS!……… Rings do prove a whole lot if you’re the main reason why your team is winning them. Horry played for the two most dominant teams of this decade so yea his rings stacked up, Russell dominated the league but it was a different era, I could do the same if I signed up to play at the YMCA league 13-15 year olds. For dude that said Jordan won 72 games, no the Bulls won 72 games. I mean you want to throw out crazy individual accomplishments, how about 81 points in a single game to bring your team back from a 15 point deficit? Most Jordan fans wont ever admit anybody is better than Jordan because of their bias, but if anybody has the opportunity to pass him as of now…it’s Kobe Bryant, like it or not!

  • nahright

    MJ elevated basketball to a whole new level, no one will never have that impact.

  • Yo, that instrumental was ill.

  • Jay

    LMAOOOOOO @ dinero cash saying Allen Iverson was better than Kobe GTFOH! YOu must still be butt hurt off that finals when Lakers beat Philly!

    @ Idris I agree with 90% of your post what I dont agree with is saying Wade was a true friend he’d go help lebron in Cleveland, why would Wade do what Lebron did knowing Wade was in the same situation Lebron was in and give up his head spot in Miami and go to Cleveland? CLEARLY it was WADE FTW! He came out the closure of it all!

  • L

    Lame ass trailer.

  • fredrostarr

    Those 81 points were against the CRAPTORS, who cares. Theres some college teams that could beat the Craptors. Whats his scoring avg. against the SPURS OR CELTICS or teams that actually play defense.

    Sue Bird could score 81 on the Craptors.

    As for Allen Iverson, he was a better scorer than kobe and career scoring avg. is higher than kobes. The stats dont lie. Allen Iverson has better career scoring stats than kobe.

  • Michael Jordan is to basketball, as is Michael Jackson was to music. When you’re able to transform a game where thousands of players have come before you, and people emulate you and study your work, then you are the greatest. Nobody emulates Kobe, or Bill Russell, or Larry Bird, etc.. Kobe emulates Jordan. There were no “Like Kobe” commercials, I believe there were only “Like Mike” commercials.

    Michael Jordan is iconic, something that Kobe is not. Not saying that Kobe isn’t nice, because he is, but he does not have the same impact that Jordan had.