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Petey Pablo – Go (prod. Timbaland)

blame it on Meka July 22, 2010

If there’s something we can all thank Petey Pablo for, it’s for formally introducing Esther Baxter to the rest of the world. Anyways, he links back up with Timmy for this smooth cut. He should work with the guy more often; “Raise Up” still bangs.

DOWNLOAD: Petey Pablo – Go (prod. Timbaland) | Mediafire

  • BoshJamesWade

    Is he still on Death Row?

  • Melo15

    What was that whistle song he had hahaha

  • hardy

    i think timbaland got fisted by that girl on the picture.

  • Chana

    Is Timbo finally going back to making beats like he USE to, not non of that new pop shit!!

  • RSX

    Petey Pablo + Autotune
    Shitty on paper, only mediocre in practice.

  • this shyt terrible

  • Raymond Chow

    His voice sounds like Ludacris.

  • Rio$



  • How long til we get a Petey x Cole x Rain record?

  • this beat is dope as f*ck

  • iceyjesse

    i like the beat but thats bout it but it ain’t too bad….still Raise Up was my shit tho

  • FocusIV

    It’s not bad. I might give it a few more listens as I always liked Petey even though I’m not from the South.

  • This is a bad song..

  • 1- chill, petey had a few dope hits back in the day! n he aint no sell out
    2- nevermind what i just said, wtf is wit the autotune!?!? boooooo
    3- timbos beat is pretty dope… i like that it sounds like his old style
    4- is any of his albums any good?! i feel like givin him a chance for some reason now

  • Brother

    timbo still on steriods??

  • Brother


  • Chuck

    I wonder which Indian composer Timbo stole this from

  • recognizejohnnyblaze

    beat is dope as fuck…. everything else, smh

  • chronwell

    i think timbaland got fisted by that girl on the picture.
    ^I think you’re right but for you to look at the whole picture and draw that image out says alot about your mindstate! HAHAHA!

  • fredrostarr


  • GFunk

    Petey Pablos best work were his Death Row albums. If he would have got the exposure and Suge would have released those albums he would have gone multi-platinum hands down. Google Same Eyez On Me, Life On Death Row and Escape from Death Row: Proper Procedures. Carolina Bird Dogg got mad talent. Real talk

  • ya just cause you loose all your fat dont mean you should be up in the club in a wifebeater

  • Musikfiend

    Dope Timbo Beat.
    Decent Petey Pablo Song.

  • tatties

    Always liked Petey, shame he never got the shine he deserved. Should be up there with Luda in terms of success coming out of the South.

  • YeaDat

    only track i remember from this dude is freak a leek

  • ^^^
    lmao nd that one song from drumline

    – Johnny Ciphe


  • This track is pretty hot.

  • Also check out a song called” HOW DO YOU KNOW” by Petey Pablo, On itunes…….thanks.