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Slang Editorial: Not Really

blame it on Meka July 23, 2010

In today’s post at XXL I talk about why we shouldn’t care that Talib and Gucci did a song together.

READ: Slang Editorial: Not Really

  • Marksppl

    Smh y’all act like he can’t fuck with the south at all
    talibs wife is from Houston

  • oneandonlyCODY

    No one said that, mainly why Gucci? Of all southern talent, why the wackest nigga in the south. SMH at that.

  • Em is GOAT Drake is awesome too!

    Meka’s 12 head broke me computer.

  • Em is GOAT Drake is awesome too!


  • Groucho

    Meka, I’m not going to read your article, but I want to remind you that you don’t speak for ‘we’.

  • loxy

    whoever got a problem with him fuckin wit gucci is a fuckin nerd

  • oneandonlyCODY

    $hawt bus $wag, $hawty.

  • robertTHEallen

    did anybody else actually read this before commenting?

  • Trisonics

    IM tired of Meka fair tales that he write on XXL
    your slang editorials bring shame to XXL
    write something interesting bro

  • ^^NOPE.

  • No one cares about your opinion, Meka… especially when it’s your opinion on a song that no one cares about.

    you should write music reviews… not editorials.

  • as

    Im wondering when Meka is going to write about something other than the current trending BS topic or one of the millions of dead horse topics in hiphop


  • GOD


  • GOD

    okay honestly tho, if XXL wants someone to do a editorial why not get someone like pete rock or dj premier or someone who is not a complete dipshit with no credibbility

  • ^^ beCASUE mekas rants equal hits. he writes shit. the masses hate (mostly) or agree but ppl give his articles hits

  • @GOD and others, Im pretty sure they went for someone that generates responses… Such as this and the ones preceding.. Everyone has got an opinion and so what… End of the day, Yall hating folks give 2dopeboyz dot com and Double-X L hits… And Meka JUST doing the job he picked up.. Its only blogging, a seemingly current ‘trend’



  • D. $cience

    Don’t have no problem with Talib Kweli collaborating with Gucci Mane…

    But my beef is, obviously his core fan base don’t like rappers like Gucci Mane. I understand Talib Kweli not wanting to be boxed in as a “conscious rapper”. My question is, why collaborate with an artist that is considered a “wack emcee” when you USED to call out bullsh** wack rappers? That’s how I remember Talib Kweli, as a no-nonsense-f***-that-coon-sh** rapper…so why are you now collaborating with someone you took a stand against? I will always think Kweli is dope, but he’s fighting to stay relevant. He should stay collaborating with fresh, new like-minded artists like J. Cole and Jay Electronica to stay relevant; other than that, these is a huge plea to get love from the South and for so-called “artistic growth”.

  • james

    Do you all know how ironic you sound complaining about Meka?

    If no one gave a fuck why are here at dukes blog commenting about a post that no one supposedly care about?

    Y’all silly

  • Rob

    I lost sum respect for Talib, because Im from the south and Im ashamed that these STUPID mother fuckers make this ASS music and it blows up and they label it as “HipHop” when its not, now I wouldn’t care if he did a song wit Gucci if he didnt dumb down his lyrics and his Flow How can “We” not care when he showed what he will do for money, He sold out, He Dumbed down his Lyrics for Radio Play.

  • Answer Me!

    @D.$cience nailed it!

  • hurrdurr

    these articles suck dick

  • @D. $cience

    When you say it like that,

    It make better sense.

    Mainly cause it aint nothin but another case of talkin out both sides of your mouth if you ask me.

    This how it usually happen:


    A dude broke and hungry and he just waitin on that day he do better than he does(at least start anyway).


    Dude see that money and he be like:

    “I gots money now so fuck this shit!!!”

    Forgettin about everything he done said and/or did.


    Dude fall off and he gon go as far as doin somethin desperate as hell just to keep his head above water.

    *Sometimes the Finish part be turnin out a lil different but thats the usual story.