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E-40 – He’s A Gangsta (Video)

blame it on Shake July 24, 2010

Featuring Kaveo and The Jacka. Also, hit the jump as 40 Water and Snoop announce their partnership with Landy Cognac.


  • nah_dude

    hard ass song and video! hella bay area legends all threw this….YAY AREA STAND UP AND UNITE!

  • nah_dude

    we got fire works , we’ll grand finally ur block

  • dojasmoke

    good shit, 40 & jacka on the slappers!!!

  • ace

    bay areaaaaaaaa

  • asdf

    yay for promoting violence in an area that doesn’t already have enough of that…fuck ignoring the problem, let’s condone it! i’m all for more young deaths here in the bay area, as well as across america. ill kill anyone that isn’t a friend, especially the snitches. don’t you wish you could have this life? do what i do and you can move outta the hood and into blackhawk where the livin’s easy.
    -paraphrasing the lyrics of this song

    really though? how is this considered quality music…

  • tunedold

    these dudes are fakes

  • whodat?

    40 water gonna release more vids off one album than anyone ever has… my man, best to ever do it

  • DaSilva

    40 gets some of the sickest beats, to bad he dosent always use them to the fullest.

  • diandre pickett

    40 is still da man….but dam i had a crush on his sis suga t.dam she was thick…where is she now???

  • asdf my friend u are a clown.. how many ppl even bought 40’s cd..? on the other hand, there is violence on tv 24/7 with millions of ppl watching., doyou have the same outlook on violence when u see Socom or the Hitman video games.. or howe bout an action movie like A-Team where stuff is blown up and dozens of ppl are shot? just stfu and continue living ur miserable life..

  • gottems

    it’s a shame none of you would say any of this to any of these person’s faces. @tunedold, tell jacka he’s a fake, let’s see what happens…

  • tunedold

    I would love to call these fat faggots that they’re fakes to there face. The times of rappers getting murdered and rappers murding others is long gone…that was the 90’s. Thats why that fat fuck with the “tell me when to go” voice is as fake as it gets. He made a club song for like 14 year old girls

  • Once again E40 has done it again….he makes me proud to say he is my favorite rapper of all time! He’s been in the rap game well over 22 years years and he still current and relevant 40 is a goddamn Rap Legend and well respected in this game! I’m 27 so therefore I been on his music fo 20 years plus…I’m from East Oakland but I now reside in Fresno!! I wish 40 much more success, cuz He’s A Gangsta!!