• BoshJamesWade

    Is he still on Death Row?

  • Melo15

    What was that whistle song he had hahaha

  • hardy

    i think timbaland got fisted by that girl on the picture.

  • Chana

    Is Timbo finally going back to making beats like he USE to, not non of that new pop shit!!

  • RSX

    Petey Pablo + Autotune
    Shitty on paper, only mediocre in practice.

  • http://hiphophipster.wordpress.com BounceB

    this shyt terrible

  • Raymond Chow

    His voice sounds like Ludacris.

  • Rio$


  • http://basketbloggers.wordpress.com/ Yinka Dare


  • http://www.dealwithnodeal.com/ Copastetik

    How long til we get a Petey x Cole x Rain record?

  • http://wwwdoperush.com Ted DiBiase

    this beat is dope as f*ck

  • iceyjesse

    i like the beat but thats bout it but it ain't too bad....still Raise Up was my shit tho

  • FocusIV

    It's not bad. I might give it a few more listens as I always liked Petey even though I'm not from the South.

  • http://www.alwayshustle.com BMUSE

    This is a bad song..

  • http://NYC zany blunts

    1- chill, petey had a few dope hits back in the day! n he aint no sell out
    2- nevermind what i just said, wtf is wit the autotune!?!? boooooo
    3- timbos beat is pretty dope... i like that it sounds like his old style
    4- is any of his albums any good?! i feel like givin him a chance for some reason now

  • Brother

    timbo still on steriods??

  • Brother


  • Chuck

    I wonder which Indian composer Timbo stole this from

  • recognizejohnnyblaze

    beat is dope as fuck.... everything else, smh

  • chronwell

    i think timbaland got fisted by that girl on the picture.
    ^I think you're right but for you to look at the whole picture and draw that image out says alot about your mindstate! HAHAHA!

  • fredrostarr


  • GFunk

    Petey Pablos best work were his Death Row albums. If he would have got the exposure and Suge would have released those albums he would have gone multi-platinum hands down. Google Same Eyez On Me, Life On Death Row and Escape from Death Row: Proper Procedures. Carolina Bird Dogg got mad talent. Real talk

  • http://intelligentRebelLion.org intelligentRebelLion

    ya just cause you loose all your fat dont mean you should be up in the club in a wifebeater

  • Musikfiend

    Dope Timbo Beat.
    Decent Petey Pablo Song.

  • tatties

    Always liked Petey, shame he never got the shine he deserved. Should be up there with Luda in terms of success coming out of the South.

  • YeaDat

    only track i remember from this dude is freak a leek

  • http://johnnyciphe.bandcamp.com Johnny Ciphe

    lmao nd that one song from drumline

    - Johnny Ciphe


  • http://freeradicalblog.com The Free Radical

    This track is pretty hot.

  • http://totototo totuotuogt

    Also check out a song called" HOW DO YOU KNOW" by Petey Pablo, On itunes.......thanks.