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Rick Ross Talks Teflon Don, Wing Stop, Heat, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake July 26, 2010

Rozay chops it up with the L.A. Leakers about his new album (Teflon Don, in stores now), Wing Stop and some Lakers/Heat madness.

  • skiman

    lol that was a cool interview

  • james dean

    ^^ agree…..did anyone else forget that this time last year dude was getting Ja-ruled by 50? now ppl are saying album of the year???

  • hugo stiglitz


  • WeWantLasers!

    Since it wasn’t posted, here’s BMF by Lupe Fiasco


  • wasnt this guy calling eminem a hunkey a min ago?


    yes wing stop

  • DFEE

    I like how they kept showing 50 cent on the wall…lmao

    Yeah niggas is dick hoppers these dayz…last year it was “Oh shit Ross is gettin crushed by 50″…& now its “Oh Ross is destroying 50” & watever have u..

    If some how by the power of God,Allah & Buddah…50 becomes relevant & start making good music again…watch niggas start switchin…smh

  • haha ^

    fif already said it in the newbreed dvd couple years ago, fans arent loyal

    and yes it was a good interview, this guy makes entertaining music.

  • dro

    ross will neva crush 50 lol 50 over kill dat nicca wid da whole baby moms shyt i aint seen nuddn like dat since pac n biggie 50s a rare breeed ross is a square livin a fantasy lloyd banks – officer down (ross diss) >>>>>>>>> any thang ross could ever come up wid

  • DFEE

    I Think If Banks Wouldve kept going in on Ross (Pause) I think banks wouldve been more relevant..& I also think Ross should write Gangster Movies…because he has a great imagagination..I mean really who believes any of the shit he says?

  • William Ferris

    ross stays winning
    crazy how more people care about him than 50 now, after all the shit that happened last year

  • jimmybeam

    Who was the ass on the camera? Let him go