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Public Enemy – Say It Like It Really Is

blame it on Shake July 24, 2010

New single from Chuck D and company. This reminds me that I gotta pick up another copy of Fear Of a Black Planet, as mine is shot to shit.

DOWNLOAD: Public Enemy – Say It Like It Really Is [via HHNM]

  • carter

    (Chuck D voice) What a brotha know?!

  • I bet the major of you youngish will bypass this,

  • Dbuke

    they fell the fuck of

  • For as long as I could remember I measured MC skill by the amount of punchlines and creativness of one’s flow.

    Yersterday it all came to a halt.

    Accidently, I stumbled over Immortal Technique’s 3rd world song. It blew me away so far I still cant believe my fingers are reaching this keyboard to type.

    I never knew that so much content and knowledge could be placed within a verse.

    I stopped making excuses for my favourite punchline rappers. I thought “well, it’s ok they really are not saying anything, at least it sounds cool”, but I did so only because I didnt have anything else to compare with.

    Almost everytime a rappers tries to be concious he comes off preachy and corny. Usually it happens so due to lack of intellegence among today’s rappers.

    But Immortal Technique was so sharp, so eloquent, so factual, so witty and so angry. Shit.

    Immortal Technique is the best rapper alive. Fuck you.

  • William Ferris

    is it bad that i don’t care about this?

  • Your Father

    Honestly, if this came out any year before Flavor of Love aired I woulda given a fuck but I honestly can’t take PE’s message seriously anymore considering Flavor Flav is the high priest of modern day coonery.

  • justjerkinit

    @worldcrysis listen to the rest of immortal techniques stuff, plus Nas and Shad

  • chris_martian

    i will assist to they perform in vigo,i’m lucky

  • chris_martian

    love this track,hands down,CHUCK D BEST RAPPER ALIVE suckers

  • 3l

    Even with Chuck losing a couple of steps, this still knocks. “The people…dumb from another marketing campaign…”

  • Flavor Flav’s Voice = Yeeeaaahhh BOYYY!

  • ianism

    @worldcrisis from my point of view, you’re a bit late. Tech might be rather more confrontational in his raps than most dudes who spit on social/political issues but he’s by no means the only one who’s not corny. you just gotta find em.

    go look up Mr. Lif, Blue Scholars, Blu, Shad…. i’m gonna stop this list here to avoid being long-winded.
    long live PE! (even if Flav is a bit of a shithead)

  • dddirk..

    good to see PE is still dropping some music!

  • Mongo Slade

    shit knocks, isnt that all that matters?

  • yo’ Shake, glook, Public Enemy…what a nice lil’ surprise!

  • lonestar_playa

    chuck d lost steps? he fell off?????…….WHERE HE FELL OFF AT? MAYNE WE NEED HARD HITTIN RECORDS LIKE DIS HERE!

  • Will give credit where it’s deserved – “Harder Than You Think” was stellar… this, though? No wonder that, as Robbie Maynard said above, the majority of the youngish will bypass this.

  • bert

    LOVE the beat. lyrics are terrible. chuck sounds like shit. instrumental version floating around?