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Chris & Neef – Back to Business (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 23, 2010

The Young Gunz link up with Don Cannon on their official return to the game.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

1. Intro
2. You Scared
3. What We Doin’ f. Meek Mill (prod. Jahil Beats)
4. Ha Ha
5. Im I’ll
6. Stop the Party
7. Dat Tree f. Curren$y
8. Mike Jack f. Wale
9. Betta Find Ya Lovin
10. We Back
11. Goin Hard
12. Got Money (prod. Jahil Beats)
13. C and Neef for Life (prod. Certifyd)
14. 6 In The Mornin
15. Gonna Change

DOWNLOAD: Chris & Neef – Back to Business | Mediafire [via LM]

  • re-upping a better tagged .zip now. i’ll switch it out in a few minutes.

  • Eli Porter

    Is this worth downloading?

  • wtf had no idea

  • Eli Porter<<yes

  • new link up now.

  • PennyD


  • That cover makes me not wanna waste my bandwidth. Yea, I’m funny like that. Lesson to aspiring artists. Find a geeky graphic designer to hook up your cover art. If your shit looks weak it reflects on the product inside.

  • ^^^
    while i completely agree with you
    i dont see anything wrong with this cover
    nothin special, just average

    now french montana’s mac & cheese cover is a wack ass cover

  • ^^^True dat. But average cover infers average product. *Just sayin’*

  • idk, i think the fact that its young guns was enough to say average for me

  • everything based

  • I mean, at least Meek is on here. Cant believe there aint no Joey Jihad, Reed Dollaz, Or Quilly Millz features. Come on now Philly yall gotz to Hold each udder down.

    Robbie Maynard III
    -Coming to a Hood Near You.

  • eb9

    so is it worth downloading. it looks “ehh”

  • Now dat I beez dinking bout dis, Why aint no coverage on Meek Millz, Reed Dollaz, Haddy or Quilly on 2dopeboyz lately. I mean dese mentions are all ballers down dere in Illy Philly.

    I guess I will have to get them to feature on my August 2010 HoodTrife DVD.

  • Turbo City< STOP that holier than thou bullshit. theyve been aroud for ages their not "aspiring" artists. sheesh. fuckin fruit.

  • late!!!!!

    Yessss I’m down with Young Gunz

  • @ MekasMother U Mad?

  • xastey

    2dope radio still going around?

  • rUSh


  • Rod

    I would appreciate it if someone would just post a link for Dat tree f Curren$y. please and thank you

  • “And I’mma say it real clear so you niggas understand
    Fuck the Young Gunz and vote for your fans”

  • GOD

    ^ That song was posted a few days ago.

    And to the dude who was talkin bout the mixtape covers.
    I think the exact same way lol. If the shit looks wack, why bother?

    Except KRIT wuz here.

    That was a pretty lame cover with a dope ass tape inside.

  • ^^^Cosign 100% on Big KRIT. I was checking for that, though, so I was gonna cop regardless.

  • should download it for the fact jay-z bit up young chris’s flow… as for packaging… theres alot of trash with the cover of the century…

  • Most covers suck now a days.

  • xastey

    HOT FUCKING GARBAGE.. these guys fell the FUCK OFF..

  • ^^^
    ‘while i completely agree with you
    i dont see anything wrong with this cover
    nothin special, just average
    now french montana’s mac & cheese cover is a wack ass cover’
    kohm said this

    and LeBron Flocka James parts 1 and 2 lol

  • PACO


  • neezyb

    DJ Drama? -___- I’m very reluctant to download now that I know he’s hosting this…

  • @PACO I Wasn’t Feelin Big Krit’s cover.Dope artist but wack cover imo

  • Thworldisyours

    That was quick

  • @New Jersey Nets 2011!

    those tapes were also tagged all to hell
    which is what i expect when i see covers like those

    bad photoshop = annoying dj
    artsy cover = more than likely good (prolly emo) production
    generic rapper death glare released after 90s = tired flows

    you can just look at the below the heavens cover and know its gonna be quality

    artwork matters, especially if youre a no name
    charles only got away with shitty covers cause he had a following, and that only lasted so long

  • Chronja

    “And I’mma say it real clear so you niggas understand
    Fuck the Young Gunz and both of your fans”


  • whizzpup

    Damn, really not impressed with this. Even the Spitta feature is meh.


  • Dont yall dukes out of illy Philly understand? Ya isht aint gonna seel unless you got the Philly kings, Meaning Reed Dollaz, Joey Jihad aka “Haddy”, Quilly Millz or Tech 9 (Not da dude from KC, da dude from Philly). Honestly the dude from Philly named Meek Mill is hot garbage. Don’t know why dudes are feeling him when he is Philly’s version of Waka Cocka Flame.

  • Also has any one heard from that dude flamez, from the Bad Seed?

    Been looking for him

  • I’ma download just cause I messed with Young Gunz back in the day, and the track you guys posted up with curren$y was pretty ill.

    and Big Krit had a nice cover… whatever your on. I mean it was simple but it wasn’t bad.

  • Strange Famous

    I’d rather see Young Chris release individual projects. His work with Chad West always turns out real good.

  • Good to see these dudes back.. It’s been a min though.. Hope they have new shit to say…

  • DJ Drama? -___- I’m very reluctant to download now that I know he’s hosting this…

    neezyb said this on July 24th, 2010 at 12:48 am

    don cannon hosting dumbass!!!

  • Yatti

    LOLLL @ Robbie Maynard — Jihad, Meek, and Quilly are ballers down in Philly? I’m from Philly nigga, them broke ass dudes isn’t ballers. The only one that probably got money is Meek from TI. Other than they aint got no cash if they did why the fuck they rocking ambercrombie! Jihad is trash he got knocked the fuck out. Quilly I never even heard of that fool, wtf is a quilly. Meek that nigga just sounds like a fast forward tape being recorded!

    They ain’t repping Philly, they’re a disgrace to us Philly dudes.

  • Chema Ossorio


  • Steven

    Wow! a lot of hateful comments, im a a&R from a major record label…after hearing this mixtape…i give chris & neef a 8 out of 10..its not bad at all…i would sign them and get them better producers and some A – list guests, but they can definitely hold there own. Looking forward to hear their album. SUPPORT PHILLY / EAST COAST MUSIC!!! Stop the Hate 2. peace

  • Hmmm for some reason just 50% of the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still comparable.