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Charles Hamilton – Neverland Ranch

blame it on Meka July 23, 2010

Charles is in the process of getting back on his feet while launching NewCo’s new website,next week. The site will offer ALL of Charles’ music in one location, as well as exclusive content from CH himself.

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Neverland Ranch | Mediafire
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  • Marksppl


  • TJ

    I would love to get the entire Hamiltonization Process with No DJ

  • dalek

    I can’t believe I was ever feeling this kid. What was I thinking?

  • Dan

    You gotta search through a lot of shit for the treasures with CH. This is from the doo-doo pile.

  • I mean I think you all have to realize the dude is in a psych hospital right now so this song is about that and just getting some shit off his chest. shit

  • Dan

    For real? Didn’t know that

  • Gunnar

    this song isnt that bad, better than anything on the radio

  • dan

    this shit is hot but he’s too loud in the mix! in the chorus that is

  • Ranger

    Ehh, it’s not very good

  • Hood

    He just sayin what it is…

  • I actually can’t believe you guys.
    This song instantly caught me with its straightforward-ness.

    Haven’t heard many recent Charles song just be so frank with addressing topics.


    Wow, I can’t believe you guys said this isn’t good…

  • Jets

    The guy is smart as hell.. its just so sad the lames that are coming into the game that are making more noise then CH even with the weak ass youtube vid of him getting punched who cares let the guy spit with a open soul.

  • WAIT.


    Are you not hearing that he just shat on the Illuminati?
    If they exist, they must be fuming…

    The song itself is just excellent. Amazing.
    And Charles’s mixing should expected by now.
    I love it, for the record.

    Melvin Burch


  • http://www.whereischarleshamilton.com has all his music in one place too btw just for anyone looking until Newcos site goes up

  • dan

    @Melvin I’m a huge ch fan. Always will be. The guy is super interesting and original. To be great though he’s got to accept where he needs to improve. I think his improvement is MASSIVE though. And he was always dope. So that’s what it is.

  • Kal

    Weak? You guys are seriously trippin. This is the OD’ est CH’s been in a while and cosign the straightforward messages niggas mad when CH goes over the head then dont like it when hes rapping coherently Lol
    ps. That beat goes in..

  • T0KS


  • jay

    Im huge charles fan he goes in on this track im excited to see what mr hamilton does next

  • krzedup0192


  • whizzpup

    Not his finest work by any means.


  • @dan – Oh, I feel you on the improvement. There’s always room for improvement for everybody.

    As far as it goes, I feel he’s developed his flow, and has multiple styles. (i.e. compare Crash Landed or The Pink Lavalamp, to Autum Harvest or The Binge 3)

    What would you say he should improve in?

  • Greta Garbo………

  • Jake

    All This Love – Drake feat. VO

    Love the beat.

  • this ish is hard

  • dan

    Just his quality control. Charles is at the level where I think he can definitely compete in terms of production and rapping on a mainstream level if he chooses to. Underground as well. But the stuff he puts out that’s just REAAAAALLY unmixed or samples that just don’t work, that stuff’s got to be highly differentiated from his stuff that’s supposed to be everything it can be. Bands and artists need to put a filter on their output so they can succeed. I appreciate him putting out the stuff that isn’t good for the fans, but at the same time, I dislike the fact that he probably doesn’t know when his own stuff isn’t good. I’m a musician myself and I think it’s important to know where your style lies, what works within it and what doesn’t, and I think he should be more constant hit than frequent hit and miss. He totally can be and it’d allow him to make the impact that he wants to make. He wouldn’t be putting anything out at all if he wasn’t trying to make an impact.

  • dan

    @ Melvin ^^^

  • charles > u faggots


  • The_Anon

    “My $100 Bill Withers coz I used it up.” – Hahah, that line was nice.

  • always been a CH fan. this track doesn’t disappoint

  • @dan Wow. You know? I agree with all of that.
    He’s made it clear about his sound and direction, but it does feel like at times, there isn’t a clear difference between what is supposed to be his “all”.

    The new listener might not know about his mixing style and other aspects that he has stated are intentional, so yes, that could use A LOT of improvement.

    And yeah. The hit and miss statement.
    I wonder if his “hits” were misses in his book.
    And why what he may feel are his “hits” are always seemingly misses to the public…

    Distinction would definitely help to make an impact.

  • WooBoost

    Does anyone have a mastered copy of This Perfect Life? The copy I have sounds rough.

  • The_Anon

    Gotta agree with dan and Melvin, I think it would be great if Charles reigned himself in more when it comes to releasing his tracks. I don’t think he should stick with a particular style though; there are tracks I like from CH that vary wildly in style. But there are so many tracks where the production doesn’t fit, or where the lyrics just don’t seem coherent at all (I dunno if the track as a whole is just going over my head, but I’m a pretty sharp guy so I should be able to know what he’s going on about if he makes sense).
    Best of luck to Chuck though, he seems to rap about a wider range of topics than most; mainstream or underground. That’s part of why I like him.

  • t3hstar

    this song is mad nice. This beat is so laidback and lyrics are good

  • AKA

    Is it true that Charles is getting all overweight now? Like Bizarre from D12 or Rick Ross… it must be from all the burgers he has been eating.

  • Is this track Gully or what?

    I mean, this is what you call Goon Music. The Goonies are Home.

    C Hamilton has that Piff. Charles is so dang icey in the streets it is disgusting.

    No one can do it betta then Charles right now.

  • Codeo

    Dope. The kind of music Charles should put out.

  • Static

    lmao! @ AKA

    Dope track. Charles is the best

  • Doh

    Not his hardest but if you know whats going on with Charles then its really cool. Just wait. He will impress y’all

  • mdz

    Charles Hamilton is dope but I swear he be sampling the same songs as Drake. This song uses the same sample as “All This Love” by Drake, another one is “DSW” which has the same sample as “Come Winter” (second beat on the track), “Starchasers” samples same song as “Little Bit”. Fan of both, but just noticed. Drake got the W on all except “Little Bit”.

    Not taking anything from Charles cuz he did his thang on this track though.

  • Hood

    mdz….This is from Tony Yayo “Pimpin”…all the other songs came out like 08-09…soooo…yea…just sayin…and “Pimpin” came out in 02 or sometime around then…

  • ZeNiTH

    I have yet to download the song but there’s something I wanna get off my chest: FUCK INTERSCOPE, FUCK IT TO HELL! They let Charles put out The Pink Lavalamp as a free download when as a CD it would have been a classic and then they shelved “This Perfect Life”.
    I fucking hate Jimmy Iovine and them other shitheads for doing this. Their goddamn job is to just put out the music why can’t they just fucking do that? I know it’s been a year but every time I listen to the debut album leak I get so pissed.
    It would be great if he could release all of his albums as CDs…
    Interscope could at leat gave him the rights to put the album out on another label why they have to keep the shit they won’t even use?
    Man, FUCK. INTERSCOPE. If it wasn’t for Eminem I wouldn’t buy nithing that has their name on it.

  • Kal

    Cosign ZeNITH I really wish Pink Lava Lamp had a physical version that would have been one classic notched under CH’s belt and as his actual debut album. Smh :\

  • ZeNiTH

    Yeah Kal, I mean even the people who hate Charles say that The Pink Lavalamp is a classic. It looks like Interscope let him do whatever he wanted and then dropped him. They could drop him but they couldn’t make him drop at least 1 CD when he gave like 24 project for free? That’s bullshit.
    I remember even Planet Asia saying that Interscope signs you and then totally forgets about you…

  • Kal

    Honestly Interscope was the worst place for CH to sign to, wayyy too much bullshit goes around that label. He shoulda found his home at StarTrek like he originally planned or tried to crack at Kanye or something. He could have had several pretty dope LP’s if Inter actually backed him

  • “You gotta search through a lot of shit for the treasures with CH. This is from the doo-doo pile.”

    ^^^^^^^word, this is the best way to put how i feel about him too… i actually stopped checkin for his shit cuz hes so inconsistent with his music (musically, lyrically, and qualitatively) that its pretty annoying to have to decipher thru it, LOL… i wish he had a good A&R that would tell him what to release n what to scrap cuz then i would think hes dope… like honestly, when hes focused (the pink lavalamp is a good example) hes pretty nice…

  • ZeNiTH

    Right. I feel like Interscope butchered so much his career. And This Perfect Life could shit on the other XXL freshmen like nothing. If he could have released The Pink Lavalamp and “This Perfect Life” properly his career would be so different right now…
    I wanted so much those albums as CDs and I still want them (damn Interscope) and honestly, I wonder if he will be able to top them with the M/A/T/E album (since Normalcy couldn’t). It’s just sad and fucked up because Charles totally deserves to be a legend and everytime he has a chance he misses it…
    Maybe he should just have done like U-N-I: total freedom, less money but enough to put out a Physical album.

  • ZeNiTH

    I was co-signin Kal anyway, and to WooBoost: the only version out of This Perfect Life is the final which sound raw and kinda unfinished because he mastered it to make it sound like a vinyl or something like that.

  • james

    I like the track. I agree with duke that it’s an unusual track for him due to his straight forwardness.

  • instant

    wow a good ch track


  • meh

  • t3hstar

    charles has a mastered version of This Prefect Life, he just hasnt released it yet.

  • Answer Me!

    suddenly the tide shift to the how “Pink Lavalamp” was classic (we all know dat) and how Interscope fucked Ch (i agree)… dont completely forget dat more than Interscope Charles Hamilton fucked Charles Hamilton … and continues to do so

  • reference2myself

    Hey Charles, glad to see you not giving up, you’re one of the most talented out there. If you don’t mind a little constructive criticism I think you should take your focus away from mixtapes and stop wasting classic material on something you can’t sell. Save the best of your best for the masses and don’t let them hear the rest.

  • Devante’

    Sonic does it again, all you do is pray that he talent is exposed, niggas like Kanye and Em have already said how much talent he has he just has to move forward, and that’s what he’s trying to do. Keep em comin Charles

  • ZeNiTH

    @Answer Me! I gotta admit that you’re right. The reason I’m so mad about Interscope is that they actually let Charles fuck up like that, giving classics for free download and acting like an independent artist, I think that’s the real reason they dropped him, his attitude. But it feels like they didn’t even tried to handle the situation. Thay gave a fuck and then dropped him…

  • ad9esr

    nothin wrong with this track

  • Fuck all you fagots.. you don’t even make music,even if you did, you wouldn’t be as nice as char … so shut the fuck up!!!!!

  • ThreeOneFour

    i can’t get with this dude since he jacked that shit from my boy Black Spade and claimed it was his. And this nigga claim he was having seances and shit with Dilla.. come on, man. like for real, for real, really? TRASH

  • MGtheWrestler

    I don’t understand why ya don’t understand when he say he “Express myself with music” he really means it. So when things are bad or good he’s gonna run to the studio to make a song so he boost his happy or make himself feel better. This song is clearly a song to just express how the way he feel at the moment not a lyrical masterful presentation. He’s feeling hopeless again “Waste a mill on basic shit” “Selling Binge 3, 2 for 5, enough for chicken wings juice and fries” Like come on don’t feel to bad but dammit be compassionate feel for the guy. Its like coming out of a hole, feeling and interacting with the world then falling back in the hole. So if you say its weak or bad man all you is being the “Critics that hurt my soul”


    Lol he made a dumb song! But is a smart guy. Lol at the part when he say illluminati ows me an apology!

  • NickyNoSho


  • john

    damn thought son was dead…

  • dadad

    wack only two verses i expect more from him this song didnt even put me in a vibe or anything


    i just heard this nigga caltony touch show on sirius shade45 to talk to pharoahe monch from some mental institution on long island lolz

  • ahowe303


  • this shit is broke!! reupload!!