Hip Hop

Nesby Phips – B-Side (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka July 22, 2010

Creative Control drops the latest project from the N’Awlins-bred spit-kicker. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Nesby Phips – B-Side (Mixtape)

  • THC wade

    oh shit. i guess we’ll see he’s good without features.

  • A Pete Rock Track??? Hell Yeah

  • DallasTx_GreedyGrove

    Fuckk a Z share link I can’t even download Z share Shit On My PC
    fuck It I’ll wait for A mediafire link

  • herb

    Mediafire link pls

  • OGEazy

    Google Nesby Phips and it’s on his homepage.

  • I been messin with nesby phips since his verse on Smokee Robinson. tracklist looks nice.

  • benny lava

    Jets nigga now where haven’t we… been?

  • Hip Hop Aint Dead

    yea he’s a beast when it comes to makin beats…he produced the Mazaltov track on Smokee Robinson and Prioritize on Pilot Talk

  • BP

    where is “word to these bo jacksons?”

  • OneBluntWonder

    Yo this dude spits fire, all the leaks have been fuckin sick. Recognize!!! Jets!!!

  • bbc.

    this shit is great


    meadiafire !!!!!!!please

  • rUSh

    Niiiicccceeeee didnt expect this, wat a perfect way to end the night.

  • LauderdaleLove

    @rUSH u said it perfectly good looks Meka

  • OGEazy

    I’m liking the tape, I have a feeling it will grow on me more.

  • First thing, I see when I get home from da Bun-B listening event at Patchwerk. Talked to Krit, Pill and Corey Mo bout you homie. Ain’t fuckin’ wit dem Saints, shawty, but I fucks wit you though. Keep doin’ ya thing, shawty! Da righteous will stand in the end….

  • rUSh

    crazy lyrics + crazy production = one dope ass tape!

  • rUSh

    Yea i feel ya @ LauderdaleLove this is sum good ish to fall asleep to

  • Joe_So_Blunted

    Mixtape dope. Will be bumpin this shit for awhile. Didn’t download it from the zshare(fuk dat), went to his website(thanx OGeazy on the tip). File size is smaller and “word to these bo jacksons” is on the file as well


    def a download

  • Dope shit.
    “Beneath the face of an angle, beats the heart of satan.” -Nesby Phips.

  • Unknown

    no currensy? well it will do without i guess..

  • Bliz

    can someone link his homepage…couldnt find it on google

  • Bliz

    nevermind im an idiot

  • GOD

    Nesby Phips is heavily slept on. Dude is nice.

  • Melo15

    just listened to the whole tape every song is ill

  • TheC
  • this tape is dope, finally got the chance to listen to it today

  • DayO

    THE AVOWAL. is. the. shit.

  • will

    yea this mixtape is so dope cant wait till his album im telling you the jets is takin over

  • sahlay

    Just peeped this joint, good mixtape for real. The Avowal and 3 The Hard Way are faves off the top.

  • young crash

    wat up cousin this young crash(mardrekkus nesby) well i see we have another rapper in the family

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